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Looking for a skilled HR practitioner to help guide your leadership team and develop strategies to optimize your workforce? 4 Corner Resources offers expert HR solutions for your business on a fractional basis. An effective HR partner plays a pivotal role in steering your organization from its current state to its desired future state. At 4 Corner Resources, we go beyond aligning HR competencies with business objectives. We customize them to be the driving force behind your business’s progression.

What Are Our HR Services?

Offered in blocks of 20 hours a month, our “Fractional CHRO” offering provides a dedicated expert with a history of success in human resources. This experienced HR leader can help your business in a variety of ways. Below are just some of the topics you can get help with.

Employee onboarding strategies

It’s not really a secret that, the traditional approach to employee onboarding is no longer sufficient. Our innovative employee onboarding strategies offer a fresh approach to welcoming and integrating new hires into your organization. These methods are designed not just to inform but to engage, inspire, and set the foundation for long-term success.

Navigating complex employee relations

Relationships are the backbone of a thriving workplace. Navigating them however, can be complex and often requires a blend of strategic thinking and empathetic understanding. Our approach to managing aims to foster a harmonious and productive work environment.

Robust employee handbook development

Our employee handbook development process is centered around creating a comprehensive, clear, and engaging resource that serves as the cornerstone for employees’ understanding of your company’s policies, culture, and expectations. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of your company’s values, operational procedures, and legal requirements, ensuring that every aspect of the workplace is covered in a manner that is both informative and easy to understand. We focus on making the handbook not just a document of rules but a guide that helps employees navigate their roles and understand the ethos of the company.

Demystifying employment and labor laws

Employment and labor laws are confusing. Make a wrong move, and now you’re paying an attorney thousands of dollars per hour to get your business out of hot water. Why not bring in an employment and labor law expert to prevent issues from happening in the first place? We simplify the complex regulations that govern the workplace into clear, actionable insights for employers and employees. Our approach encompasses a broad spectrum of legal topics, from wage laws to anti-discrimination policies, ensuring comprehensive understanding and compliance. Our experts emphasize practical applications through real-world examples and interactive learning, empowering businesses to confidently navigate the legal aspects of employment. This initiative is an ongoing journey, adapting to the evolving legal landscape to keep businesses informed and prepared for any legal challenges.

Impactful leadership development strategies

Our tailored development approach provides range of skills, including strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. We blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, offering mentorship, hands-on projects, and feedback to enhance learning. Emphasizing adaptability and resilience, our program prepares leaders for today’s dynamic business challenges. This investment in leadership not only strengthens individual capabilities but also drives overall employee engagement and productivity, fostering long-term organizational growth.

Effective termination and retention plans

If you need help with terminations or retention for your team our HR experts can help! These strategies are rooted in respect and fairness, ensuring a dignified process that minimizes disruption and maintains morale. We emphasize clear communication, legal compliance, and support for both the departing employee and the remaining team. Concurrently, our retention strategies are proactive and multifaceted, focusing on understanding and addressing the needs and aspirations of employees. We develop engaging career development programs, foster a positive work culture, and implement recognition and reward systems that acknowledge and motivate staff. This balanced approach not only aids in maintaining a stable and committed workforce but also protects the company’s reputation and supports long-term organizational health and growth.

With 4 Corner Resources as your HR strategist, you gain more than just support for your business; you unlock acceleration. We don’t just fit HR solutions into your business model; we craft them to be catalysts for your business growth.

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Training and Development Services

If you Google any kind of workplace training, you’ll find hundreds of offerings, each claiming to enhance your employee’s skillset. The problem is that the training is often delivered via a “one-size-fits-all” pre-recorded video. You can claim the “training was delivered,” but was there any kind of transfer of knowledge? Better yet, are your employees practicing the learned skillset? At 4 Corner Resources, we bring learning to life through interactive Zoom sessions, creating a vibrant and captivating atmosphere that encourages active participation and deep learning. Our programs are not just informative; they’re immersive experiences that resonate with every participant.

Here are some of the classes that we offer, click to learn more about if these courses are right for your team.

Have specific training needs? We’re here to listen and develop a personalized learning journey that meets your precise requirements. At 4 Corner Resources, we believe in a tailored approach because your team’s development deserves nothing less.

Advantages of Working With 4 Corner Resources

Comprehensive industry insights

4 Corner Resources stands at the forefront of HR consulting, backed by a rich history of success and a network of nationally recognized HR experts. From emerging trends to regulatory changes, our depth of knowledge ensures your HR initiatives are both current and competitive.

Customized training solutions

Our partnership with top-tier HR professionals and educators allows us to deliver high-impact training that addresses specific organizational challenges and objectives. This commitment to tailored solutions ensures your workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive your business forward.

Strategy when you need it

Our expert consultants work closely with your team to develop and implement effective talent management, organizational structure, and operational strategies. By partnering with us, you gain access to innovative approaches and strategic insights that propel your business towards success.

Risk management experts

Stay ahead of the curve with 4 Corner Resources’ risk management and compliance services. Our extensive network of HR experts ensures that your business is not only compliant with the latest regulations but also benefits from proactive strategies to mitigate potential risks.


What types of HR consulting services are available?

Our HR consulting services cover a broad range of needs, including strategic HR planning, customized training and development, risk management, compliance, and employee engagement strategies. Every service is tailored to meet the unique challenges and objectives of your organization, ensuring you receive the most effective solutions.

How are the HR consulting services structured?

Services can be booked in 20-hour-a-month blocks, providing the flexibility to address ongoing or project-specific HR needs. This structure allows us to work closely with your team to understand your organization and develop customized strategies and solutions.

Can we book training sessions for our whole team?

Absolutely! We offer custom half-day training classes and sessions tailored to your organization’s requirements. These sessions are designed and conducted by our team of experts, ensuring your team receives high-impact training in key areas of need.

Who will be leading and providing the HR consulting services?

Our lead HR consultant is an academic and industry-recognized leader with extensive experience in various HR disciplines like employee relations, HR law, and talent retention. Backed by a team of professionals, we ensure that all services are custom-made by the best of the best, providing you with innovative, effective, and strategic HR solutions.

How do we know if 4 Corner Resources’ HR consulting services are right for our company?

We understand that every organization has unique needs and challenges. We recommend scheduling a consultation with us to discuss your specific HR goals and challenges. During this session, we will provide an overview of our services, discuss potential strategies, and determine how our custom solutions can best support your organization’s success.

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