Our headhunting service offering is the perfect solution for filling sensitive, senior-level positions. Our professional team of headhunters operates on retainer, which guarantees the highest-level of dedication and focus when it comes to filling your most critical needs.

How headhunting works

Headhunting is an ideal solution when discretion and committed focus is required to fill a senior level or niche position.  Unlike a contingent agreement, this service is typically billed in milestones, where partial payment is required to begin the search. After that, there’s typically an additional payment upon delivery of viable candidates, and final payment once a successful hire has been secured.

If you have a senior-level position to fill, reach out to our team of headhunters for help. While traditional recruiting agencies may post a job ad and wait for candidates to apply, our headhunters go further by recruiting the most qualified candidates proactively. This recruiting option is commonly used when a candidate pool is limited due to the position being a hard to find, specialized role.

When taking on a new search, our headhunters will seek out viable candidates through many avenues, including contacting those who are actively searching for a job and passive candidates who are not currently looking for a new position, but may be open to one. This ensures no stone is left unturned, providing the best possible candidate pool.

Benefits of using an experienced headhunter

Total client discretion

When dealing with sensitive positions, posting a job can draw a lot of attention for your company that you may not want or need. By using a headhunter, you avoid the chance of the wrong person seeing a job posting before your company is ready to announce the position change. Our recruiting will always be handled with utmost discretion and professionalism.

Recruitment of passive candidates

Just because you have an open position doesn’t mean your company is guaranteed to find the best match. Our team of headhunters will recruit both active and passive candidates, those who aren’t otherwise on the job market, which widens the pool and increases the quality of potential hires.

Improved candidate quality

Screening hundreds of resumes is extremely time-consuming. Scheduling a multitude of phone calls and interviews only compounds the effort. With our headhunting solution, you can be confident that only the most qualified candidates will require your attention. We deliver only those candidates who meet your strict criteria and high standards.

Less burden on your HR department

We lessen the stress on HR managers and recruiters by delivering only the most qualified candidates to be interviewed. Since a retained search often requires a deeply involved recruiting process, our headhunters will remain involved with the potential candidate, as well as the company, throughout the entire interview process and beyond.

Rely on our team for critical hiring needs

We’re able to do what our clients cannot. We aggressively pursue both active and passive candidates to find the best possible matches for your company. We’re a premier headhunting firm that focuses on the critical staffing needs of senior-level positions throughout the United States.

Our dedicated recruiters secure professional, top-level talent that you won’t find anywhere else. Is your company in need of a dedicated headhunter to help you fill your position?

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you hire a game-changing executive employee.

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