Social Media Manager Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Social media managers develop and implement strategies to promote a brand, product, or service on sites and apps, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn. They create and edit content, build relationships with followers and subscribers, monitor trends, and analyze data to determine the effectiveness of the company’s social media campaigns. They may also support other departments, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, to ensure the company’s social media presence is aligned with its overall goals.

Success as a social media manager requires strong writing skills, creativity, and an understanding of social media platforms and trends. They also need proficiency with social media management tools and applications for scheduling, approvals, and analysis. This role also requires the ability to multitask, collaborate, and quickly adapt to rapidly changing social media trends and algorithms.

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National Average Salary

Social media manager salaries vary by experience, industry, organization size, and geography. To explore salary ranges by local market, please visit our sister site

The average U.S. salary for a Social Media Manager is:


Social Media Manager Job Descriptions

It’s important to include the right content in your job description when hiring a social media manager. The following examples can serve as templates for attracting the best available talent for your team.

Example 1

[Your Company Name] is in search of a talented social media manager. This candidate will be responsible for overseeing the company interactions with the public through implementing content strategies on social media platforms, analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in consumer interactions, and planning digital campaigns to build an online community, using social media marketing tools to create and maintain the brand of the company, and interacting with company clientele via company social media accounts. Duties include analyzing the digital marketing plan of the company, identifying social media strategy and algorithm for improvements in content engagement, and setting key performance indicators to measure social media campaign performance. The ideal candidate will be able to work well with a team, multitask, be organized, self-motivated, and a critical thinker. Attention to detail is a must, and knowledge of social media trends, algorithms, and design elements is essential. This candidate must have one or more years of experience as a social media manager.

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • Plan, implement and analyze social media strategy
  • Collaborate with marketing and creative teams to create engaging, relevant content
  • Supervise design of visual elements for social posts
  • Measure social media campaign key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Analyze user engagement and adjust strategy to meet SEO best practices
  • Catalog and report results for client review

Education and experience

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, mass communications, public relations, or a similar field.

Required skills and qualifications

  • n-depth knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok
  • Passion for and expertise in social media culture
  • Strong understanding of content marketing principles
  • Expertise in social media analytics and content management systems
  • Superior time management and organizational skills
  • Working knowledge of visual design principles
  • Solid analytical, strategic and creative thinking
  • Impeccable writing and communication skills

Preferred qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field
  • 5-8 years of experience in paid social or digital marketing
  • Excellent understanding of social platforms, content performance, audiences, paid tactics, and digital trends

Example 2

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop content to build audience and engage followers through daily posts across all social media platforms for ABC Company, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TripAdvisor, and other sites as assigned
  • Monitor community feedback in real-time and respond/engage with the brand’s audience 7 days a week across multiple platforms
  • Plan and schedule content calendar for all areas of ABC Company
  • Establish, maintain, and collaborate effective communication and professional relationships with internal departments, such as special events, graphic design, Food & Beverage, Retail, Hotel Operations, Gaming Operations, Human Resources, Security, and other departments at ABC Company
  • Coordinate with direct reports and Marketing/Entertainment colleagues to take photos at public and private events, including drawings, parties, community events, internal events, artist meet-and-greet sessions, and 80+ concerts per year
  • Coordinate with other departmental leaders at ABC Company to photograph property amenity areas, venues, team members, and nightlife for posting to social pages
  • Publish event photo albums within a timely fashion and maintain a collection of promotional/lifestyle images to use for ABC Company
  • Develop and execute engaging, weekly content that achieve defined marketing goals
  • Coordinate with the XYZ corporate office and other ABC Company teams to plan, execute, and monitor social media ad campaigns, inclusive of paid media and organic/paid conversions within social media platforms including Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Google Paid Search, and Video Advertising
  • Measure social media efforts and deliver actionable insights. Make specific recommendations on how to improve social activity by regularly monitoring and analyzing brand/competitor conversations
  • Create and present social media progress reports and competitive analysis reports monthly to Marketing and Executive management
  • Stay current with industry trends in social media advertising and new strategies
  • Integrate promotional support and opportunities within ABC Company websites and across other related advertising campaigns to support overall marketing goals and initiatives
  • Work in association with Marketing and Executive leadership for budget allocation and creative concept development to ensure digital media supports goals
  • Stay on top of latest trends within the nightlife and entertainment genre to ensure daily interaction with target audience across all platforms
  • Work nights, weekends, and holidays as schedule requires
  • Perform any other duties as assigned

General duties and responsibilities:

  • Available and willing to regularly work flexible shifts, including nights, holidays, and weekends. Must be prepared to work at and outside of the office to manage social pages and content
  • Consistently delivers positive, courteous, and professional service in all interactions with guests, vendors, department heads, executives, and fellow team members
  • Presents a positive, professional appearance and demeanor while performing work-related functions
  • Exhibits conduct in accordance with all Gaming Commission Regulations, Federal and State laws and regulations, and ABC Company and departmental policies and procedures
  • Maintain a clean, safe, hazard-free work environment within area of responsibility
  • Safeguard confidential information of all employee, department and company records
  • Ensure prompt and discrete notification to senior management and/or the Ethics Hotline of an observation of illegal acts and/or internal ethics violations
  • Must be able to continuously maneuver around office environments and outside environments across the property, often standing for long hours
  • Must have the manual dexterity to operate a computer and other office equipment
  • Must be able to push, pull, and lift items weighing up to 20 pounds on a regular basis
  • Must be able to work effectively in a casino environment that may include exposure to gaming-related environmental factors including, but not limited to: secondhand smoke, high noise levels, and high-volume guest/employee contact in a fast-paced, continuously evolving environment

