Call Center & Customer Service Recruiting

4 Corner’s call center staffing roots run deep. In fact, our President and founder comes from an enterprise telephony background, which means that our team understands the technology, the people, and, most importantly, the secret to recruiting effectively in the contact center and customer service space.

Hiring for customer service is no simple task, since these employees are often the primary point of contact between you and your customers. It’s imperative that your call center employees possess the skills and personality traits to always leave the best impression with every interaction. Our recruiters are trained experts in sourcing and screening talent who will represent your organization and brand with the enthusiasm you want, and the professionalism you need.

Call center employee on headset

4 Corner has consistently provided excellent customer service candidates. Because of their quality, we have hired more of their candidates than all other firms combined.

-Nathan, Sr. Procurement Manager

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