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A JavaScript Developer is a specialized web developer that mainly works with JavaScript. They use this programming language to create websites, modify existing code, or enhance the existing code. JavaScript Developers mainly work to provide users with seamless interactivity and deal with website responsiveness. They may use their coding skills to craft website buttons, dropdown menus and lists, modifiable fields, and more.

JavaScript developers will need to be experienced with coding, have exceptional technical skills, and be able to work in a self-motivated environment. Most of these developers will work alone or as part of a team, but they should be expected to design alone. Though they may work with a team, they need logical and critical thinking skills to manage websites when there is a critical error or crash. JavaScript developers need years of experience in designing and coding websites to be successful.

Sample job description

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a JavaScript developer is $105,600 per year in the United States, with a potential for cash bonus. Salary will vary based on level of experience, complimentary skills, industry, company size, and geographical location. 

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$105,000$142,100
Los Angeles, California$118,500$160,300
Denver, Colorado$98,750$133,600
Washington, DC$120,300$162,750
Miami, Florida$98,300$133,000
Orlando, Florida$90,650$122,650
Tampa, Florida$91,550$122,900
Atlanta, Georgia$96,050$129,950
Chicago, Illinois$110,400$149,350
Boston, Massachusetts$119,400$161,500
Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota$95,150$128,750
New York City, New York$125,650$170,000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$102,350$138,450
Dallas, Texas$99,650$134,800
Houston, Texas$99,200$134,200
Seattle, Washington$114,900$155,450
National Average$89,750$121,450

Sample interview questions

  • How do you create an object in JavaScript?
  • How do you create an array?
  • What’s a name function?
  • Can you assign an anonymous function to a variable?
  • What’s the purpose of the “this” operator?
  • What’s a callback?
  • Can you explain closure? Can you provide an example?
  • What are some of the variable naming conventions?
  • How would you make a cookie?
  • How would you read a cookie?
  • How would you delete a cookie?
  • What are some ways to define a variable?
  • What’s a typed language?
  • What’s the difference between undefined and null?
  • What are some frameworks for JavaScript?
  • Can you explain event bubbling?
  • What’s NaN?
  • What are exports and imports?

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