Contract-to-Hire Staffing

If you’re torn between hiring a contractor and adding an internal employee to your headcount, contract-to-hire is the solution for you. This staffing option allows you to evaluate top talent in real-world scenarios before making a long-term commitment.

What is Contract-to-Hire Staffing?

Contract-to-hire is an approach that’s becoming increasingly popular. It blends the principles of temporary and permanent hiring. Job seekers may start on a contract, facilitating businesses to evaluate their skill set, work approach, and organizational fit. After this employee trial run, a transition to a permanent role can be initiated if all goes well. This strategic recruitment process reduces the uncertainties tied to direct long-term hires.

The journey begins with a staffing firm pinpointing potential fits for a company’s vacancies. Once identified and integrated, these individuals operate as contracted employees, usually under the banner of the staffing agency. Depending on the agreed duration or performance metrics, companies can then elevate them to permanent roles.

Benefits of Contract-to-Hire Staffing

There are numerous advantages of contract-to-hire staffing that can make it an attractive option for organizations seeking a strategic approach to hiring. Key points include enhanced flexibility, improved employee retention, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Flexible contract lengths to meet your unique objectives: Contract-to-hire staffing provides the adaptability an organization needs to navigate the ever-changing job market. With flexible contract lengths, you can tailor your staffing strategy to your specific objectives, whether you need a quick “try before you buy” period before hiring or wanting to keep your options open.
  • Avoid onboarding employees who won’t last: This hiring model offers an opportunity to evaluate potential employees in real-world work environments before extending a permanent offer. This “trial period” allows you and the new hire to assess whether the role and company culture are a good fit, significantly reducing the risk of a costly mis-hire. As a result, your organization can avoid investing time and resources into onboarding and training employees who may not last long term.
  • It’s a cost-effective hiring option: The contract period allows employers to save on the expenses associated with direct hires, such as employee benefits and long-term salary commitments. Additionally, this method enables you to reduce costs related to recruitment and training, as the nature of contract staffing allows for a more streamlined hiring process.

Additional Recruiting Considerations

When considering contract-to-hire as an option, you should evaluate all factors impacting its success, including picking the right recruiting firm to operate on your behalf. A quality recruiting partner will invest time to understand your unique business needs and culture and have the experience to produce the best talent available. 

As with all business decisions, you should weigh the advantages of contract-to-hire staffing against other options. Direct placement is more suitable for long-term roles that require an immediate, full-time commitment. A strict contract staffing arrangement could be an effective solution for temporary workforce needs during peak business periods, while more economical services like resume sourcing can help save time and resources by providing pre-screened candidate profiles for you to review. By carefully considering alternatives and understanding your organization’s unique needs, you can make informed choices and select the best approach for your hiring goals.

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How long is the typical trial period for a contract-to-hire placement?

The time frame for contract-to-hire staffing can vary but generally range from three to six months. However, the exact duration can be customized depending on the organization’s specific needs and the nature of the role.

What is the difference between contract-to-hire and direct placement staffing?

Direct placement involves recruiting candidates for permanent positions right from the start. Contract-to-hire is used for recruiting candidates temporarily with the possibility of full-time employment after a successful trial period.

Do employees on contract receive benefits during the trial period?

Employees work for the staffing agency and may be eligible for the company’s benefits during this period. After transitioning to a permanent position, the employee would become eligible for the hiring organization’s benefits.

Can I hire a contract to hire employee before the test period ends?

Yes, suppose a candidate exceeds expectations and is an excellent fit for the organization. In that case, the hiring manager can extend a full-time offer before the end of the trial run. It’s a good idea to discuss the possibility of early conversion with your account manager upfront, as it can be a selling point for the position.

How does the transition from contract to a permanent role work?

Once the period is completed and the hiring manager decides to offer a full-time position to the candidate, the employee will transition to the hiring organization’s payroll and become a permanent member of the company.

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