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Cloud architects are information technology (IT) experts responsible for overseeing a company’s cloud computing system, converting the technical requirements of a project into the architecture and design that will shape the final product. They monitor cloud activity, design and migrate applications, plan courses of action, and define computer loads. Cloud architects often work on projects with members of a technology team, including DevOps engineers and developers.

Sample job description #1

As Cloud Architect, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the company’s cloud computing strategy. This includes cloud adoption plans, cloud management, and monitoring. You will oversee architecture and deployment in cloud environments, including public, private, and hybrid cloud. Additionally, you will act as consultant to the organization by continuously researching and studying the latest trends and issues. You will drive enterprise organizational alignment to ensure successful cloud adoption, security, governance, monitoring, and risk management is adhered to.

Your role:

  • Design cloud environments with a focus on Azure and AWS and demonstrate technical cloud architectural knowledge, playing a vital role in the design of production, staging, QA, and development of cloud infrastructures running in 24×7 environments
  • Implement and oversee all aspects of the cloud environment including provisioning, scale, monitoring, and security
  • Delivery of cloud strategies, aligned with business objectives and with a focus on cloud migrations
  • Provide leadership in infrastructure migration methodologies and techniques including mass application movements into the cloud including implementation of Azure or AWS within in global enterprise environments
  • Nurture cloud computing expertise internally and externally to drive cloud adoption
  • Act as key stakeholder for validation of new cloud or SaaS solutions adhere to architecture roadmap
  • Implement required systems, solutions, and processes needed to manage cloud cost, monitoring, scalability, and redundancy are accounted for and continuously validated
  • Ensure all cloud solutions adhere to security and compliance best practices
  • Collaborate with Enterprise Architecture, Data Platform, DevOps, and Integration Teams to ensure cloud adoption follows standard best practices

What you bring:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Information Technology or equivalent experience
  • Relevant industry certifications such on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Certified Solution Architect or Microsoft MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
  • 10 or more years of IT experience
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience supporting cloud solutions

Preferred qualifications:

  • Azure and AWS based cloud architecture and migration skills and experience
  • Strong understanding across cloud and infrastructure components (server, storage, network, data, and applications) to deliver end to end cloud infrastructure, architectures, and designs
  • Knowledge of additional cloud technologies such as GCP, VMware, API Management, and Identity Management
  • Knowledge and implementation of enterprise scale cloud security platforms and tooling
  • 5+ year’s experience as an IT Infrastructure Architect, with focus on AWS and Azure clouds, server, storage, and networking
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Understands and can articulate the technical merits and value of cloud computing.
  • Passionate, persuasive, articulate cloud professional capable of quickly establishing interest and credibility in how to design, deploy and operate cloud-based architectures. Strong written, verbal, and chalk board skills
  • Experience in enterprise applications, solutions, and data center infrastructures
  • Ability to work with team members from around the globe/experience working with off-shore models
  • Strong service attitude and a commitment to quality

Sample job description #2

ABC Company is seeking a Cloud Architect for a premier global development team to create and evolve a robust cloud-based analytics platform. In this Cloud Architect position, you would be responsible for communicating with internal stakeholders to determine requirements, prototyping solution plans, and converting proof-of-concepts for the larger development teams.

Responsibilities for the cloud architect include:

  • Create high-level product specifications and design documents
  • Provide the development team with architectural blueprints to follow
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders to determine software requirements
  • Tests the final product to ensure it is completely functional and meets design requirements
  • Troubleshoots and resolves issues with coding or design
  • Presents regular progress reports and sets goals

Qualifications for the cloud architect include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field
  • 6+ years of software development experience
  • Cloud experience, preferably Azure or AWS
  • J2EE development background
  • Distributed Computing with Hadoop
  • ElasticSearch experience preferred

Sample job description #3

As part of our team, you will:

  • Develop service teams relating to competence and service excellence (process, tool, attitude) and delivery function in cooperation with other managers
  • Provide direct and technical leadership to delivery teams and act as an escalation point for implementations performed by the team
  • Continuously improve delivery quality and efficiency through automation and support initiatives in standardization across projects and automation
  • Review with each team member on their performance, regular mentoring & coaching team members, follow-up on competence development
  • Plan resources, participate in recruitment and induction programs, and maintain appropriate communication with all levels of organization

Your skills and experience:

  • 4 years engineering or Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required
  • Hands-On Experience with various platform & product deployment and automation
  • In-depth knowledge of Kubernetes, K8s administration, devops, Linux Administration, Networking, Openstack/VMware (Cloud Computing), Databases, and CI/CD
  • Experience with Cloud Native Platforms including Kubernetes, Docker
  • Experience in deploying application in one of cloud environments like Openshift/VMware Tanzu/Amazon AWS/Microsoft Azure/Google Cloud/VMware. Tanzu is a must
  • 10+ years of experience and expertise in customer deployment and agile delivery models
  • Knowledge of our commonly used tools/components/technologies in applications – Helm, Elastic search, Fluentd, Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus, Neo4j, Java, Istio, Calico, Cassandra, etc.

It would be nice if you also had:

  • Exposure to Telecommunication Domain
  • Application Skills: Database (Oracle/Mariadb/), Nginx/HTTP Server, API’s, Keycloak, Message queues, workflow Engines
  • Experience with industry automation tools, like Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Python, etc.

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a cloud architect is $158,450 in the United States. Position salary will vary based on experience, education, company size, industry, and market.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$157,550$213,150
Los Angeles, California$177,750$240,500
Denver, Colorado$148,150$200,450
Washington, DC$180,450$244,150
Miami, Florida$147,450$199,500
Orlando, Florida$136,050$184,050
Tampa, Florida$137,350$185,850
Atlanta, Georgia$144,100$194,950
Chicago, Illinois$165,650$224,100
Boston, Massachusetts$179,100$242,350
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$142,750$193,150
New York City, New York$188,550$255,100
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$153,500$207,700
Dallas, Texas$149,450$202,250
Houston, Texas$148,850$201,350
Seattle, Washington$172,350$233,200
National Average$134,650$182,200

Sample interview questions

  • What would you say the jobs and tasks of a cloud architect are?
  • As a cloud architect, are you familiar with the operation and maintenance of cloud systems?
  • How would you define a cloud system?
  • If you need to troubleshoot a cloud system, how would you go about doing that?
  • What features do you incorporate into a new successful cloud system?
  • Are you comfortable dealing with other employees and instructing employees on the proper use of a cloud system when needed?
  • As a cloud architect, what would you say your best skills are?

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