Application Administrator Lead

Information Technology
in Tampa
, FL
Reference: 19-03451


Support our client’s business and IT partners by effective administration of an application in an environment specified by the application. Design documents, implement, monitor, and support the application systems and services to meet the business requirements of the organization.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide support and guidance daily to the Application Administrators in performing their assignments
  • Monitoring the successful delivery and adherence according to our client’s policies and procedures
  • Install application software, patches and upgrades
  • Troubleshoot and tune inefficient queries from either the business or IT users
  • Write load scripts in a warehouse environment
  • Administer role-based security and security inheritance
  • Actively monitor storage and performance of the application servers
  • Maintain the overall architecture of the application

Education Level:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Technical Certification equivalent

Work Experience:

  • 5+ years of experience


  • Must be intimately familiar with the operating environment
  • Must understand the overall architecture of the application platform
  • Must understand various authentication mechanisms (Active Directory, local unix authentication, Database, etc.)
  • Must be able to troubleshoot issues with very little information from users
  • Must understand role-based security and security inheritance
  • Must be able to determine which layer of security affects the various resources (databases, app servers, etc.)
  • Where applicable, must understand the various personas (role based user setup) and which SAS User Interface maps to each persona
  • Must be able to distinguish between a workspace server and a stored process server and understand the different authentication requirements of each
  • Must understand how application starts, what files are called at startup and how the global configuration works
  • Must understand how to make a database connection from application as well as how to define a connection in the metadata
  • Must understand how the metadata interacts with user requests and how application performs credential lookup for sign on
  • Must have a basic understanding of jsp web technologies and how they are implemented in the Apache Tomcat servlet container
  • Must be able to install application software, patches and upgrades
  • Must be able to troubleshoot and tune inefficient queries either from the business or IT users
  • Must be able to write load scripts in a warehouse environment
  • Experience administrating application in a warehouse environment is desired but not required
  • Must be proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite of tools
  • Strong knowledge of SAN and SAN fabric design, documentation, implementation, monitoring, and support as demonstrated by no less than 2 years experience working in Information Technology in a role that included primary or shared responsibility for architecting/engineering or administering SAN and SAN fabric solutions in Unix/Linux environment

Level of Supervision Received:

  • Function independently within broad scope of established departmental policies/practices; generally refers specific problems to supervisor only where clarification of departmental operating policies/procedures may be required

Problem Complexity:

  • Provide resolution to a diverse range of recognizable complex problems
  • Analysis is required to identify root cause
  • Use judgment within defined boundaries to develop solutions