Community Relations ProfessionalJob Description, Salary, Career Path, and Trends

Community relations professionals work with the marketing or public relations department to promote the mission and goals of a company. People must have excellent communication and persuasion skills to excel in this role. 

Community relations professionals are responsible for organizing programs and events that will help promote their company’s ideas, products, or services. To achieve this goal, community relations professionals must build and maintain relationships with their customers by listening to their needs and honest feedback about their company.

This job opportunity allows you to become more confident speaking with clients and working with colleagues to help make a company successful by upping service and product sales. While community relations professionals may be sitting at a desk completing their work, for the most part, they will also be found attending promotional events such as press conferences, exhibitions, auctions, and more. 

Sample job description #1

The Community Relations Coordinator will be part of a team that will support data administration, event planning, and communications for employee volunteer events as well as community and public affairs engagements for all ABC Company locations!

The team

The Communications, Public Affairs & Policy Group (CPAPG) manages ABC Company programming to engage associates in volunteer experiences, ranging from large-scale volunteer events, small team projects and ongoing support of students and teachers through mentoring, tutoring and career exploration opportunities. In addition, the work of community relations and public affairs advances the firm’s brand and reputation in our communities through partnerships with local schools, nonprofit organizations, and relationships with public officials, chambers of commerce and other external groups. Your work will help your colleagues connect with each other and give back to their communities, as well as help brand ABC Company as a good corporate citizen and employer of choice.

The expertise you have

  • Undergraduate degree in communications, community relations, public relations, business marketing or equivalent subject area preferred
  • 1-2 years of professional experience in corporate communications, public relations, marketing communications, public affairs, or related field. Professional business writing and/or promotional writing samples will be requested
  • Expertise in MS Office and experience working with databases, social media platforms, and maintaining intranet sites. Graphic design/video helpful

The skills you bring

  • You demonstrate the ability to learn and quickly develop new skills
  • You are able to successfully interact with all levels of employees, from senior management to line-level
  • associates
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • You have demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects independently and efficiently to meet business goals
  • You have a professional demeanor, strong collaboration and innovation skills and understand how to be a contributing member of a small team
  • You have a familiarity with Agile and/or ability to be nimble and meet concurrent deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Physical demands of the job: able to lift, carry, and deliver supplies and materials to meetings and events

The value you deliver

You will work with Community and Government Relations teams along with Communications professionals to advance ABC Company’s commitment to the community and engage ABC Company associates in corporate volunteer activities. Specifically, you will support planning, execution, and coordination in support of community relations, employee volunteer events, on-site meetings and events, public official visits, business community meetings and events, and. internal and external communications and recruitment. You will lead volunteer database management and accounts payable processing/budget tracking. The role will involve occasional travel to support other regional community relations events. Support of weekend and evening events from time-to-time is also required.

The work falls into three general categories

Your work is an important part of ABC Company’s Corporate Community Relations team, ensuring that regional efforts are cohesive, consistent, and effective in supporting ABC Company’s national community relations strategy and overall mission and goals. You will be a critical team member, collaborating with community relations professionals on program approach, logistics, and other relevant topics.

Event Support and Execution

  • Support coordination and implementation of employee volunteer events in all ABC Company locations and regional site events, including tracking of attendees and participation, and responsibility for event details. This work will be done for virtual programming as required as well
  • Fulfill event-related logistical responsibilities, including catering, location, and supplies
  • Support and assist public affairs staff in completing regional events and activities consistent with the national community relations strategy and government relations objectives
  • Assist in working with nonprofit partners on teambuilding and other community events
  • Support site visits by public officials, nonprofit partners, and ABC Company executives


  • Plan and implement internal communications related to volunteer events, community relations activities, and public affairs events
  • Draft for review and distribute volunteer recruitment and wrap-up promotional pieces, including site-wide messages, digital bulletin boards, posters, website, and other collateral
  • Support external communications related to community relations and public affairs activities

Data Administration

  • Data management and reporting for volunteer events and nonprofit grants
  • Process accounts payable invoices for payment, track spending against budget and report monthly
  • Provide input and support preparation of business plans, budgets, and volunteer data

Sample job description #2

Job summary:

The Community Relations Specialist engages ABC Company in its community through community-based marketing, partnership with Medicare sales agents, event coordination, and immersion into the senior community. The community Relations Specialist’s goal is to create ABC Company’s brand awareness in the community and to open doors for the sales team to drive membership growth that results in a new patient’s first appointment. The Community Relations Specialist will assist in building ABC Company’s reputation in the community and help ensure an unprecedented patient experience.


  • Builds and leverages relationships with community-based organizations such as senior centers, senior living facilities, faith-based organizations, civic leaders/influencers, food pantries, etc. to spread awareness of ABC Company and to help drive membership growth
  • Sets up and/or coordinates ABC Company’s participation in senior-focused community events as well as hosting events in the center’s activity center
  • Works closely with the Membership Consultants and Marketing Growth Manager to execute on membership growth plan and to ensure growth targets are consistently met or exceeded
  • Partner with multiple sales distribution channels, leveraging Medicare carrier agents, and brokers to drive events and generate leads resulting in new patients
  • Track event results, leads generated, and new members acquired to determine effectiveness of events
  • Adhere to and track budget expenditures on marketing activities
  • Serve as an ambassador for ABC Company

Education and experience:

  • Undergraduate degree preferred
  • Strong communication skills
  • Established community relationships
  • 4+ years of B2B and/or B2C community outreach experience or sales equivalent (preferred)
  • Prior experience working at a provider office or with a Medicare health plan (preferred)
  • High energy with a passion to improve the lives of seniors
  • Proficient in MS Office and experience using Salesforce (preferred)
  • Valid driver’s license (required)