Education/experience/skills required:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university, with a preferred major in marketing, advertising, communications, or digital media and/or 3+ years of professional experience that includes managing social media across multiple channels within a fast-paced industry, with hospitality (gaming, hotel, nightlife, restaurant) industry experience preferred
  • Possess a thorough understanding of brand voice and target audience for ABC Company and partners, to be able to develop social messaging and content that best represents each brand
  • Have excellent time management, communication, copywriting, and proofreading skills. Strong writing skills are mandatory to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Must be detail oriented, able to prioritize, and successfully perform multiple tasks and meet deadlines during busy, interrupted shifts
  • Possess and demonstrate a strong understanding of social media platforms, including basic communication functionality across primary social pages, social advertising, and deriving social insights
  • Strong interpersonal skills are required, including the ability to thrive in a team environment

Example 3

As the ABC Company Social Media Manager, you will be on the front lines with our ABC Company customers and social followers. Gain an intimate understanding of our passionate ABC Company communities while delivering meaningful, relevant, fun, and engaging content. Exercise your creative muscles in creating content and influencer partnerships while serving as our go-to expert on all things social. In addition, you’ll work closely with our agency partner to oversee our social media, influencer, and paid digital media strategy.

Social media management:

  • End-to-end management of organic and paid social brand strategy including ideation, planning, execution, campaigns, and community engagement
  • Define, manage, and execute social media vision to drive brand awareness and customer engagement
  • Develops and owns KPIs for social media strategy to drive results towards short and long-term goals. Build and distribute social reporting including market and user insights for leadership
  • Build and implement strategy and tactics for social growth and follower acquisition
  • Maintain brand integrity on social channels by adhering to style, brand and corporate guideline
  • Collaborate with digital touchpoint owners and brand marketing team to support new product launches and overarching brand campaigns
  • Obtain a deep understanding of ABC Company’s community and community members
  • Provide expertise for social media best practices and social platform knowledge and trends
  • Work with creative team to produce in-house social content
  • Serve as application owner for social media management software solution
  • Conduct internal trainings for new associates

Influencer management:

  • Develop and maintain ABC Company’s growing influencer and partnership network
  • Collaborate with legal team to ensure agreements are established for influencer/partnership engagements
  • Serve as application owner for influencer management software solution
  • Conduct internal trainings for new associates.


  • 2+ years of relevant social media/digital brand marketing experience
  • Comfort to serve as social media expert in training and educating others within the organization
  • Corporate/business experience with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Strong writing skills with solid grammar, editing, and proofreading capabilities
  • Capacity to work individually on a project or in a team environment
  • Strong communication skills, ensuring project progression is proactively communicated to stakeholders


  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field
  • Full-time availability
  • Portfolio
  • Ability to design quality marketing collateral from concept to delivery

Example 4

The Social Media Manager develops and drives enterprise social media strategy in support of the broader brand, advertising and digital marketing goals. This includes building content relevant to the organization and its subsidiaries’ target audiences and driving engagement across multiple social channels. Under direct supervision, this job keeps up with the latest developments and adjusts the strategy within emerging platforms to maximize brand awareness, increase social media engagement, and directly impact the organization’s revenue.

Key responsibilities and duties

  • Develops and manages the organization’s social media strategy to deliver a balance of brand, product, and thought leadership messages in support of overall marketing strategy and organization goals
  • Creates a regular publishing schedule and implements a content editorial calendar to manage social content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns
  • Creates campaign and initiatives targeted at increased audience, engagement, traffic, and sales
  • Designs, conducts, and delivers standard and custom social media reports including campaign results and social listening
  • Monitors social media competitive landscape, producing quarterly insight reports, and ad hoc requests
  • Supports all aspects of social media interaction between customers and the company, and ensure a positive customer service experience
  • Maintains regular communication with marketing and upper level management regarding customer feedback, concerns, sale and event progress, and other priority issues

Education requirements

  • University (Degree) Preferred

Candidate Certifications to Look For

  • Social Media Management Certification. Coursera offers a beginner-level course and certificate in social media management where candidates will learn how to create effective social media posts, and build a strong brand to help with their social media presence. Candidates will have flexible deadlines, and the course is completely online, making it easy to complete anytime, anywhere.
  • Certified Social Marketing Associate (CSMA). The Certified Social Marketing Associate examination tests a candidate’s knowledge of concepts and specifics in social marketing. This examination provides candidates with a certificate via the eMarketing Association and is popular among marketing associates, social media managers, social media strategists, marketing directors, and social media specialists.

Sample Interview Questions

  • Why are you interested in social media management? 
  • What is your favorite social media platform to use? 
  • Which social media platform would be most beneficial to our business? Why?
  • Do you understand different social media algorithms? 
  • Which scheduling applications have you used?
  • Have you encountered a social media crisis? If so, what steps did you take?
  • What has been your most successful social campaign or post?
  • What do you think of the social media strategies our company currently employs, and how would you change them? 
  • What are a few of your favorite hobbies? 
  • What is currently the biggest social media platform? 
  • How do you think social media will change in the next 5 years? 
  • Do you have previous social media management experience? 
  • How do you determine whether or not a strategy has been successful?
  • What about social media first interested you? 
  • How do you organize your work and keep track of your projects? 
  • In your own words, what does a social media manager do? 
  • How do you keep track of social media analytics? 
  • Do you have any digital design background? 
  • What is your ideal workspace environment?

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