C++ Developer Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does a C++ Developer Do?

C++ developers design and build applications for desktops and mobile devices. They collaborate with stakeholders on company needs and turn that into applications people can use.

They need to have a very good understanding of the object-oriented programming language and how it can be used in real-world situations. They develop and test procedures on various platforms to ensure there are no issues. C++ developers must have good writing skills to document user procedures. They also need excellent troubleshooting skills and a high level of attention to detail. 

C++ developers should first and foremost be able to design and write code efficiently. Some C++ developers also maintain, optimize, and update existing software. It’s important that they stay current on the latest trends in software development. Good working knowledge of other object-oriented programming languages such as Java, Python, and C is helpful to this role, as is understanding the software development life cycle. 

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National Average Salary

C++ developer salaries vary by experience, industry, organization size, and geography. To explore salary ranges by local market, please visit our sister site zengig.com.

The average U.S. salary for a C++ Developer is:


C++ Developer Job Descriptions

The first step in the search for an exceptional C++ developer is a well-crafted job description. Below we have multiple real-world examples to get you started and set the foundation for attracting the exact talent your team needs.

Example 1

We seek curious, motivated candidates with a can-do attitude and an agile mindset who stay up-to-date on the latest software, tools, and technologies.

Responsibilities to include:

  • Codes, tests, integrates, and documents software solutions
  • Applies principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the development of complex solutions
  • Participates as a Subject Matter Expert in internal review of software components and systems
  • Works on the hardest technical problems facing the company, often these problems are unusually complex and require the utmost creativity and innovation
  • Applies and champions the appropriate standards, processes, procedures, and tools throughout the system development life cycle to support the generation of technical engineering products
  • Receives no appreciable instruction on day-to-day work; more often responsible to define the scope, schedule, and expectations for the work they execute or lead; assignments may be self-initiated
  • Provides leadership and/or direction and/or supervision to lower level employees and teams
  • Leads large technical tasks and large teams and projects
  • Keeps abreast of technology trends and champions new ideas and process improvements

The C++ software developer shall have experience with:

  • Must be proficient in object-oriented software development – while a strong C++ background is highly desired, a talented Java developer willing to learn C++ is also given consideration. Prior Python development experience is a plus
  • Develop custom C++ software code, debugs, troubleshoots, and resolves software and hardware compatibility and operability issues
  • Use data structures, software engineering, OOD, C++ programing techniques and algorithms to write, debug and test code
  • Ability to code in a LINUX/UNIX environment (Linux C++ toolchains)

Other desired skills:

  • Multithreaded programming
  • Unit testing framework
  • Sockets API programming

Education required:

  • Bachelor of Science in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related field or equivalent experience, plus a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience; or Master’s degree
  • Agile experience preferred

Example 2

In this hands-on role, you will work directly with traders and researchers to create and enhance high performance, low latency market strategies. Your goal will be to develop software that incorporates vast amounts of data to drive sophisticated, ultra-fast strategies, capturing market opportunities before the competition.

The successful C++ Developer will be a proponent of agile methodologies and modern software best practices, able to product detailed technical work as well as high-level architectural designs.


  • 3+ years development experience in C++14 (and beyond) creating performant, scalable applications
  • Experience developing trading strategies and/or a demonstrated passion for financial markets
  • Strong experience with distributed systems, data structures, and algorithms
  • Solid understanding of multi-threaded/multi-core programming paradigms
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math (or equivalent)

Example 3

What you will be doing

  • You will make meaningful contributions to products that our customers genuinely love
  • You will collaborate with our engineering and product teams to understand customer pain points and come up with solutions
  • You will own what you build from concept to release, ensuring a great experience for our customers
  • You will work with cutting-edge software and hardware technologies
  • You will deliver testable, maintainable, and high-quality code
  • You will work on a fast-moving team that’s rapidly changing the face of the 3D printing industry

Who you are

  • You have 3+ years of professional software development experience
  • You have experience working with Qt or similar UI/UX frameworks
  • You have a strong understanding of object-oriented programming and C++ architecture concepts
  • You have experience writing cross-platform applications for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • You are self-motivated with excellent attention to detail
  • You can thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, collaborative, and high-growth environment

How to Hire a C++ Developer

Consider the following when hiring a C++ developer:

  • Recruiting: Do you have the knowledge, tools, and resources to attract and screen candidates?
  • Complexity: Do you need a senior professional, or will mid or junior-level skills and experience suffice?
  • Duration: Is this a one-time project or an ongoing need?
  • Management: Do you have the time and expertise to direct the work effectively?
  • Urgency: How soon does the work need to be completed?
  • Headcount: Do you have the budget and approval for an internal employee, or should you consider alternate options?

