Cloud Engineer

Information Technology
in Austin
, TX
Reference: 19-03645
Required Qualifications:
  • Strong AWS experience
  • Design experience in an enterprise environment
  • Experience in a system engineer/devops role
  • Experience/familiarity with some technologies used by our teams such as Angular.js, Node.js, Spring/Java
  • You should have a general understanding of how the Internet works.
  • Experience with architecting highly scalable and highly available systems
  • Experience with web and mobile
  • Excellent communication and relationship skills, especially the ability to articulate advanced technical topics to both technical and non-technical staff; ability to articulate business issues/concerns with staff, peers, superiors, and outside parties
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Demonstrate expertise in research, often going outside of their area of individual experience
  • Deep technical experience in consumer and employee facing enterprise systems
  • Required knowledge and understanding of technical architecture, application systems design and integration in a large heterogeneous enterprise environment with hands-on experience in REST, SOA, Java/J2EE, XML, Websphere/Weblogic/Apache TomCat Application Server, Rules Exposure to infrastructure and platform capabilities – container, middleware, messaging, routing components
  • Exposure to cloud development and Migration an added plus
  • Desire and ability to adapt to an ever-changing technology landscape by exploring new languages and techniques for software delivery
  • Passion for learning new things but tempering it with adding value to the company
  • Demonstrable analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to contribute to, and balance delivery against, multiple projects/demands simultaneously
Engineering Qualifications:
  • All of the provisioner skills at an advanced level
  • Expert level ability in a programming language other than bash/korn shell for something other than simple scripts e.g., Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript
  • Used with a programming editor/IDE, not just vi or simple editor
  • Understand and write test as a deliverable part of any programming effort
  • Has used source control apps, understand branching
  • Understand and has used (or better yet designed/implemented) a CI-CD process
  • Understand containerization, has administered/configured Docker
  • Understand and can create requirements/documentation suitable for use by other techs, including diagrams
  • Understand system/network security ACLs, IP tables SSL/certs Firewalls Docker, Containerizing
  • Has developed/worked using Agile methodology
  • Has worked as an app developer, created/deployed distributed services for a commercial concern
  • Has a basic understanding of databases, DDL, etc. and/or has worked with an RDBMS (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Has exposure to any of the following tools/products: Terraform, Chef, Consul Vault, Akamai, Rundeck
Basic Qualifications:
  • Cloud engineer with a minimum 2 plus years of Amazon
  • Above average Linux knowledge, especially with regard to running process, storage admin and command line tools to triage issues
  • Good understanding of networks, including routing, DNS, and sub-nets
  • Cloud admin experience (defining/configuring resources via a scripting tool, not just using the UI)
  • AWS exposure preferred, but Azure or Google is okay too
  • Scripting (e.g., bash, korn shell, etc.) for automating rote tasks on a *nix platform Docker, Containerizing