Payrolling is the perfect solution if you’ve identified an ideal candidate but have reasons for not hiring them internally. As the employer of record, 4 Corner removes the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on your core business. Whether you’ve worked with recruiters previously or are searching for a new partner, we can integrate quickly and smoothly with your HR team.

What is Payrolling?

Payrolling is the term used when a third-party company takes on the administrative HR duties associated with your employees. This can encompass payroll administration, tax withholdings, benefits management, and compliance with labor laws.

This service is used as a strategic business asset. It empowers organizations to rapidly onboard talent for short-term assignments or longer-term roles without the obligations and complexities of serving as the employer of record. By shifting the administrative duties to a third party, your focus can remain on your core business operations, leaving the details of employee compensation and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Payrolling

Choosing a payrolling service is about more than just delegating responsibilities. It’s about embracing a more efficient, cost-effective, and strategic workforce management approach.

  • Simplified approach to headcount management: The challenge of managing headcount effectively is one that many organizations grapple with, but this offers a simplified solution. It allows you to scale your workforce up or down quickly, depending on your project needs. This flexibility means you can respond more efficiently to workload changes without traditional hiring practices’ long-term commitments or overhead.
  • Efficient onboarding for employees: Employee onboarding is a critical yet time-consuming process. This service streamlines this process, ensuring your new hires can hit the ground running. An agency will handle all the paperwork, from contracts to compliance, allowing your team to focus on what matters – welcoming and integrating your new talent into the organization.
  • Cost-effective: This service doesn’t just save time; it saves money. When you opt for payrolling, you reduce the costs associated with hiring, payroll administration, benefits management, and compliance. Plus, you can allocate your resources towards growth initiatives by eliminating the need for additional internal HR staff.
  • Extended evaluation period for new employees: Making the right hire is crucial, but assessing a candidate’s fit within a short interview process can be challenging. This offers an extended evaluation period, allowing you to monitor new hires on the job before making a long-term commitment. This can help reduce the risk of costly hiring mistakes and ensure you’re adding the right talent to your team.

Additional Recruiting Considerations

While there are many benefits, it’s essential to recognize that payrolling your team might only be a good fit in some scenarios. For example, while these services provide a simplified approach to workforce management, they may offer a different level of control than having an in-house HR and payroll team. Additionally, there could be potential legal considerations related to the employer of record status and the associated liabilities, which might require consultation with a legal professional.

If your organization seeks a more comprehensive talent acquisition solution beyond payrolling, you might find value in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. RPO manages the entire recruitment process and offers a holistic approach to your hiring strategy, encompassing recruiting and onboarding. No matter your final decision, you should consider all avenues before settling on a staffing plan.

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Advantages of Working With 4 Corner Resources

Flexible solutions tailored for you

We pride ourselves on adaptability and understand that each organization is unique. Therefore, we offer specialized services tailored to match any situation. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, but you need to thrive in creating the right fit for your business and offering flexibility.

Staffing and talent acquisition expertise

With a wealth of experience in staffing and talent acquisition, we bring industry best practices to the table. Our team of dedicated professionals has the knowledge and insights to navigate the complexities of the modern talent market and provide insight into the best payroll approach.

Proven track record

Our history speaks for itself. We’ve successfully provided payroll services to numerous Fortune 500 companies, seamlessly the needs of some of the world’s most successful and demanding businesses. We understand the unique intricacies of large-scale and smaller operations and are adept at providing the right level of services. 

A personal touch for exceptional support

We believe in the power of relationships. At 4 Corner, you’re not just another client but a valued partner. Our commitment to customer service means we’re ready to address any issues immediately to ensure a seamless experience and provide the support you need.

I feel like the entire company works for me – which is exactly the attention I look for when partnering with any service provider.

Omar G, Senior Director, IT Service Operations


What do agencies mean when they say payrolling?

Payrolling is a service where an external agency, like 4 Corner Resources, acts as the employer of record and takes on the administrative responsibilities of processing payroll. This includes tax withholdings, benefits management, and compliance with labor laws.

How does payrolling benefit my business?

It allows for a simplified approach to workforce management, efficient onboarding, cost savings, and an extended evaluation period for new hires. It lets you focus on your core business operations while we handle the administrative duties.

Does payrolling mean I lose control over my staff?

Not at all. While we handle the administrative aspects, you retain operational control over your employees. You’ll still direct their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

What’s the difference between payrolling and recruiting?

Payrolling and recruiting are essential components of workforce management, but they serve different functions. Payrolling focuses on addressing the administrative aspects of existing employees provided by the client, while recruiting is the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, and onboarding suitable candidates for open positions in an organization.

How does 4 Corner Resources ensure legal compliance?

Our team of experts stays up-to-date with all relevant labor laws and regulations. We ensure all aspects of payroll, including tax withholdings and benefits management, comply with these regulations.

Can 4 Corner Resources handle large-scale operations?

Absolutely! We’ve successfully provided payrolling services to many Fortune 500 companies and can easily manage large-scale and complex operations.

We’re Your Solution for Payrolling

We are here to help with your payrolling and staffing needs. We build custom solutions for our clients, so whether you need help with new hires or all of your existing employees, we can customize a solution that’s right for you. Our staffing agency can handle it all from start to finish; providing you with the most qualified employees and the best HR solutions.

If you are thinking about partnering with a professional staffing agency, we would love to hear from you and learn more about how our team can contribute to the success of your business!

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