Remote Staffing

Today’s workforce has changed, and as a result, more companies than ever are turning toward remote staffing. Though it may seem daunting to interview and hire someone who isn’t local, hiring remote workers couldn’t be easier! With our experienced recruiters and limitless database of nationwide professionals, we will deliver remote workers that align perfectly with your company’s culture and workforce objectives.

How remote staffing and hiring works

Remote staffing is when a company hires employees to work completely or partially in a remote location. This means that employees can reside and work virtually from anywhere throughout the state, country, or world.

We have been successfully filling remote jobs for nearly two decades; developing true expertise when it comes to delivering experienced virtual staff to accomplish our client’s needs. We’ll handle everything from posting the job, combing through our extensive national database, pre-screening candidates, and presenting you with only those candidates who fit your unique criteria. We also understand that not everyone thrives when working at home or in a remote environment, so you can count on our professional recruiters to look well beyond the candidate’s resume and background when finding the perfect fit for your team. 

Advantages of working with 4 Corner Resources

A larger candidate pool means more qualified candidates

Remote staffing is great because you can get qualified individuals from all over the world who may not have been available for an in-person position at your company. On top of that, more candidates are looking to work remotely, so many are already searching for these types of jobs.

Reduce employee absences

A huge benefit of remote staffing is that there are fewer employees absent. If someone is feeling sick, they’ll often stay home. But, if they’re a remote worker who feels sick, chances are, they’ll still be checking in or working depending on how sick they are. It allows for more work to get done while also giving employees flexibility.

Save on costly office space

The cost of real estate is at an all-time high, so there’s no better way to save than cutting out those expenses. Plus, technology has evolved to a point that makes old-school office settings unnecessary for today’s modern and sophisticated workforce.

Cut down on turnover

A comfortable employee is a happy, motivated, and productive employee.  We all know that there’s no place like home, so what better way to offer your staff the option of working where they choose.

4 Corner has always been a great resource for us. The team always submits candidates in a timely manner and of the utmost quality.

James, Healthcare HR Director

Count on us for remote hiring

If you’re open to employees working virtually, look no further than partnering with 4 Corner Resources. We support clients and openings across the United States, and our professional team is on standby to help when and where you need us.

We leverage video technology to screen and interview candidates as if they were sitting in our office, which means you can expect the same high quality standards we’re known for.

If you are thinking about partnering with a professional staffing agency for your remote staffing needs, we would love to hear from you and learn more about how our team can contribute to the success of your business!

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