Billing Coordinator

Finance & Accounting
in Orlando
, FL
Reference: 19-02624


  • Collaborate with internal associates to prepare new vendor packets to outside counsel for initial engagement and manage entire process
  • Responsible for setting up new vendors in all systems, which includes initial paperwork with Accounts Payable, creation of firm profile, firm admin matter, and upload firm documents in Legal Tracker
  • Create new matters and update matter information (i.e. G/L coding, approval routes, budgets, etc.) as appropriate in Legal Tracker
  • Assign roles and grant matter access to internal and external participants in Legal Tracker
  • Update and maintain the Master Vendor Contact List
  • Perform other administrative tasks such as travel arrangements, expense reports, and organize meetings as directed
  • Attend administrative staff meetings, maintain binder and support administrative team as back-up in the absence of another team member
  • Support supervisor and manager on special projects
  • Perform daily billing task s such as processing all department invoices and check requests through various online systems
  • Monitor and address all billing issues and engage with outside counsel as appropriate
  • Process all legal department invoices and check requests (with exceptions) through various payment processing systems (i.e. Legal Tracker, Captiva, and AP Concierge)
  • Collaborate with Accounting, Finance, auditors and others to provide appropriate documentation such as, but not limited to copies of XMLs, CFDIs/facturas for our Mexico vendors as appropriate
  • Review all invoices entered in Legal Tracker as Billing Guideline Reviewer for policy compliance and take appropriate action with each one
  • Review outside counsel timekeeper rates for attorney approval
  • Work with Accounting and Treasury teams to process all incoming checks to Legal department and upkeep related log
  • Create and run reports via Legal Tracker online system as requested
  • Monitor and attend to all electronic incoming communication through the legal bills inbox
  • Prepare and send outgoing communication to outside counsel and internal departments
  • Maintain and foster positive working relationships with internal and external clients
  • Provide billing, payment and information requested from associates in other departments, as appropriate/approved by Supervisor
  • Effectively communicate with all outside firms
  • Address and resolve billing issues and questions
  • Route billing information to appropriate parties
  • Track and record legal billing data in monthly reports (i.e. accruals, monthly accomplishments, etc.)
  • Research payment history and payment status with AP and PeopleSoft
  • Maintain and update the New Legal Tracker Matter Request form in Formdesk