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Light industrial workers are an important part of our society. They work to produce items that are used daily. This may include clothing, electronics, shoes, parts and components, or even food. These workers will be working in a factory or warehouse, packaging and producing these items on a daily basis. This is a factory position that does require employees to be physically strong. Skills needed to become a light industrial worker are a strong attention to detail, self-motivation, ability to lift up to 50 pounds, and strong teamwork skills.

Some light industrial workers will need to be OSHA certified, and they must be able to deal with an environment that can be demanding and noisy. There is no set schedule for light industrial workers, and many of them can expect to work both day and night shifts.

Sample job description

[Your Company Name] is hiring a light industrial worker to join the team in their production warehouse. The ideal candidate will have experience working in a warehouse environment and be able to lift 50lbs. He/she will be responsible for using and maintaining machinery and equipment such as forklifts and conveyor belts, keeping the work area clean and tidy, maintaining records of inventory, materials, and deliveries, recognizing safety hazards and taking proactive steps to prevent accidents, and maintaining work equipment, tools, and machinery.

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • Perform assembly line tasks
  • Move products or product components as needed
  • Package products and goods for shipment
  • Quality-check products before they ship

Education and experience

This position requires a high school diploma or GED.

Required skills and qualifications

  • Strong teamwork skills
  • Keen attention to detail 
  • Dexterity to handle small parts and components
  • Ability to stand for extended periods 

Preferred qualifications

  • Strong communication skills
  • OSHA Certification
  • Demonstrated attention to detail

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a light industrial worker is $40,250 in the United States. Position salary will vary based on experience, education, company size, industry, and market.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$40,050$54,150
Los Angeles, California$45,150$61,100
Denver, Colorado$37,650$50,900
Washington, DC$45,850$62,050
Miami, Florida$37,450$50,700
Orlando, Florida$34,550$46,750
Tampa, Florida$34,900$47,200
Atlanta, Georgia$36,600$49,550
Chicago, Illinois$42,100$56,950
Boston, Massachusetts$45,500$61,550
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$36,250$49,050
New York City, New York$47,900$64,800
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$39,000$52,750
Dallas, Texas$38,000$51,400
Houston, Texas$37,650$50,900
Seattle, Washington$43,800$59,250
National Average$34,200$46,300

Typical work environment

A light industrial worker generally works in a warehouse or production environment, where the work can be physically demanding and noisy. The hours may vary depending on the company, but it is common for workers to be required to work weekends and overtime.

Typical hours

The typical work hours for a light industrial worker can be from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, typically in a warehouse setting. With materials often shipping around the clock, overtime or weekend hours may be necessary. 

Available certifications

There are no standardized certifications required for this role, but many employers may prefer candidates who have certification in forklift operation.

  • Forklift Operator Certification. To receive this certification, you must pass an OSHA safety forklift course. This training doesn’t take long, but it will ensure that you know how to safely operate a forklift without any issues.

Career path

Often, new light industrial workers start in an entry-level position. With experience, they can grow their skills and abilities and move into team-leadership roles.

US, Bureau of Labor Statistics’ job outlook

SOC Code: 49-9041

2020 Employment391,800
Projected Employment in 2030475,300
Projected 2020-2030 Percentage Shift 21% increase
Projected 2020-2030 Numeric Shift83,600 increase

The increased use of automation and hand-held devices that read barcodes automatically should allow fewer light industrial workers to do the same amount of work. That said, the need for efficient shipping and distribution remains, as does the need for qualified workers.

Sample interview questions

  • Why do you want to work in a warehouse?
  • What experience do you have working with machinery and equipment?
  • How would you deal with a safety hazard in the workplace?
  • What is your experience with inventory and recordkeeping?
  • What is your availability for work? Do you have any weekends or overtime requirements?
  • If I were to show you the machinery and equipment in this workplace, would you be able to demonstrate your ability to use them?
  • What kind of manual dexterity do you have?
  • Can you lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance?
  • What is your availability for work? Do you have any weekends or overtime requirements?
  • How would you handle working alone, without supervision?

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