10 Positive Returns from Investing in a Recruiting Agency

January 10, 2019 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

There are many benefits to working with a headhunter or a recruiting agency both from a financial perspective and operations aspect. Professional employment agencies serve a need in the business world by benefiting large and small businesses alike in a variety of ways, such as increasing cost efficiency, hiring better candidates, and allocating their in-house resources more effectively.

As one of the best-ranked Orlando recruiting firms, the team at 4 Corner Resources (4CR) is here to shed light on the positive returns you can expect from partnering with a top hiring agency:

Advantages of Working with a Recruiting & Staffing Agency

1. Reduce New Hire Turnover

New hire turnover is an expense that wastes money on training an employee as well as costing extra time and resources to find and train a replacement. Employment agencies and headhunters help businesses reduce costs and increase retention by putting the right people in place the first time.

2. Increase New Employee Hiring Speed

Want to get things rolling faster with your new employee and save costs? An expert recruiting agency can help you get talent up and running more quickly through an expedited hiring process. At 4CR, we break down the hiring process into smaller and more manageable phases. We view recruiting as more than matching skills — it’s also about aligning the organizational culture and the personality and goals of qualified candidates through the hiring stages.

3. Reduce In-House Employee Costs

Having an in-house team can be significantly more costly than using the staffing services of a third-party company. A staffing agency's fees are less than the salary, benefits, and other costs of hiring a full-time in-house recruiter.

4. Greater Access to Top Candidates

A high-quality recruiting agency and headhunter attracts top-tier talent and has access to an enormous network of candidates. Your organization will be connected with the best candidates whose services can provide significantly greater value than the cost of hiring them — which can help your business scale.

At 4CR, it’s not uncommon for us to source and screen hundreds of candidates’ resumes for a single job opening as we search for the ideal fit. As a result, our clients save the countless hours that are necessary to find and recruit the best employees for their businesses.

5. Faster Recruiting, Screening, and Placement of Candidates

As a professional recruiting agency, our network is vast, which allows us to respond quickly. Our goal is to have a fully screened and qualified candidate for any role within 48 hours. As a fundamental part of our process, 4CR recruiters:

  • Maintain relationships with passive candidates;
  • Keep detailed notes throughout the recruiting, screening, and hiring process; and
  • Stay up to date with tens of thousands of active job seekers.

6. In-Depth Market Knowledge

Probably one of the greatest advantages of using a headhunter, professional recruiting, staffing and placement agency is that they have in-depth knowledge about your industry, local employment conditions, staffing and recruiting trends, and more. A good recruiter can also act as a great consultant; providing first hand, real-world insight that is not readily available to most in-house recruiters.

7. Maintain Relationships with Passive Candidates & Other Job Seekers

Don’t have time to keep up with passive candidates in your industry? That’s okay — we do. We make it part of our job as a placement agency to cultivate and maintain relationships with passive candidates as well as active job seekers. At 4CR, our approach to recruiting and staffing efforts align with our guiding 4R Principles:

  • Relationships — We get to know our clients and candidates so that we can make the best matches possible.
  • Resources — We use internal resources, systems, and tools that are designed to improve performance, flexibility, and effectiveness.
  • Responsiveness — Your time is valuable, and so is that of your candidates. As such, we focus on fewer requisitions at a time to ensure you receive the most attention possible and that we’re always there when you need us.
  • Results — Your objectives are our top priority. Using our proven methodologies and industry knowledge, we produce the consistent results you need and come to expect from an award-winning staffing agency.

8. Have Access to a Large Recruiting Team

Unlike businesses that have one person or maybe a few (if they’re lucky) to handle recruiting and staffing tasks, a recruiting agency has a large team of experienced professionals to address unexpected or volume-based needs on demand.

Two examples occur on a regular basis:

  1. A client needs to hire multiple people at once; however, their small HR staff isn't equipped to handle such volume. We can have an entire team of recruiters working within hours.
  2. Our team is always on standby to address a spike in demand or an unexpected need where the end-user (client) would normally need to hire additional HR staff to handle it.

9. In-Depth Knowledge of Proven Hiring Practices and Techniques

A high-quality recruiting agency uses the experiences and knowledge they gain from working with each client to train their recruiters and enhance their recruiting and staffing efforts. They also take the time to get to know each client’s culture and environment, to place candidates whose specific talents will meet the competencies each employer needs.

10. Recruit from Your Competitors

As a professional staffing firm, we understand the sensitivities surrounding hiring candidates from your competitors. There is often a type of “gentlemen’s agreement” between businesses that entails not poaching employees from your competitors. While not an official rule, unlike a non-compete clause that a candidate may have with their existing employer, it is an expected industry practice by which many companies abide and, ultimately, means that you’re potentially missing out on the perfect candidate for your vacant positions.

As a recruiting agency, we can recruit candidates from your competition without your business breaking this unspoken agreement. Our staffing service is bold and aggressive where you cannot be to maintain your professional relationships.

Want to see firsthand what a professional recruiting agency can do for your business and hiring? Speak to a recruiting expert from 4 Corner Resources today!


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