Sr. Solutions Architect (.Net)

Information Technology
in Miami Gardens
, FL
Reference: 19-01964


As a Sr. Solutions Architect (.Net), you will have a keen understanding of multi-layered programming using well-known design patterns and platform specific features while protecting the results from the change in times through well-formed and industry accepted standards, such as HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery calls to RESTful web service APIs.

You are hands-on and comfortable to produce new solutions on the spot using Visual Studio and other helpful tools, without depending on the tools themselves to be productive. The perfect candidate can produce well formulated HTML5 and JavaScript (JQuery) to call REST web services developed in WCF, which in turn make calls to C# components that call into a domain model architecture to retrieve data from a SQL server database. The Sr. Solutions Architect (.Net) is a member of a small Agile elite team and quickly moves from concept into design and produces full layered prototypes in a true sprint fashion, and then iterates on the prototype to get it fully aligned with the business requirements until business value is achieved.

The perfect candidate is more visual instead of textual, and understands the value in modeling key technical decisions using a standardized medium (UML) to protect intellectual property and to extend existing technical decisions thereafter by creating proper business ownership of the technical artifacts created.

The perfect candidate values the creation of unit tests for most of the code produced and understands that the embracement of change in an Agile environment makes only sense if adequate test coverage exists to protect us from not knowing what broke during change. Testing as a core activity to software creation!


  • Developed in Microsoft .Net since version 2.0
  • Is a master of SOLID principles and GoF patterns
  • Can develop ASP.Net 4.5 and C# 5.0 without depending on Visual Studio code completion!
  • Is a master of developing WCF services and extend WCF behaviors
  • Fully understand claims-based authentication and membership providers
  • Can create true HTML5 and leverage JQuery for AJAX type service calls
  • Understand the difference between event-based programming and procedural programming
  • Understand polymorphism, encapsulation, and composition vs. aggregation
  • Build web services for breakfast, with a domain model for lunch, and finish dinner with an HTML5 responsive presentation
  • Have participated in full life cycle development
  • Think product design not Enterprise system design and explain the difference
  • Enjoy reading on and playing with an MSDN subscription
  • Participate in user groups and educates others on new trends in frameworks and technology
  • Look at their past developed code and thinks they could do better this time around
  • Have read Jeffrey Richter and/or Juval Lowy, with a bit of Dino Esposito
  • Provide estimates based on validated architecture by prototype
  • Know how to unplug and recharge during the day by playing a good game of XBox against the CIO