Customer Service Manager Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does a Customer Service Manager Do?

Customer service managers are responsible for retaining customers by going above and beyond in providing value to the customer experience. They need to have a deep understanding of customer and business needs to find solutions that appeal to both. They must be good leaders and effective trainers as they need to instill in their team good listening skills, empathy toward customer issues, and efficiency in providing valid solutions.

The customer service manager measures and reports to stakeholders on the successes and issues of the customer service department so they must have excellent communication skills. To deliver a high-quality customer service experience, customer service managers should be able to organize and motivate service reps, manage incoming case volume, and evaluate customer behavioral trends. Other important skills include good working knowledge of management methods and techniques, proficiency in using various customer service software, and current awareness of industry trends. 

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National Average Salary

Customer service manager salaries vary by experience, industry, organization size, and geography. To explore salary ranges by local market, please visit our sister site

The average U.S. salary for a Customer Service Manager is:


Customer Service Manager Job Descriptions

When it comes to recruiting a customer service manager, having the right job description can make a big difference. Here are some real world job descriptions you can use as templates for your next opening.

Example 1

Without talented customer service managers, companies would have a hard time keeping customers happy. Customer service managers are vital to keeping a company alive since they are the ones in charge of the customer service department. They are responsible for motivating customer service representatives to take care of their customers’ needs. Customer service managers do this by creating goals and assessing customer service personnel to find ways to increase customer satisfaction. [Your Company] is currently searching for an experienced customer service manager to be a part of their team. They’re searching for someone who is passionate about working with others and prioritizing the needs of their customers. If you’re creative and are interested in enhancing the customer experience with our team, we would recommend you apply to our open customer service manager position. 

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • Oversee the customer service team
  • Manage and train customer service associates
  • Set reasonable customer satisfaction goals and work with the team to meet them consistently
  • Interact with customers, responding to their questions and guiding them to the appropriate service
  • Create and implement programs to improve customer service experiences 

Education and experience

A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field is required for this position.

Required skills and qualifications

  • Several years of experience in customer service
  • Ability to translate your skills to other employees through training and mentoring
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite

Preferred qualifications

  • High prioritization skills and process orientation
  • Ability to embrace the mindset of continuous improvement and actively contribute to the process and procedure of the team
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills
  • Positive attitude, empathy, and high energy
  • Strong customer-facing and presentation skills with the ability to establish credibility with executives

Example 2


  • Lead day-to-day operations for the call center, email and data entry team
  • Analyze call center data and prepare reports for upper management
  • Develop monthly, quarterly, and annual call center goals and action plans
  • Maintain and enhance call center operations by supervising system performance, identifying, and providing solutions to problems
  • Determine call center operational strategies by conducting exercises like performance reviews, quality reviews, capacity planning, and needs assessment
  • Prepare work schedules to ensure sufficient coverage
  • Ensure timely responses to escalations on customer service issues
  • Establish a high standard for productivity, quality, and customer service
  • Manage and improve center performance through performance monitoring, problem resolution, system audits, and quality assurance measurements
  • Oversee the recruitment and training of qualified personnel to fill the job openings for call center agents
  • Hold team accountable to performance goals. Provide coaching and feedback as necessary
  • Maintain accurate records and document all customer service activities and discussions
  • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies
  • Go the extra mile to engage and retain customers
  • Perform various administrative duties related to account maintenance and management
  • Manage workload through NetSuite and adhere to established project management processes
  • Help develop and train on internal processes and knowledge base articles to build out the full scope of responsibilities for the CCT Team
  • Collaborate with business partners across departments, implement customer feedback, innovate on strategies, and help develop best practices
  • Confidently balance daily and weekly deadlines with department initiatives, utilizing multiple tools
  • Perform all other duties as assigned
  • Manage all aspects of a Tier 1 troubleshooting team that assist customers with both audio and digital solutions


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent relevant experience
  • A minimum of 5 years’ proven experience in a customer service management position
  • Experience in managing large volume call centers
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Good understanding of management practices and techniques
  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent writing, presentation and communications skills (sentence structure, grammar, varied vocabulary, spelling, style, strong typing speed with high accuracy, and attention to detail
  • Strong problem solving skills and thought leadership
  • Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of personalities
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment
  • Ability to manage multiple projects to completion and meet deadlines
  • Proven ability to work effectively with customers, contractors, and internal stakeholders
  • Ability to effectively deal with customer requirements and demands.
  • Experience managing international contractors preferred

Example 3

In this role you’ll

  • Actively support the RB Unreserved Commitment to Safety: to send everyone home, every day, the way they came to work, by taking personal responsibility for your safety and safety of your team, co-workers, and customers
  • Maximize the sales and profitability by monitoring costs and shrink associated with auction administration and sale day staffing levels
  • Create an environment which reflects the company philosophy of exceptional customer service by monitoring and managing service levels

Here’s what you bring

  • High School Diploma
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • 2 Year previous Customer service experience in a related field
  • Minimum 1 year experience in a Supervisory role
  • Strong computer skills including the ability to learn new systems and to enter data quickly and accurately
  • DMV document processing experience an asset
  • Sales Tax collection, exemption and remittance experience
  • Demonstrated leadership and the ability to take initiative
  • Strong Problem solving, organizational and time management skills
  • Able to set priorities and work independently with minimal supervision
  • Positive attitude
  • Have the desire to help others learn, someone who takes responsibility to coach and mentor others
  • Good communication skills – strong on diplomacy, a patient listener, strong written communication skills, proven conflict resolution skills
  • Team player, ability to relate to a diverse customer base and workforce, ability to put people at ease and the ability to easily network with others
  • Adaptable and willing to adjust to new ideas or change
  • High level of integrity and ethics
  • Ability to work in high pressure situations
  • Ability to think on your feet
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A thorough understanding of Equipment specifics for data entry
  • Familiar with understanding contract specifics for data entry and maintaining information.
  • Knowledgeable about local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) rules and regulations as they relate to the sale of Motor Vehicles.

