Transportation & Logistics Recruiting

Seasoned recruiters. Efficient processes. Reliable results.

When you need to quickly staff for transportation, warehouse, or logistics personnel it’s important that the candidates you hire are both competent and reliable. A solid team of professionals that you can count on is the difference between efficiency and a major headache.

We have been staffing for some of the nation’s finest logistics and transport companies for years and are the partner they turn to when they need consistent results. From forklift operators to traveling order selectors to warehouse managers we have vast experience with all of it. Whether you need placements on a small scale to supplement your workforce or you need a custom project plan to place large groups at a time we can accommodate your needs. Reach out to our team today to discuss how we can leverage our expertise to benefit your team.

Warehouse employee in hard hat

4 Corner’s very knowledgeable staff helped me throughout the whole process. No other agency has been so helpful. Thanks a million for getting me where I am today.

James T, Warehouse Associate

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