Community Relations Professional

Job Description

Do you have a talent for bringing people together? Do you love serving your local city or town? Then a position as a Community Relations Professional might be the people-focused role perfect for you.

Community Relations Professionals serve as the public faces of their organizations. They host local activities, give speeches, attend fundraisers, and more to present a friendly face for their hospital or health care facility. They focus on building relationships with citizens, local business owners, and organizations that align with the hospital or treatment center’s mission.

Community Relations Professionals are excellent team players, building rapport within and outside the organization. They are proficient with traditional and digital public relations and marketing channels. Community Relations Professionals must also be great negotiators to secure sponsorships and other financial arrangements.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Write press releases and other traditional print materials 
  • Create and coordinate social media content 
  • Organize outreach programs to interact with the community and influence public opinion or promote health care services 
  • Plan and promote public events and press conferences in the community
  • Choose materials to distribute on multimedia channels and promote a positive image of the organization
  • Deliver speeches at public events
  • Attend fundraisers  
  • Respond to questions, comments, and concerns from community members

Education and Background

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, mass communications, or similar field.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent presentation and negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of medical and health care terminology
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to speak face-to-face with community members
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to multitask and organize in a fast-paced environment


According to Payscale the median annual salary of a Community Relations Professional in the health care industry with

1 Year of Experience:

  • Orlando, Florida: $40,000
  • Tampa, Florida: $41,000
  • Jacksonville, Florida: $46,000
  • Miami, Florida: $50,000
  • Atlanta, Georgia: $43,000
  • Chicago, Illinois: $50,000
  • Houston, Texas: $51,000
  • Los Angeles, California: $53,000
  • New York City, New York: $54,000
  • Seattle, Washington: $49,000
  • Overall: $50,000

5 Years of Experience:

  • Orlando, Florida: $50,000
  • Tampa, Florida: $52,000
  • Jacksonville, Florida: $58,000
  • Miami, Florida: $60,000
  • Atlanta, Georgia: $58,000
  • Chicago, Illinois: $60,000
  • Houston, Texas: $62,000
  • Los Angeles, California: $60,000
  • New York City, New York: $65,000
  • Seattle, Washington: $58,000
  • Overall: $60,000

Similar Job Titles

  • Medical Community Relations Specialist
  • Community Outreach Specialist
  • Manager of Community Relations
  • Outreach and Engagement Specialist
  • Clinical Outreach Specialist

Career Path

Becoming a Community Relations Professional starts by earning a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, journalism, public relations, or a related field of study. A proven track record of substantial work experience in the health care system or a treatment facility can be a big boost to candidates’ chances of being hired as a Community Relations Professional. Potential employers also look for candidates with experience in event organizing or nonprofit outreach.

Position Trends

Although nothing can replace the value of in-person outreach, sometimes face-to-face meetings are difficult — if not impossible — to arrange between community partners and health care professionals. Fortunately, new smart apps like Zoom are making telecommunications and video conferencing easier than ever. Community Relations Professionals will need to stay on top of emerging technologies to meet citizens’ needs and ensure the health care facility’s mission is shared with the community.

Jobs Outlook

Community Relations Professionals will continue to be a high-demand role for the foreseeable future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for public relations specialists, including Community Relations Professionals, are projected to grow by nine percent through 2026. 

Typical Hours

The work hours for a Community Relations Professional are typically from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in an office setting. However, longer or different hours might be required for work functions such as appearing at public events, traveling for meetings, and more.

Where You Can Find Jobs

  • 4 Corner Resources
  • Career Builder
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster 

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