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We were founded in 2005 to become the nation’s premier technology staffing and IT recruiting firm. Although we’ve grown and evolved into much more than that since, information technology will always be at the heart of our business. Simply put, IT is who we are.

You need employees in your IT department who have the right skills and experience to ensure your business is efficient and secure. Our technical recruiters are equipped with the industry insight and hiring expertise you need to fill these high-value positions with confidence.

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Our IT Recruiting Process

When you work in IT, you’re in a sector that’s constantly evolving, and we understand that finding the right tech-savvy individuals can be a game-changer for your business. That’s why our recruiting process is designed to be as agile and effective as the technologies you work with. Here’s how we do it:



Leveraging our extensive network and the latest AI technologies, we begin with a vast pool of resumes to find candidates with the skills that match your specific IT needs. We look beyond credentials on paper to produce the best talent available.



Our team conducts rigorous technical assessments and interviews to ensure candidates have both the hard and soft skills required for your IT roles. From programming languages to project management, we dig deep.


Soft skills

Emotional intelligence and teamwork are often as vital as technical expertise in IT. We conduct comprehensive evaluations to assess candidates’ adaptability, problem-solving skills, and fit with your company culture.


reference checks

Our final step is the professional reference process, which involves speaking with former employers to confirm the candidate’s work ethic, competency, and suitability for the role.

Our targeted IT recruiting process ensures that you get the talent that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. At the end of the day, we understand that it’s not just about filling vacancies; it’s about building a resilient, forward-thinking IT team that propels your organization into the future.

Information Technology Recruiting Services

Specialized recruiting for those niche IT roles or when your in-house team needs help.

We source tech pros ready to dive in from day one for immediate project needs or tight deadlines.

Our contract-to-hire options in IT staffing offer you the agility to make quick, effective hires.

Our services for when you know who you want to hire but need someone to handle payroll and onboarding.

Finding your next leader with careful attention to detail, industry knowledge, and confidentiality.

Our budget-friendly option delivers well-matched IT resumes that align with your specific needs.

Past Successes in IT

A hiring manager at a communications industry client needed to hire a senior developer for a complex project. Our recruiting effort produced several excellent candidates, but two in particular stood apart by meeting all required and preferred skills. We presented each of them to the client for consideration, and they agreed with our assessment; finding room in the budget to hire both. The project was a great internal success; one of the developers was soon promoted to lead an engineering team within the organization.

A large Florida-based healthcare client came to us for urgent assistance filling IT support techs for a large project that was behind schedule due to Covid. They were transitioning their entire hospital system to a new EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system. This project required more than 50 technicians to work across multiple sites over a period of 9 months. We placed contractors for the entire project and helped their IT team complete the project on time.

A new client, a large hotel brand, came to us expressing a need for a senior project manager to lead a seventy-million-dollar systems upgrade. It was a critical project for them and a unique opportunity for our team, who had been trying to work with the company for years. Frustrated with their existing staffing vendors, they gave 4 Corner the opportunity to submit a single candidate for consideration. Our recruiters rose to the challenge and quickly delivered a fully qualified candidate, who was hired within a week. Our client was able to fill its urgent vacancy and save the project, while 4CR earned an outstanding new client.

We Staff Technology Professionals Across the U.S.

We have experience placing IT professionals across 100 cities throughout the United States. This includes major cities like Denver, New York City, Orlando, Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, and Miami. We also staff in smaller cities like Lakeland, Huntsville, Midland, Burlington, and Charlottesville.


What types of IT roles can you help us fill?

We specialize in staffing a wide range of IT positions, from software developers and data analysts to IT managers and cybersecurity experts. See our full list of job descriptions to learn more.

How quickly can you find a candidate for an urgent IT project?

Timing varies based on the complexity of the role, but we aim to provide qualified candidates as swiftly as possible, often within a few days for urgent needs.

Do you screen candidates for technical skills?

Yes, our recruiters are well-versed in the IT sector and use various methods to assess candidates’ technical competencies, including in-person interviews and skills testing.

Can you assist with remote IT staffing?

Yes, we can source candidates open to remote work or help you transition to a remote-friendly IT staffing model.

What’s the benefit of using contract-to-hire for IT roles?

Contract-to-hire allows you to evaluate an IT professional’s skills and fit within your organization before committing to a permanent hiring decision.

How do you ensure a candidate is a good culture fit?

Beyond technical skills, we also evaluate soft skills via in-depth interviews and past performance through manager reference checks to ensure a strong cultural fit with your organization.

I have never seen a staffing challenge stump our 4 Corner client manager. We have had 75 parallel projects within the fiscal year consisting of various skills, rates, and hurdles to overcome. While other vendors come up short, you only hear of possibilities and solutions from our CM, who is backed by an equally great team.

JM, Hospital System IT Operations Director

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