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In today’s world of tech-heavy business, it’s vital to have employees capable of managing enterprise IT and information systems. A business can only grow as fast as its infrastructure, and having people who can install, test, and upgrade that infrastructure is key.

Systems analysts implement and maintain complex computer systems for businesses. They assist in creating the requirements that developers and programmers follow, and create testing and analysis methods for the improvement and optimization of business systems. They aren’t usually involved in software or hardware development directly.

These analysts should have strong analytical skills and excellent problem-solving capabilities. Further, they should be able to convey complex needs to others and have strong written and verbal communication skills. It’s generally expected that these analysts will have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, IT, or some related field.

Sample job description

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a systems analyst is $78,100 per year in the United States and $79,900 with a yearly cash bonus. Salary depends on the level of experience, education, and geographical location.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$82,200$100,500
Los Angeles, California$92,750$113,400
Denver, Colorado$77,300$94,500
Washington, DC$94,100$115,100
Miami, Florida$76,950$94,000
Orlando, Florida$70,950$86,750
Tampa, Florida$71,650$87,600
Atlanta, Georgia$75,200$91,900
Chicago, Illinois$86,450$105,650
Boston, Massachusetts$93,450$114,250
Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota$74,500$91,050
New York City, New York$98,400$120,250
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$80,100$97,900
Dallas, Texas$78,000$95,350
Houston, Texas$77,650$94,900
Seattle, Washington$89,950$109,950
National Average$70,250$85,900

Sample interview questions

  • What roles do system analysts have in an organization?
  • How do you prioritize projects?
  • Do you have experience leading a project team?
  • What firewalls are you familiar with? How do you implement them?
  • How would you handle frequent changes to user and system requirements?
  • How do you assess internal and external IT system needs?
  • How do you perform a software audit?
  • How do you maintain system and software records?
  • How do you perform software registration?
  • How do you analyze and evaluate existing systems?
  • How would you communicate user scenarios in a technical document?
  • Describe the different modules in the SAP application.
  • What is a DHCP server?
  • What is the difference between SSH and SSL?
  • How do you ensure the cost efficiency of IT systems?
  • What steps do you take when initiating new projects?
  • What is the approach for top-down analysis and design?
  • What aspects of system analysis require documentation?
  • How would you handle a system or production outage?
  • How would you implement a new software tool?

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