How to Write an Interview Confirmation Email (With Template)

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From creating job postings to reviewing resumes and screening applicants, it takes a lot of effort to get to the interview stage of the hiring process. To make sure your efforts are well spent, you want to take every step you can to minimize candidate drop-offs during this phase. Interview confirmation emails aren’t merely a scheduling courtesy; they’re a tool that can help you reduce no-shows and maintain strong candidate engagement throughout your hiring funnel. 

Importance of Interview Confirmation Emails

An interview confirmation email is an opportunity to establish key details of the meeting in writing. Most people spend multiple hours per day in their inbox, so sending an email is an efficient and non-intrusive way to share this important information. Your message will serve as an easily accessible reference point if the candidate needs a reminder about the interview time, date, or location. It’s easy to refer back to and helps prevent scheduling mistakes that can cause unnecessary hiring delays.

Confirmation emails are also a chance to maintain a consistent, engaging line of communication with candidates. Every message you send during the hiring process is an opportunity to strengthen your employer brand and provide a positive candidate experience. Use this one to keep candidates’ interest high and enthusiasm strong for the position. 

Finally, interview confirmation emails can be automated, which helps streamline tasks and keep the hiring process moving. By creating a template and populating it with the pertinent information, you’ll save time and cut down on back-and-forth messages that can disrupt recruiters’ focus. 

What to Include in an Interview Confirmation Email

Your interview confirmation emails should contain all of the information a candidate needs to prepare for and arrive at the interview in a timely manner. Here are some key pieces of information to include:

Straightforward subject line

Use a clear and direct subject line to ensure your email catches the applicant’s attention and is easy to locate for future reference. [Company name] – interview details or Confirmation of interview on [date] are good examples. 

Warm greeting

Thank the candidate for agreeing to participate in the interview and emphasize your excitement about talking with them.  

Date and time

Confirm the date and time. It’s helpful to provide the day of the week in addition to the calendar date. Also, be sure to specify which time zone you’re scheduling in. 


Provide the name and title of all interviewers who will be taking part in the conversation. 

Interview location

Specify where the meeting will be held. Specify the platform and provide a meeting link if it’s a virtual interview. 

Physical directions

For in-person interviews, provide the address and any other location details that will help the candidate get there (i.e., ‘take the second right after passing through the check-in gate’). Explain how to enter the building and who the candidate should ask for or expect to meet when they arrive. 

Technical details

For virtual interviews, share instructions on how to access the meeting along with any preparations that should be done in advance, like downloading an app. Let the candidate know who to contact if they need technical assistance. 

Interview time frame

Let the candidate know how long the interview will last. 

Interview structure

Help the candidate perform their best by setting expectations for what to expect in terms of the interview structure. For example, let them know if it will be a panel or group interview or if they’ll be required to complete a skills assessment or test assignment on the interview day. 

Items to bring

Outline any materials the candidate should bring to the interview like a portfolio to share with the hiring committee or a valid ID to get a visitor pass. 

Warm closing

Re-emphasize your enthusiasm for speaking with the candidate and share details of how to contact them if they need to make any changes to the schedule. 

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When to Send an Interview Confirmation Email

If you want to hire top talent before they’re scooped up by another employer, time is of the essence. Interview confirmation emails should be sent promptly after the candidate has agreed to proceed with the interview and has selected a suitable time slot. 

If your confirmation is being sent more than a day or two before the designated interview time, sending another reminder 24 hours before the meeting is a good idea. This will help reduce missed appointments while allowing candidates to cancel if they’ve changed their mind or accepted another position since your last interaction.

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Interview Confirmation Email Templates

In-person interview example

Dear [candidate name],

Thank you for indicating your availability for an interview with [company name]. We are excited to learn more about your background and qualifications. 

Your interview is scheduled for [day of the week, date] at [time]. It will take place at [interview address and location details]. When you arrive, [arrival instructions like parking, security check-in, etc.]. 

This is a panel interview that is expected to last approximately [interview duration]. You will be speaking with [interviewer 1, title] and [interviewer 2, title]. The interview will cover [topics to be discussed]. 

We look forward to meeting you in person, and once again, thank you for your interest in the [position title] role. If you have any questions or need to adjust your interview time, you can reach me via call or text at [phone number]. 


[Sender name]

Virtual interview example

Hello [candidate name],

Thanks for confirming your availability to interview for our [job title] position. We have scheduled your interview for the following date and time:

[Day of the week, date] at [time]

This will be a virtual interview taking place on [interview platform]. Your interviewer will be [interviewer name, title] and the conversation will last approximately [interview duration]. 

Here is the link to enter the meeting. [provide link]

Before your interview, please confirm you have access to reliable WiFi and are using a browser that meets the minimum requirements for [interview platform]. You can review the technical specifications here [provide link to technical details]. If you run into any technical difficulties, please contact [name, title] at [phone number]. 

We look forward to speaking with you!

[Sender’s name]

By sending prompt and professional interview confirmation emails using the templates above, you’ll keep candidates in the loop while cutting down on interview delays that can hold up your hiring process. 

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