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The Direct Hire Process: What to Expect From Your Direct Hire Staffing Agency

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As a company looking to hire top talent in a competitive job market, selecting the right professional staffing agency to help your direct hire process can be invaluable for filling your high-value positions. While direct hire staffing allows you to fill your vacant positions quickly and with confidence, direct hire employment is also a pro for potential candidates. It allows them to join an organization’s payroll from day one, meaning they can take advantage of benefits and feel a greater sense of job security — incentivizing them to take a direct-hire employment position over others.

When your company is trusting a staffing agency to recruit permanent team members directly to your payroll, you want to have a thorough understanding of their recruiting process. That’s why our trusted recruiters at 4 Corner Resources have broken down the basics of the direct-hire process.

Direct Hire Definition

Essentially, direct hire staffing means that a professional staffing agency will handle numerous front-end recruiting tasks on behalf of the client — such as sourcing and reviewing resumes as well as screening and qualifying candidates. After deciding which candidates to pass along, the client performs final interviews and makes the hiring decision with support and guidance from the staffing agency if needed. Once an offer has been made and accepted, the newly hired employee will go straight onto the client’s payroll.

The Direct Hire Process

Determining if direct hire staffing is right for your business

When hiring for a new position or filling a vacant one, organizations can choose one of three main ways to do so with a staffing agency:

The first step is to identify which staffing method is best for your business and its needs. There are pros and cons to direct hire staffing that should be considered before making this decision, and agreed upon with buy-in from key hiring and management decision-makers in your organization. Once you’ve determined that you want to leverage direct hire staffing, your staffing agency partner can get the recruiting process underway.

Posting open direct hire employment opportunities

Direct hire employment is typically more attractive to passive candidates, as there is a greater sense of job security and social inclusion post-hire as well as immediate access to benefits. For these reasons, direct hire employment opportunities tend to attract a broader pool of prospective candidates, translating to a greater number of highly-qualified applicants.
Your chosen recruiter or headhunter will share your vacant direct hire employment opportunities in their networks and reach out to candidates who align with your needs. The right direct hire staffing agency will have a vast network of candidates that goes beyond what a single HR department would have access to on their own — plus the resources, tools, and expertise to connect with them on your behalf.

Vetting and interviewing direct hire candidates

A major advantage of outsourcing your direct hire process is that the staffing firm handles many of the tedious and time-consuming recruiting tasks on behalf of your company. Once they begin to source candidates and receive applications, their recruiters will continue to handle the front end of the process, such as reviewing resumes and conducting initial screenings. After the staffing agency has identified that the applicant is likely to be a good fit for both the job and company culture, that candidate is then passed along to the client for any final interviews. You will make the final call whether to make the hire — but equipped with the insights gained from the staffing agency to help you make that decision.
Successful staffing agencies are able to attract a broader pool of potential direct hire candidates, while possessing the knowledge and manpower to fill your open positions faster and more effectively than you likely could on your own. Additionally, your time will be freed up to focus on other high-value business ventures. All while still being confident that your workforce needs will be met thanks to your direct hire staffing agency partner.

Next steps after a direct hire candidate is placed

Once you have conducted final interviews and made the decision to hire the candidate that your staffing agency has sent your way, you’re ready to make an offer. Once accepted, the new hire will go straight onto your payroll. Congratulations — you’ve filled the open position!
For your new hire, this allows them to feel like part of your team from day one. Also, they can begin taking advantage of your employee benefits. This can increase their morale and the likelihood of long-term retention.

Why Partnering With the Right Professional Recruiting Agency Can Make the Direct Hire Process Successful

It’s not enough to work with just any recruiting agency — partnering with the right recruiting agency is the key to effective direct hire staffing. Take the time up-front to do your research and find the staffing agency whose direct-hire process is aligned with the needs of your organization.

For 13 years, the expert headhunters at 4 Corner Resources have been essential partners to businesses in Orlando and beyond when it comes to attracting, qualifying, and screening potential candidates. We’re a nationally-recognized staffing agency with an adaptive and flexible style that makes it easy for our clients to accomplish their direct hire staffing goals, as well as many other recruiting objectives.

Reach out to our staffing experts today to learn how our direct hire staffing services may be the key to finding the talent your business needs to be successful!

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