Business Analyst

Information Technology
in Orlando
, FL
Reference: 19-03398


The Senior Business Analyst is an empowered team member and leader who deploys WVO RCEs methodologies and best practices to work with members of assigned company business units to elicit, organize, document and validate business rules, functional and non-functional requirements. The Senior Business Analyst can apply their past job experiences and leadership to guide team members and business units in the formulation of solutions to their business problems. They are capable in determining and applying appropriate analysis skills in order to elicit, organize, document and validate business rules and functional/non-functional requirements. The individual works independently or as part of a team to improve the relationship between the business and systems teams of the company.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Ability to negotiate customer requirements with senior level management and ensuring agreement between customer and project team on requirements for project deliverables
  • Manage multiple priorities and customer expectations with all stakeholders
  • Manage relationships with customers, project managers, IT and business staff, and all levels of management
  • Conduct meetings with customers to actively solicit, analyze, and document customer requirements including obtaining sign-off on business requirements from project stakeholders
  • Work with systems analyst and/or application development teams during the technical design, coding, testing and implementation stages
  • Conduct walkthroughs with application development teams as a handoff from analysis to development in the system development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Solicit input from business community to determine project scope
  • Solicit input from system analysts, developers and other technical staff to determine level of effort required to complete tasks
  • Manage, document and coordinate changes to functional specifications occurring during all phases of the SDLC and update business rules, functional and non-functional specifications accordingly
  • Perform other duties as needed

Education Minimum:

  • Bachelor’s degree, or 6+ years of practical Business Analyst experience


  • International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification or 6+ years of practical Business Analyst experience within the vacation ownership or hotel/tourism industry

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong ability to work independently on projects that may not be clearly defined and are large in scope
  • Strong ability to work with project team to develop cost-effective, customer focused solutions
  • Strong ability to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate across disciplines and departments
  • Expert knowledge of business principles and best practices common to organizations in the vacation ownership industry
  • General knowledge and comprehension of competitive forces shaping the vacation ownership industry
  • Strong knowledge and comprehension of the business architecture of the organization being analyzed including business models, structure, relationships between business units and key stakeholders of those units
  • Detailed knowledge and application of business process modeling
  • Proven ability and application of business and system use cases
  • Experience working with multiple software development methodologies and understanding of all stages of project life cycle process
  • Ability to identify, characterize and clearly present problems exposing underlying issues and break down relevant information by making comparisons and/or tradeoffs to find the most desirable option
  • Ability to anticipate business needs and think with a business owner mind-set
  • Strong ability to consider all stakeholder parties both involved in and outside of a project as well as the impact of proposed solutions on those parties
  • Ability to communicate to stakeholders the rationale for decisions made and possible outcomes for those decisions
  • Strong ability to write effectively for various contexts and audiences resulting in concise communication and understanding of large amounts of complex data
  • Strong ability to moderate discussions enabling participants to articulate ideas on topics; recognize and manage various viewpoints
  • Promote creative thinking in others by asking questions and challenging assumptions
  • Ability to facilitate teams and develop strong relationships with all levels of management
  • Ability to demonstrate commitment to excellent customer service and follow through
  • Ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects including continuous evaluation and re-ordering of priorities as business needs dictated

Technical Skills:

  • Expert proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Visio, and Outlook
  • Strong ability to use other software and peripherals related to performance of job responsibilities such as ReqPro, MS Project SharePoint, and MEGA System Blueprint

Job experience:

  • Minimum 5 years experience in analysis and design on software development projects in a Business Analyst role


  •  Tactical level decision-making authority is involved in this position
  • Define the solution vision and scope that is being implemented for a program and/or project when Lead Business Analyst in not assigned to a project
  • Decide on the requirements elicitation approach for each project assigned and will define that approach in a requirements management plan when Lead Business Analyst in not assigned to a project
  • Will quality assure all work products being produced by team members on the project assigned and will decide if they meet all methodology and process standards
  • Will review and ensure traceability among all requirement, design and testing artifacts and will decide if all requirements have been addressed from a design and testing perspective

Scope/Financial Responsibility:

  • This position has input on significant project decisions, often provides direction to solution options, implementation direction and costs.
  • In any given year has influence over critical business capabilities decisions resulting between $1M-15M in IT spending
  • Decisions significantly impact IT delivery and overall use of technology in WVO
  • Could have significant impact on long-term, overall profitability of company by doing the following:
    • Shortens the time it takes to produce requirements resulting in shortening the lifecycle of projects reducing project timelines and costs
    • Lowers the number of defects due to confusion around the meaning of requirements which in turn reduces delays in identification costs
    • Drives innovation in the area of system design which can result in increased or additional revenue opportunities or reduction cost and overhead
    • Responsible for producing all business process modeling and use case documents which will in turn become company assets