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As a professional staffing and recruiting organization, we’re never more in our element than when recruiting HR professionals. Our clients realize this, too, which is why we received a perfect Net Promoter Score in this year’s Best of Staffing survey.

With an internal team comprised of former corporate human resources professionals across all levels, we don’t just get you – we are you.

We work with clients nationwide to help them fill some of their most crucial HR roles.

From human resources directors to benefits specialists and even recruiters, we have to tools to find those individuals with the passion for people that will take your company to the next level and beyond.

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Our HR Recruiting Process

You already know HR inside and out; we do too. That’s why our process for recruiting HR professionals is dialed in to get you the best of the best, efficiently and effectively.



First, we tap into our extensive network and database to identify resumes that align with your specific job requirements. It’s not just about the resume buzzwords; we look for demonstrated achievements and responsibilities that match your unique needs.



After sourcing resumes, we thoroughly explore each candidate’s professional history. Whether it’s benefits administration, employee relations, or talent acquisition, we pay attention to the details that separate a marginal candidate from a great one.


Soft skills

HR roles require unique soft skills like emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and organizational awareness. Through behavioral interviews, we gauge candidates’ aptitude in these areas to make certain that they’ll fit seamlessly into your corporate culture.


reference checks

Finally, we contact past supervisors to corroborate the information provided and get a 360-degree view of the candidate. This allows us to recommend professionals who are not only skilled but have a track record of positive managerial relationships.

Our targeted HR recruiting process is designed to make your life easier while elevating your HR functions. Trust us to find you those hidden gems in the HR world that can inspire change and drive your company’s vision forward.

Human Resources Recruiting Services

When you’re struggling to fill specialized roles or your in-house team is stretched thin, we’re here to step in and simplify the hiring process for you.

For those times when you require seasoned HR pros ready to dive in immediately for time-sensitive projects or pressing requirements.

With our contract-to-hire option, you gain the agility to swiftly onboard talent while keeping your hiring options open for the long term.

Sourcing high-caliber executives with the expertise, finesse, and confidentiality your senior HR leadership roles demand.

Customized assistance from an HR expert to help your team with training, streamlining, or organizational changes.

Our timely staffing solutions are designed to offer you the support you need precisely when your HR department is at its peak demand.

Past HR Successes

A large insurance industry client engaged us to recruit benefits specialists to support their rapid growth. Over the following two months, we successfully placed eight analysts and specialists within the team while recruiting a team lead to help manage them. The client was so happy with the results that they have grown to become one of our largest partners nationally.

A healthcare client based in Florida was struggling to keep up with demand during open enrollment. They turned to our team to team to help recruit HR specialists for enrollment and provider operations. We placed more than 30 candidates with them and became the single staffing agency used by the human resources department. They have since relied on the 4CR team for all subsequent open enrollment periods to help bolster their ranks.

When it comes to recruiting the recruiter, we’re experts. A large hospitality brand approached us for help building its internal recruiter team to support offices throughout the U.S. We placed seven senior technical recruiters with prior hospitality experience. The client was thrilled, and we now frequently partner with these same talent acquisition professionals when they need outside assistance to meet demand.

We Staff HR Professionals Across the U.S.

We have experience placing HR professionals across 100 cities throughout the United States. This includes major cities like Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Miami. We also staff in smaller cities like Lakeland, Huntsville, Midland, Burlington, and Charlottesville.


What types of HR roles do you specialize in recruiting for?

We recruit for a wide range of HR roles, from payroll specialists to recruiters. Our aim is to find candidates that fit your specific needs and company culture.

How quickly can you fill an open HR position?

The timeline can obviously vary depending on the complexity and seniority of the role. However, our streamlined process allows us to provide candidates for review often within as little as a day.

Do you conduct background checks and references?

Yes, we conduct managerial reference checks and can perform additional background checks per your requirements.

What if the candidate doesn’t work out?

We stand by the quality of our placements. Should a candidate not meet your expectations, we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

Is there flexibility in contract terms?

Absolutely. We offer various hiring models, including contract-to-hire, allowing you to evaluate candidates before making a long-term commitment.

How do you assess a candidate’s soft skills?

We use behavioral interviews to gauge essential soft skills such as emotional intelligence and conflict resolution. This ensures that the candidate will mesh well with your existing team and corporate culture.

Our client manager and her team have always been transparent, prompt, and supportive of our hiring efforts. We greatly appreciate the constant to bring us quality employees who have shaped our company’s culture and growth for the better.

Alison A, Corporate Recruitment and Training

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