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10 Best Background Check Software Options for Employers

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Background checks are an important step in the hiring process, helping organizations verify a candidate’s employability before the hire is finalized. Background check software can streamline this hiring phase and make the process easier for both employers and candidates. We’ll outline what to look for when choosing a background check tool and share 10 of our favorite platforms for assessing a candidate’s history. 

What Is Background Check Software?

Background check software is a pre-employment screening tool that employers can use to verify a candidate’s details and discover potential red flags before hiring. It can access and corroborate various aspects of a candidate’s background, including their identity, employment history, education, criminal record, credit history, professional credentials, and more. 

In addition to confirming the accuracy of a candidate’s application materials, background check software can help employers uncover potentially problematic and even dangerous information about a candidate. Armed with comprehensive background information, organizations can make more informed hiring decisions, confirm candidates are a strong match, and reduce the risk of hiring mistakes. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Background Check Software


The cost of background check software depends on the number of checks being performed and the depth of each check. More comprehensive assessments, like background checks that include verification of previous employment and education credentials, cost more than basic criminal records checks. 

Software companies typically offer volume discounts for companies performing a high number of background checks per year; once you reach a certain threshold, i.e. 100 or 500 checks per year, the cost per check decreases. 


As you’re probably aware, speed is a critical factor in hiring the best candidates. Choosing background software that prioritizes time to hire will help optimize your recruiting metrics. The average background check takes a few business days, but with the right software, some types of checks can be performed within minutes. 


Background checks are typically one of the last steps a recruiter must complete before making a successful hire. Staying on top of the process is key to ensuring there are no unnecessary delays in onboarding your selected candidate. Look for a tool that enables you to easily see the status of each background check, understand which items are still pending, and identify any bottlenecks holding up the process.  


Automation saves recruiters time and keeps the hiring process moving along smoothly. Your chosen background check software should facilitate automation, like instantly initiating the next step in the process based on a candidate’s screening results. 


A background check software with configurable workflows can accelerate your screening process and make work easier for your recruiting team. Some software enables companies to implement custom rules based on unique business needs. In contrast, others let users build their own screening packages based on the elements of a candidate’s background that matter most to the organization.


Maximize efficiency by ensuring that your selected background check tool integrates with the rest of your recruiting tech stack. Many applicant tracking systems have built-in background check capabilities. Still, there are also plenty of third-party background check applicants that can work in tandem with the tools you’re already using. 

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When you’re dealing with candidates’ sensitive personal information, you’re under a strict obligation to store and manage that information with care. Choosing a reputable background check provider with a strong security track record will mitigate the risk of any unwanted data incidents. 


Conducting background checks comes with numerous legal requirements, like obtaining proper consent from the people you’re looking into and complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You’ll also need to abide by any relevant state regulations, like some that govern the information you’re required to share with a candidate if you’re declining to hire them based on criminal history. Your background check software should make it easy to comply with these rules. 


Select a background check provider that holds itself to a high professional standard and strives for continuous improvement. One way to verify a firm’s legitimacy is to check for membership in the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), an industry group that sets standards for background check agencies. 

Additional features

Added background check features like continuous monitoring, reference checking, drug testing, and the ability to search internationally can enhance your pre-hire screening. 

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10 Best Background Check Software for Employers


Checkr employs advanced technology to provide fast and reliable background checks on criminal records, employment history, and more. It’s incredibly user-friendly, making it easy to see what steps have already been completed and what’s still pending for each candidate. The software’s automation capabilities and efficient features have made it a popular choice for businesses seeking a simple and expeditious way to conduct background checks. 


Hireology is comprehensive background check software designed to streamline the hiring process for businesses. It offers an integrated platform that includes applicant tracking and onboarding in addition to background screening, making it the platform of choice for many medium—to large organizations. The software features analytics and reporting capabilities that inform data-driven hiring and allow for continuous hiring process improvement. 


Certn is a cutting-edge background check software that caters to employers seeking robust screening solutions. Certn utilizes artificial intelligence and data analytics to deliver swift and accurate results while complying with all industry regulations. The platform covers various aspects of a candidate’s history, including criminal records, credit history, and identity verification. If you’re dealing with international candidates, Certn is a great choice, since its assessment capabilities span more than 200 countries. 


If speed is one of your top considerations, VICTIG is a solid choice. This prominent background check software prioritizes quick turnaround times, user-friendly solutions, and customizability. VICTIG is ATS-friendly and integrates with most of the top applicant tracking platforms, including iCIMS, Workday, Greenhouse, Taleo, UltiPro, and more. 

Good Egg


Zinc is a comprehensive applicant tracking system that includes background checks, among its many features. The software provides swift and accurate results for 190 countries, enhancing efficiency in candidate evaluation. Zinc’s user-friendly interface creates a positive experience for candidates, enabling them to easily upload documents and keeping them informed with prompt status notifications. It’s highly rated for having a user interface that functions well on any device, which is always a plus for recruiters and candidates on the go. 


Launched over two decades ago, AccusourceHR is a longstanding screening service specializing in criminal records, employment verification, and drug testing. It provides a robust candidate profile that facilitates informed hiring decisions. A convenient applicant portal eliminates the tedious task of data entry for recruiters. At the same time, a continuous criminal monitoring service keeps employers abreast of any noteworthy changes that happen after an employee is onboarded. 


Created in 1975, Sterling is one of the business’s most established background check firms. Its extensive screening solutions are driven by cutting-edge technology and are trusted by 50% of Fortune 100 companies. Sterling’s user-friendly interface and customizable options make it a reliable choice for businesses seeking thorough and efficient background checks to build trustworthy and compliant teams.


AssureHire makes the hiring process faster and more reliable for HR teams with automated background checks that quickly verify a candidate’s previous employment, education, and criminal record. Its continuous monitoring capabilities screen workers throughout the duration of their tenure, so companies can be rapidly alerted if any issues arise that jeopardize their employment. With 98% of background checks completed in under 24 hours, AssureHire helps companies speedily assemble reliable teams. 

Good Egg

Good Egg combines automated and manual processes to thoroughly vet candidates, layering on machine learning capabilities to help detect possible fraud. It allows you to tailor the depth of the background check to suit your needs, with the option to choose between self-service checks to facilitate speed and manual researcher checks to prioritize precision. In addition to integrating with many of the top ATSs, Good Egg is compatible with several human capital management (HCM) systems like Oracle and Paycor. 


Checkmate is a top pick if you’re a recruiter for an enterprise-level organization that requires background checks for a high volume of roles. A series of innovative features like bulk uploads allow you to quickly move through many candidate actions. In contrast, an intuitive candidate interface allows applicants to complete their required steps in as little as six minutes. Advanced reporting capabilities let organizations drill down into dozens of KPIs to continuously improve the hiring process. 

The above options (and the many others available on the market) offer a range of features to suit organizations of all sizes. Selecting a background check software that aligns with your most important goals–speed, comprehensiveness, security, etc.–’ll create a favorable candidate experience while verifying that you’re hiring qualified and trustworthy people to join your team.

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