This job will require you to

  • Act as a role model for all team members by employing superior customer service and salesmanship skills at all times, and ensuring the team does the same
  • Recruit, hire and train Customer Service Representatives for sale day
  • Continuously train and coach the team on how to improve or develop their customer service skills by providing factual and objective feedback
  • Coach the team on how to make appropriate decisions regarding customer service (i.e. refunds, invoicing inquiries, owner details and complaints)
  • Follow up on all customer inquiries
  • Hire and train Customer Service Representatives for sale day activities
  • Ensure that team is knowledgeable and skilled with RBA computer systems, customer registration and payment requirements
  • Act as a liaison with all levels of the organization to ensure accurate reporting of information
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with customers, financial institutions, local taxation offices, motor vehicle branches to obtain information, or solve problems
  • Maintain and setup relevant systems used to maintain auction information
  • Process DMV transfer documents, CE certificates (Europe)
  • Collect appropriate Sales Tax or Exemption Certificates required by la
  • Reconcile (Balance) sale, Collection of Accounts Receivables in a timely manner and banking duties
  • Escalate problems or issues to senior management
  • Manage and coordinate the ordering of auction supplies

Example 4


  • Sets and maintains standards for care, professionalism, and appropriate solutions during every guest interaction via phone, email, or other request channels
  • Actively and consistently monitor guest interactions to ensure all service expectations are met
  • Review and communicate routine and ad-hoc performance reporting to customer service colleagues, other internal and external stakeholders
  • Manage relationship with telecom / ACD phone system vendor(s) to support exceptional service levels and control cost.
  • Review, maintain, and optimize IVR, phone tree call flow, and other telephony technology to provide efficient and cost effective support for all guest phone requests via self-service or colleague interactions
  • Define and manage scheduling strategy for all customer service colleagues and leadership to maximize service level results
  • Evaluate team and individual performance via monthly performance review meetings, bi-annual check in conversations, and other methods as needed
  • Initiate recommendations for hiring, merit increases, probationary reviews, promotions, transfers, succession planning, and disciplinary action for all customer service teams and colleagues
  • Work closely with Human Resources team to develop and manage effective recruitment, hiring, and onboarding strategies for new colleagues
  • Review and manage new hire and ongoing training for all Customer Service teams and colleagues
  • Partner with IT, operations, HR, and other teams to ensure Customer Service team has all necessary tools and technology to provide exceptional service and support for all guest requests
  • Handle escalated and/or complex guest requests as needed
  • Develop best practices, coaching model, and performance standards for Customer Service colleague remote work plan
  • Identify strategies to improve quality of service, productivity, cost-per-contact, and efficiency of all services and support provided by customer service teams
  • Regular attendance is expected based on schedule and business needs
  • Participation in employee events, onsite meetings, hotel visits and industry conferences is expected


  • Strong analytical skills and demonstrated ability to quickly assess cause-and-effect impacts on business operations
  • Technically proficient and able to quickly implement new technology platforms to benefit the organization
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including ability to deliver highly effective presentations to large and small groups online and in-person
  • Role model and leader-by-example for customer service teams, consistently demonstrates incredible customer focus at all times
  • Demonstrated ability to provide guidance, mentorship, and development to colleagues at all levels
  • High-level strategic thinker who understands the big picture and creates plans to successfully deliver organizational goals
  • Very strong attention to detail, highly organized, and demonstrated ability to prioritize competing priorities
  • Knowledge of hotel operations a plus
  • Minimum 10+ years of Customer Service Leadership experience
  • Proven experience leading and enhancing a complex customer service department with 50+ people
  • Experience developing short and long-term forecasts, scheduling, and capacity plans


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

Candidate Certifications to Look For

  • Customer Service Manager Certificate (CSMC). This program is designed to teach previous customer service representatives how to become customer service managers. The certification will teach candidates how to understand various customers, the knowledge and strategies needed to create a loyal customer, and most importantly how to manage the people their customers will be interacting with. Earning the Customer Service Manager Certificate is the first step to becoming a competitive applicant. 
  • Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). The Certified Customer Experience Professional program offers professional recognition of people with great knowledge of customer experience discipline. Providing a positive customer experience is the number one priority as a customer service manager, so earning the CCXP will provide candidates with effective methods on how to enhance the customer experience. Their knowledge and their credibility will increase as they take this course since they will be able to demonstrate their continuous commitment to learning more about customers and their needs.

Sample Interview Questions

  • Why are you passionate about customer service?
  • What previous experience do you have with customer service?
  • What are the primary roles of a customer service manager?
  • Describe a time you had a disagreement with a coworker. How did you handle it?
  • How will you prioritize delivering excellent results to customers?
  • How do you handle difficult customers?
  • What experiences have you had that’s contributed to your strong leadership skills?
  • What type of customer service problems have you encountered in your previous roles?
  • How do you make sure your team is communicating effectively?
  • What strategies and methods will you use to engage customers?
  • How would you implement customer service-related policies in the workplace?
  • What management or customer service tools are you familiar with?
  • As a customer service manager, how do you handle confidential information with customers and staff?
  • What actions would you take if there is a recurring customer complaint regarding a product defect?

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