Resume Sourcing

Resume sourcing is a great option if you are having a difficult time finding resumes or you’re not sure where to find great candidates. Our team will source resumes for you, cutting back on the work that your HR department has to do. We leverage our exclusive and access to recruiting boards and private databases to find resumes of active job seekers, a service that is usually only available to professional recruiters or headhunters.

How Resume Sourcing Works

Resume sourcing is the act of searching for the resumes of candidates who meet a specific set of qualifications. It is a cost-effective option for companies who need external help with their hiring needs, but don’t want to commit to a full-service recruiting solution. 

With our other recruitment offerings, resume sourcing is only part of the process, which continues on to include calling each candidate, screening and interviewing, checking references, assessing skills, processing background checks, and ultimately delivering final candidates to the company. These extra steps make up the bulk of the recruiting effort, which some of our clients prefer to do themselves. Resume sourcing is a great solution for companies who need our help, but also have the time and resources to take ownership of the process once we deliver the candidate resumes they need. Our associate recruiters are highly trained and proficient with the latest sourcing technology, including our internal applicant tracking systems, and social media tools.

Additionally, we have exclusive access to all major job boards, and others that only professional recruiters are able to access. We’ll find resumes that match your criteria, deliver an agreed-upon number of resumes, and you will take it from there. This service is a fraction of the cost of what our direct-hire or headhunting fee is, and it doesn’t change based on how many people you end up hiring from the delivered resumes.

Advantages of working with 4 Corner Resources

You will receive resumes faster

You can post a job and wait for applicants, but there’s no telling what the quality of these applicants will be. Our team doesn’t wait for resumes to be placed in our laps. We go out and source the best resumes for you, delivering you a candidate pool you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

It’s the least expensive staffing solution

Unlike our other services, where we handle everything from start to finish, resume sourcing is extremely cost effective. It’s a fraction of the price of our other services, and you still get access to great applicants. We charge a flat fee based on the complexity and number of resumes we’ll deliver.

It will save you a lot of time

Finding good resumes is one of the most time consuming parts of hiring someone new. When using us for sourcing, you’ll cut that labor-intensive effort out of the equation entirely; focusing instead on qualifying and interviewing candidates to secure the ideal fit for your role.

We have all the tools and resources

We invest heavily in technology to support our clients with the latest advancements in recruiting tools and applications. Our recruiters are trained experts when it comes to efficient and accurate resume sourcing, which translates into consistent quality and volume for any staffing need.

I needed positions filled quickly and you came through and took a tremendous amount of pressure off of me. I have truly appreciate and enjoyed working with the 4 Corner team.

D. Cousins, HR Director

Rely on on our team when you need better resumes, fast!

When your need for great candidate resumes outweighs your available time and budget, we have the perfect solution. Our resume sourcing solution means you will never have to sort through hundreds of resume to find a match.

If you are thinking about partnering with a professional staffing agency for sourcing or any other recruiting solution, we would love to hear from you and learn more about how our team can contribute to the success of your business!

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