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An order selector is typically employed in a warehouse or stockroom where they fill customer orders by selecting and packaging products. They must have a strong sense of accuracy and detail as they ensure that orders are properly packaged for shipping, contain the selected product and the selected amount, and are shipped safely to their destination. An order selector should be physically fit and able to find and lift heavy loads in filling orders in a timely manner. They must be organized, able to operate various warehouse equipment and machinery, and have excellent knowledge of the warehouse or storage facility to move items to the correct loading docks. 

Order selectors must be safety conscious and adhere to warehouse safety procedures when operating equipment. They need to be able to manage inventory and ensure that stock levels don’t fall below demand. Good computer skills, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal abilities and also needed. Customer service should be at the forefront as order selectors need to make sure the customer gets what they requested when they need it. 

Sample job description #1

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Manages pick ticket orders
  • Pulls warehouse items from the shelves based on the number, size, color, quantity, and quality requirements
  • Ensures that orders are accurate
  • Stages items correctly for delivery
  • Operates walkie jack equipment and ensures safety regulations are followed
  • Ensures warehouse goals are met
  • Maintains a high level of health and safety standards
  • Shrink wraps products to pallets
  • Loads delivery vehicles
  • Packs warehouse orders as necessary
  • Works in varying temperature from -30F – 95F
  • Operates scanners so that the proper order is picked, and inventory is managed accurately
  • Cleans aisles of warehouse and dock
  • Performs other general warehouse duties as needed


  • Previous Experience Working in a Warehouse Preferred
  • Experience Working with an RF Scanner Preferred
  • Keen Attention to Detail
  • Ability to Lift Heavy Objects
  • Ability to Stay on Feet for Long Periods of Time, Positive Attitude, Self-Motivated, Active, etc.
  • Safety Conscious: Ability to Work in a Fast-Paced, Busy Environment
  • Ability to Work in a Chilled Area (For Refrigerated Warehouses)
  • Good Communication Skills: Ability to Work Well on a Team but Be Self-Motivated and Independent at times

Sample job description #2

Job requirements and basic qualifications

  • Use voice-based order system to pull and palletize store orders
  • Manually stacking product onto pallets, wrapping, and preparing product for shipment
  • Respect all Good Organics compliances when stacking product
  • Operating an electric/motorized ride on standing pallet jack (either single or double)
  • Assist in cleaning the warehouse, maintaining a safe working environment
  • Comply with all applicable health and safety codes
  • Communicate and maintain employee safety and security standards
  • Arrive to work on time, wear appropriate PPE, work all scheduled shifts, complete required trainings, and attend required meetings.
  • Ability to read and speak basic English
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Team Leader, Associate Team Leader, Facility Leadership

Skills, requirements, and professional knowledge

  • Experience working with an electric/motorized ride on standing pallet jack (either single or double)
  • Experience with voice systems a plus
  • Team-player with positive attitude
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Able to work well with others, self-motivated, and capable of working independently with little supervision

Working conditions and physical requirements

  • Ability to stand or walk at least 10 hours, and be able to frequently push, pull, squat, bend, and reach with or without reasonable accommodation
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs., and occasionally lift up to 70 lbs. (team lift suggested for weights in excess of 70 lbs)
  • Work in a cold/wet storage facility environment (ranging from -10 (freezer) to 46 degrees Fahrenheit). General warehouse temps 34-46 degrees, Freezer -10 degrees
  • Regularly getting on and off powered equipment, stepping on and off throughout shift
  • Hand use: single grasping, fine manipulation, pushing and pulling
  • Ability to use tools and equipment, including box cutters, electric pallet jacks, headset

Sample job description #3

The Order Selector uses a pallet-jack to manually select cases of grocery products from the bin location, palletizing, and shrink wrapping the merchandise and delivering it to a staging area without damage. Product selection is guided by instructions from inventory selection software through hands-free headset.


  • Pick product from bin locations by following instructions through hands-free headsets and speaking into headset to confirm location, wrap product with shrink-wrap following established procedures, and deliver to staging area.
  • Efficiently operate a battery-powered pallet-jack
  • Build and transport a stable pallet of various food products up to seven feet high
  • Order Selector must meet established minimum productivity standards cases per hour working in a fast-paced environment
  • Ensure product integrity and the cold chain is maintained throughout the selection process
  • Maintain a safe and clean working environment. May participate on company safety committee
  • May participate in panel interviewing process, but does not have authority to make hiring decisions
  • Adhere to company policies, standards and best practices, including safety and attendance standards
  • Other duties as assigned by management (or designee)

About you

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • High School diploma or equivalent required
  • Successful Completion of Powered Industrial Truck Operators Training (PITOT) certification required
  • Six to twelve months experience safely operating industrial equipment and/or order selecting preferred
  • Strong detail orientation is required
  • Must be able to read, write and speak in English. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication, interpersonal skills. Language proficiency in Spanish or other languages are a plus in certain locations
  • Proficiency in basic math skills required, including accurate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and basic computer skills
  • Teamwork, self-motivated, problem-solving, and initiative to support the needs of a fast-paced environment
  • Must be dependable and flexible, including a willingness to work in other areas of the warehouse, as needed with little or no advance notice, and willingness to work shifts on varying days of the week, including holidays and weekends

Physical requirements

  • Must be able to bend, twist, kneel, squat, turn, reach, pull, push, balance, and lift objects up to 85 pounds, in a fast-paced environment for extended period of time
  • Must be able to transport various objects weighing 20-85 lbs. repeatedly throughout the shift
  • Must have the ability to stand, walk and move about for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to stand and balance throughout the shift while operating industrial equipment
  • Required to pass physical capacity test at 100%.
  • Regularly works in warehouse environment with heat and cold, including freezers, coolers and refrigerators in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for an order selector is $30,000 in the United States. This figure can vary depending on experience and geographic location.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$29,800$40,350
Los Angeles, California$33,650$45,550
Denver, Colorado$28,050$37,950
Washington, DC$34,150$46,250
Miami, Florida$27,900$37,800
Orlando, Florida$25,750$34,850
Tampa, Florida$26,000$35,200
Atlanta, Georgia$27,300$36,900
Chicago, Illinois$31,350$42,450
Boston, Massachusetts$33,900$45,900
Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota$27,050$36,550
New York City, New York$35,700$48,300
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$29,050$39,350
Dallas, Texas$28,300$38,300
Houston, Texas$28,200$38,100
Seattle, Washington$32,650$44,150
National Average$29,850$34,500

Sample interview questions

  • What qualities should every order selector have?
  • What experience do you have in this industry? 
  • Do you have a forklift license?
  • What are the most important things to remember when you’re operating a forklift?
  • How do you manage fulfilling multiple orders while ensuring accuracy?
  • How do you organize items to be more accessible?
  • What do you believe will be the hardest challenge to overcome while being an order selector?
  • What approach do you use to ensure accuracy while fulfilling orders?
  • Describe your ideal workday at the warehouse.
  • What qualities do you have that would make you an ideal order selector?
  • What programs and software are you comfortable using?
  • What motivates you when you’re doing repetitive work throughout the day?
  • This job can be extremely physically demanding. Do you believe you can do it?
  • Tell me about a time you saw a coworker violate a safety standard.  What did you do about it?
  • Are you willing to work on weekends and at night?
  • Are you okay standing for long periods of time?

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