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No matter its size, a company’s facilities must be clean and sanitary for work to be done efficiently. And janitors are the key personnel that make sure this happens seamlessly. 

Janitors play an irreplaceable role in keeping companies and businesses up and running. They maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and general order throughout their companies, and are crucial in creating a great, productive work environment for all. 

Sample job description

A janitor is needed for hire at [Your Company Name]. The job of the janitor is generally straightforward, and there should be no confusion as to what the role entails. The summary of this job is this: maintain and clean the designated facility. This includes mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, etcetera. On top of this, you must also stock supplies. This can vary from restroom supplies, cleaning supplies, or other items customers are free to use. If the janitor comes across something in need of minor repair, it is on the shoulders of the janitor to fix what is needed. If major repairs are found, you must report it to higher-ups, or whomever it may concern. Facilities will inevitably have trash being brought into the building, if not producing it. The janitor must take out the trash, and clean trash containers. Logging routine work will most likely be essential, depending on your assigned facility. Aside from that, you may have to document certain things, such as the acidity of the water. Finally, after all else is complete, it is on the shoulders of this role to ensure all doors are locked prior to leaving. If this seems like something you are capable of doing, this may be the job for you!

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • Maintain daily cleanliness of warehouse and related areas
  • Dust and clean walls, rails, doors, work areas, etc.
  • Break down corrugated boxes and cardboard for recycling
  • Empty garbage cans and bins
  • Maintain safe work practices

Education and experience

This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent.

Required skills and qualifications

  • Time management skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight
  • Ability to do physical labor
  • Availability to potentially work evening or weekend hours

Preferred qualifications

  • Conscientious and efficient, with attention to detail
  • Able to handle unpleasant tasks with a positive demeanor
  • Being on-time and dependable

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a janitor is 32,000 in the United States. Position salary will vary based on experience, education, company size, industry, and market.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$31,850$43,050
Los Angeles, California$35,900$48,600
Denver, Colorado$29,950$40,500
Washington, DC$36,500$49,300
Miami, Florida$29,800$40,300
Orlando, Florida$27,500$37,200
Tampa, Florida$27,750$37,550
Atlanta, Georgia$29,100$39,400
Chicago, Illinois$33,450$45,300
Boston, Massachusetts$36,200$48,950
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$28,800$39,000
New York City, New York$38,100$51,550
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$31,000$41,950
Dallas, Texas$30,200$40,850
Houston, Texas$29,900$40,500
Seattle, Washington$34,800$47,100
National Average$27,200$36,800

Typical work environment

As a janitor, you can work in a variety of different buildings. This includes but is not limited to offices, schools, clinics, libraries, and hospitals. Although some facilities will need janitors mid-day, most will end up working early mornings or late evenings. This is because, in order to properly maintain everything, the area must be vacated. The skills for this job are not overly complicated. As long as you have a basic understanding of cleaning equipment, including liquid uses, you should do an excellent job. You must have the ability to efficiently work independently of supervision or coworkers. Moving items may come into the job, so we recommend being fit enough to lift twenty-five pounds.

Typical hours

The typical work hours for a janitor are from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, with after-hours or weekend hours possible. Frequently, janitors may work opposite hours to those when a building is mostly occupied. 

Available certifications

Although the field of janitor does not usually require certification, there are certain certificates and education which can immensely benefit any janitor looking for employment or to improve their expertise. Some certifications include:

  • IJSCA. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association offers several different certificates, each resembling your specific field. This includes a residential, masters, custodial, medical, carpet, and more! These in-depth certifications will prove to you and your employer that you are committed to this line of work and hope to improve your offered services. 
  • OSHA Safety and Health Specialist Certificate Program. This program is designed to provide information to those that wish to thrive in their career, land a job, or impress their employer. It goes over the general knowledge of handling supplies and machinery in the given work field to ensure safety is a priority. 

Career path

Becoming a janitor can start with a high school diploma or equivalent, but doesn’t necessarily require any formal education. But, as with many career paths, further learning and experience can help to advance future opportunities. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association offers certifications to let potential clients and employers know that they are hiring top-notch, trained and educated cleaning professionals. 

US, Bureau of Labor Statistics’ job outlook

SOC Code: 37-2011

2020 Employment2,217,000
Projected Employment in 20302,344,200
Projected 2020-2030 Percentage Shift 6% increase
Projected 2020-2030 Numeric Shift127,200 increase

There is a need almost anywhere and everywhere for janitorial and cleaning services. Many new janitorial jobs are expected in industries such as education and healthcare, in addition to warehouse and logistics positions. Almost a quarter of facility managers outsource cleaning services.

Sample interview questions

  • Do you have a basic understanding of cleaning equipment?
  • Do you have any experience in the field? 
  • Do you have the ability to work unsupervised/alone?
  • Will you use caution while handling cleaning supplies? 
  • Can we, as a company, trust you with ensuring the doors are locked and alarm systems in place?

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