Network Operations Manager Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does a Network Operations
Manager Do?

Network operations managers are responsible for keeping track of the day-to-day operation of a company’s computer networks, making sure they are secure and running efficiently. Their duty is to supervise a team of network technicians and administrators, providing guidance and support to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. Most of these professionals work in offices for various companies.

An effective network operations manager has strong leadership and communication skills and a solid background in computer networking and information technology. It is also important that they have a deep understanding of network security protocols and procedures, as well as the ability to motivate a team of technical staff. They should also be able to adapt quickly to new technologies and trends, as well as be comfortable with a variety of networking hardware and software systems.

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National Average Salary

Network operations manager salaries vary by experience, industry, organization size, and geography. To explore salary ranges by local market, please visit our sister site

The average U.S. salary for a Network Operations Manager is:


Network Operations Manager
Job Descriptions

It’s important to include the right content in your job description when hiring a network operations manager. The following examples can serve as templates for attracting the best available talent for your team.

Example 1

Network Operations Managers use their understanding of network equipment and protocols alongside their management skills to maintain, direct, and coordinate the network needs of their business. They install, maintain, upgrade, and monitor all network strategies while training and leading teams of network engineers while maintaining company policy and guidelines. Are you a great planner? Are you a network master with a thorough understanding of the hardware and software needed to keep your company’s employees talking to each other and the world? If so, you might love being a network operations manager for our company! Please apply.

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • Plan, direct, maintain, and coordinate network installation, maintenance, and operations
  • Recruit, manage and mentor a team of network engineers
  • Create troubleshooting and maintenance protocols
  • Select hardware, software, and vendors according to organizational needs and budgets
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and guidelines
  • Configure, monitor and troubleshoot network problems

Education and experience

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Some employers prefer that job candidates have a master’s degree for certain jobs and career advancement.

Required skills and qualifications

  • Proficient in recruiting, leading and mentoring employees
  • Thorough understanding of wireless networking and general IT functions
  • Policy development and enforcement skills
  • Expertise in written and verbal communication
  • Excellent troubleshooting, problem-solving and collaborative skills 
  • Keen attention to detail 

Preferred qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 6 or more years of experience with providers and analytics
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Strong network operations acumen with proficiency in process, project management, and auditing

Example 2


The Network Operations Manager will lead the team that supports and maintains OT network infrastructure systems in order to meet company goals and provide a reliable and effective infrastructure for ABC Company’s manufacturing controls systems.


  • Monitor, manage, and mentor OT network operations/support tech team
  • Ensure the primary infrastructure systems within the OT network (network devices, servers, workstations, VDI systems, camera systems) are effectively maintained, and administered to ensure smooth reliable operations
  • Ensure effective monitoring, maintenance, and administration of automated network, server, power, and security alerting systems
  • Ensure effective monitoring, maintenance, and administration of automated backup systems to ensure data continuity and integrity for all OT systems
  • Oversee coordination and communication with the various manufacturing plants to provide effective support during maintenance downtimes. Ensure OT systems are as updated and current as possible
  • Oversee OT incidents, requests, and change management within ServiceNow. Ensure SLAs are correctly defined and met
  • Ensure maintenance of effective 24-7 plant operations with rotating on-call schedule, escalation paths, and emergency response plans
  • Oversee maintenance of OT infrastructure inventory and ensure maintenance of critical spares at all facilities
  • Ensure effective coordination and cooperation with the IT ServiceDesk to smoothly facilitate the resolution of cross domain incidents/requests
  • Oversee, maintain, administer, and develop automated OT infrastructure systems, workflows, and scripts
  • Oversee, maintain, and build documentation for both end users and OT staff
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the rest of OT, IT, Engineering and the business at large to identify and implement opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Model Company core values

Required qualifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Technology/Engineering fields with 5 years of experience in IT infrastructure/management role, masters degree in a related field, or 10 years of IT management/engineering experience
  • Strong demonstrable fundamental technical knowledge of networks, systems, and general IT systems (email, phones, word processors etc)
  • Experience with several of the following technical areas: Server hardware, enterprise storage hardware/software, VMWare (ESXi, vcenter, and Horizon), network switches/routers/firewalls (Cisco preferred), enterprise backup software, enterprise monitoring software, Microsoft Windows (server and desktop), Linux, Microsoft SQL, Python, PowerShell, VBScript, and/or Ansible
  • Thorough knowledge of ITSM best practices and supporting systems (SNOW preferred)
  • Management/supervisory experience
  • Excellent logical troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with direct reports, senior management, and other departments
  • Excellent verbal, listening, and written communication skills
  • Ability to work in and maintain a highly functional team environment

Preferred qualifications

  • Masters and five years of IT infrastructure management experience
  • Industry certifications relevant to the role (CCNP or higher, VMWare related certifications, CISSP/CISA, ITIL/ITSM related certifications)
  • Experience with ITOps/AIOps and the automation of systems
  • Experience and familiarity with manufacturing control system components like PLCs, SCADA systems, HMIs etc
  • Experience supporting highly reliable/highly critical systems found in areas like healthcare, manufacturing, or government

Example 3

Key responsibilities

Lead and manage on-site shows and facility installations and set-up in daily operations. Capable of multitasked crew leadership or may supervise Operation Supervisor(s) at larger facilities. Clearly communicate and assign priorities to crews on site. Cognizant of all aspects of facility and company interfaces. Serve as General Manager during his/her absence. Responsible for leading, directing, and delegating work, motivating, managing performance and employee relation issues, attendance issues, and providing career guidance to direct reports.

