If you know who you want to hire but would prefer to have a professional staffing agency handle the paperwork while acting as the employer of record, our payrolling service is the answer. Whether you’re a long-time client who has worked closely with our recruiters in the past or need a new partner for payrolling responsibilities, we’re able to quickly and efficiently work with your HR team to put the process in place.

How payrolling services works

While it may be a term unfamiliar to those who aren’t involved with recruiting and hiring, payrolling is a common practice in the staffing industry. It’s the service provided by third-party staffing agencies when they hire and place on their payroll a candidate who is already known to their client. Unlike the time and labor intensive recruiting process the third party firm is typically responsible for, payrolling is more of a value added service used for the benefit of their end-user client.  In a payrolling scenario, the staffing company handles all of the regular responsibilities that come with being an employer, which includes providing benefits, processing taxes and fees (including FICA, Medicare, Social Security, Worker’s Comp), and insurance coverage.

We offer payrolling services to new and existing clients on an individual case basis. As with all of our services, we efficiently create custom payrolling offerings to meet our client’s unique business goals and employee headcount objectives.

Advantages of working with 4 Corner Resources

Simplified headcount management

Predicting the future isn’t just challenging; it’s an impossible task. Payrolling allows you to hire known candidates without making a long-term commitment that may become a burden to your organization. Our flexible options allow you to maintain only the headcount you need.

Fast and efficient employee onboarding

When your company hires someone new, hours can be spent working on the paperwork required for a new employee. By allowing us to handle payroll and time consuming onboarding tasks, your HR team can remain focused on critical business needs, and your new hire can hit the ground running.

Cost effective hiring

Hiring someone new comes with a lot of extra costs, including employee benefits. Things like 401k, vacation, sick pay, and more can add up. When you use 4 Corner Resources as your payrolling solution, we’re the employer of record; prepared to accommodate all of your new employee’s needs.

Extended evaluation period

New employee and employer relationships nearly always look great early on, but the honeymoon doesn’t always last. Payrolling a new hire, even one who appears to be the ideal fit, allows both parties to evaluate the working relationship before deciding to commit for the long term.

I feel like the entire company works for me – which is exactly the attention I look for when partnering with any service provider.

Omar G, Senior Director, IT Service Operations

We’re your solution for payrolling

We are here to help with your payrolling and staffing needs. We build custom solutions for our clients, so whether you need help with new hires or all of your existing employees, we can customize a solution that’s right for you. Our staffing agency can handle it all from start to finish; providing you with the most qualified employees and the best HR solutions.

If you are thinking about partnering with a professional staffing agency, we would love to hear from you and learn more about how our team can contribute to the success of your business!

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