Answering these questions will help determine the best course of action for your current hiring need. Fortunately, great options exist for every scenario. These are our recommendations:

1. Use 4 Corner Resources (or another professional recruiting firm)

The heavy lifting is done for you when working with a top-tier staffing company like 4 Corner Resources. We source, screen, recruit, and deliver only the most qualified candidate(s), saving you significant time and effort throughout the hiring process while you remain focused on your core business. Understanding your needs and ensuring the right candidate for the position is the key to our success.

This is the best route to take when:

  • You need to fill the position quickly
  • You want access to a vast talent pool of high-quality, prescreened candidates
  • Your position is suited for temporary hiring services, contract staffing, or contract-to-hire recruiting, and you intend to direct the work activity
  • You are hiring an employee as a direct placement but aren’t able to recruit effectively or efficiently with your internal staff
  • You aren’t familiar with current salary rates, market trends, and available skill sets
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2. Advertise your opening on a top job board

Post your job on CareerBuilderLinkedIn, or both. These popular job sites allow you to quickly post your open position to be seen by an audience of motivated, qualified candidates, with resumes delivered directly to your inbox. We recommend this option when:

  • You are hiring a direct employee and have time to facilitate a thorough recruiting effort
  • You have the internal resources and processes to review, screen, and reply to all applicants
  • You have internal resources with the knowledge and experience to assess candidate qualifications
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3. Hire an experienced freelancer

Connect with seasoned professionals on UpworkToptal, or Fiverr. The freelance, or gig, economy continues to grow, with more talent available every day. Not every position is ideal for the freelance marketplace, but a C++ developer is often a great fit. We recommend this option when:

  • Your need is project-based
  • You do not intend to direct the daily work activity
  • You are hiring for expertise your internal team does not possess
  • You do not require an employee to work onsite or follow a specific schedule
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4. Leverage your internal resources

You can utilize your own website, social media, and employees to assist in your search for top candidates. 

A company website posting should be the first step in notifying prospective candidates that you are hiring. Social media can also be a powerful tool for spreading the word about your new opening. As far as exposure is concerned, this option can be as good as some job boards when you have a large enough following across various platforms, like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Current employees are every organization’s greatest asset. Encourage your internal team to promote job openings to their network by offering cash and other incentives.

We recommend these options when:

  • Your brand has great name recognition
  • You can consistently monitor and respond to candidate activity through your website and social media accounts
  • You have a process in place to quickly and broadly communicate job openings and requirements
  • You have an effective employee referral program in place

If you aren’t sure which path is best, schedule a discovery call today with our seasoned recruiting professionals. The 4 Corner team is on standby to help you find the best option for your unique hiring need.

Sample Interview Questions

  • In addition to C++, what programming languages do you know?
  • What’s a namespace?
  • How would you input a string in C++?
  • Can you name the different data types present in C++?
  • What’s the difference between C and C++?
  • Can you explain what a class and object are in C++?
  • What’s operator overloading?
  • What’s polymorphism?
  • Can you explain what a constructor is?
  • What is a friend class and friend function?
  • What are the 3 access specifiers?
  • What’s a reference?
  • Can you explain abstraction?
  • Is deconstructor overloading possible? Why or why not?
  • Can you explain static members and static member functions?
  • What’s the difference between shallow copy and deep copy?
  • Can you explain void pointers?
  • How do you allocate and deallocate memory?
  • What was the hardest project you handled, how did you work through it and what did you learn?
  • What do you think the purpose is of type declaration?

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