Essential functions

1. Manage crews or Operations Supervisor(s), equipment, and company assets at assigned facility. Day-to-day responsibilities for planning and set up of shows. Request and order all needed materials for shows. Manage and assign work to Operations Supervisor(s) or senior technicians and assures completion within established time frames to meet customer expectations. Assess need and resolve issues during installations. Develop annual written evaluations of staff and provide verbal coaching.

2. Read and understand plans and schematics for development of permanent facility services for copper wire and fiber infrastructure. Contribute to design and presents options to facility management for operational maintenance and show facilitation.

3. Lead crews at assigned sites in installation of company services, permanent tenant maintenance and provide connectivity to switches and/or routers during set up.

4. Regular and consistent attendance, particularly as a role model leader.


  • Education: High School or GED with some college preferred
  • Experience: 5–7 years in convention/show experience and data/ telecommunications industry. 3–5 years supervisory experience
  • Specific Skills: Good listener and clearly communicates in English
  • Specialized Knowledge, Licenses, etc. Thorough knowledge in telephone connectivity and router switch utilization and function
  • Supervisory Responsibility, if any: Manage and lead crews of 2–25.
  • Working Conditions: Work in high places pulling cable and in small dusty areas installing cabling

Example 4

The Network Operations Manager role will offer you the flexibility to make each day your own, while working alongside people who care so that you can deliver on the following responsibilities:

  • Manage the development of solutions for application design and IT infrastructure components
  • Mentor team members to enhance their understanding of the end-to-end performance of IT platforms
  • Ensure compliance with policies, guidelines, and standard operating procedures
  • Ensure regular and effective monitoring of performance and capacity metrics for technology solutions

Minimum required experiences

  • 6 years of relevant professional work experience

Desired experiences

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Familiarity with enterprise technologies including but not limited to Cisco Meraki, Wireless, routing/switching, SD WAN, ISE, DNS, Zscaler, F5 load balancers, or CheckPoint firewalls
  • Strong focus on ensuring a high level of support for end users and services that leverage our network to deliver business value
  • Build strong partnerships with internal teams as well as other key partners to ensure life cycle management services are provided effectively

Candidate Certifications to Look For

  • Network5. This EC-Council beginner-level course provides the holder with basic networking concepts and best practices. Candidates will be introduced to the world of networking, and learn the vital processes of how businesses interact internally, and with their clients and customers. This is an excellent introductory course to begin their journey to a senior-level position within the field.
  • Project Manager Professional. After obtaining this designation, candidates will demonstrate a solid foundational knowledge of competent project management. They’ll be thoroughly tested in the domains of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing a project. This globally recognized certification will take them far in demonstrating their leadership ability.
  • Security5. This certification offered by EC-Council provides the holder with the invaluable knowledge of setting up a secure network for a company. Candidates will learn basic network literacy and foundational security concepts needed in the entire IT world. By obtaining this certification, they’ll demonstrate your commitment to keeping their company’s data and business operations safe.
  • CCNP Service Provider Operations. This Cisco certification offers knowledge and skills required by high-level engineers to troubleshoot and resolve complex network issues. With this on hand, candidates demonstrate their ability to isolate performance problems within a network, design and implement proactive measures to prevent interruptions, and learn management processes, frameworks, and network management systems.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What is your experience managing computer networks, and how do you oversee the daily operations of a company’s network infrastructure?
  • What steps do you take to prevent network problems from occurring in the first place and to ensure that they are resolved quickly and effectively?
  • Is there a time when you had to identify and troubleshoot a complex network issue and how you handled it?
  • How do you evaluate and select new technologies for your company’s network infrastructure based on your experience with networking hardware and software systems?
  • What are your methods for aligning network operations with business objectives and goals within a company?
  • In your experience, how do you improve the reliability and performance of your network by using data and analytics?
  • Regarding disaster recovery and business continuity planning, what steps do you take to ensure that your company’s network can recover rapidly after an outage or disruption?
  • In order to avoid unauthorized access or data breaches, what steps do you take to ensure that network security protocols and procedures are followed?
  • How do you manage, motivate, and develop your technical staff members?
  • When it comes to computer networking, how do you stay on top of the latest trends and technologies, and how do you make sure your team is trained to use new systems and tools effectively?

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