Sample job description #3

Role and scope of position:

  • Under general supervision, responsible for developing and maintaining favorable relationships with the surrounding community
  • Implement and coordinate programs to promote good will by disseminating information to the community and soliciting feedback from stakeholders
  • May represent ABC Company at community gatherings or forums
  • Support ABC Company initiatives, priorities and responses by serving as a point of contact for various government officials, economic development agencies, business leaders, and non-profit and community organizations.
  • Educate the company on community viewpoints to help accomplish business objectives, and ensure the company is best positioned to receive favorable support from our municipalities and communities
  • Support the economic growth of the communities and customers we serve through economic development initiatives engineered at the regional, state and local levels, regular and active engagement with the business community, and by building public and private partnerships

Essential functions:

  • Works with the Community Relations Team to implement strategies for community and municipal outreach and relationship development; emergency preparedness and response; local and regional economic development; strategic corporate giving; and employee engagement, volunteerism, and business membership activities
  • Identifies and supports initiatives, proposals, concerns, or issues related to the company’s reputation. This includes working with our communities on project timing and coordination as well as partnering with municipalities to promote state and local economic development initiatives
  • Supports various internal partners by sharing municipal and community knowledge to move projects towards successful outcomes while balancing company and community needs during small-scale project meetings, municipal project briefings, and town/city council, board, commission, committee and other municipal organization meetings
  • Participates with supporting the goals of the company by working with community, business, and civic organizations that will build positive relationships and partnerships
  • Identifies corporate giving opportunities within assigned territory and at regional and statewide levels. Solicits, screens, and makes recommendations for grant awards to build strong, sustainable communities, increase local visibility, and support company priorities
  • Ensures timely and effective communications with municipal leaders on siting, permitting, construction and maintenance activities involving transmission, distribution, vegetation and reliability projects
  • Monitors and analyzes local government policy changes, elections, city and town ordinances, board, and council activities and serves as liaison with ABC Company colleagues to ensure timely awareness and participation
  • Provides guidance to internal business partners on local political activities, sensitivities and emergent issues that may impact state and federal government relations
  • Proactively builds relationships with essential community, private and non-profit agencies and organizations
  • Supports ABC Company initiatives around Emergency Preparedness, specifically the development, maintenance, and implementation of the comprehensive Community Liaison Plans to optimize ABC Company’s emergency preparedness efforts up to and following minor/major events

Technical knowledge/skill:

  • Good understanding of municipal, state, and regional government as well as the regulatory process
  • Knowledge of utility business, regulatory, and energy supply issues
  • Knowledge of crisis communication and media relations
  • Ability to use PC desktop applications (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, company outage management systems, and virtual meeting software). Ability to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to support and promote company initiatives
  • Ability to produce and deliver in-depth reports and presentations to internal and external partners
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with confidential information with integrity
  • Good written and verbal communication skills to present and share information with internal and external audiences
  • Good collaborative skills and the ability to work effectively in sensitive, political environments
  • Good organizational skills to analyze, coordinate, and implement initiatives
  • Diplomacy and the ability to get along well with all levels of management and government officials


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Public/Government Administration or related discipline or equivalent experience


  • Three (3) or more years of experience in community/customer care or government relations– five years preferred. Requires experience preparing and delivering presentations

Licenses & certifications:

  • Valid motor vehicle license is required

Working conditions:

  • Must be available to work emergency storm assignment as required
  • Must be available to travel between MA/CT/NH as necessary
  • Extended work hours during emergency preparedness and significant events
  • Emergency response responsibilities require night and weekend availability
  • Evening work is expected to attend public hearings, town and city council meetings, business association meetings, and company sponsored events
  • Employee safety is paramount at ABC Company. All Associates are provided with company-issued personal protective safety gear
  • Expected to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • Must be comfortable leveraging mobile technologies to work remotely as needed

Leadership behaviors/competencies:

Set and Communicate Direction and Priorities

  • Know the business plan and how your role connects to it
  • Identify problems, issues; take responsibility for resolution
  • Set high standards for self; deliver quality performance
  • Raise ideas for improvement
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

Build Trusting Relationships

  • Follow through on commitments made to manager, colleagues, and customers
  • Address difficult or controversial issues and encourage others to do the same
  • Have honest dialogue with others

Manage and Develop People

  • Set performance goals that align with department and company goals
  • Meet regularly with your supervisor/manager to discuss your performance
  • Seek opportunities to develop skills and gain knowledge through on the job opportunities, i.e. working on projects, attending meetings, etc.

Foster Teamwork and Cross-functional Collaboration

  • Work collaboratively within and across the organization to achieve “One Company” and other goals
  • Recognize and address cross functional implications of your work

Create a Diverse, Inclusive Workforce

  • Incorporate the diverse ideas and perspectives of team, colleagues, and customers in your work

Lead Change

  • Proactively seek out opportunities to improve business performance and customer service
  • Respond positively to new demands or circumstances
  • Exhibit a “can-do” attitude to support changes in priorities and work processes

Focus on the Customer

  • Deliver superior service to our customers, both internal and external, in a reliable, attentive, courteous, quality, proactive and timely manner

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a community relations professional is $52,250 in the United States. Position salary will vary based on experience, education, company size, industry, and market.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$51,950$70,300
Los Angeles, California$58,600$79,300
Denver, Colorado$48,850$66,050
Washington, DC$59,500$80,500
Miami, Florida$48,600$65,750
Orlando, Florida$44,850$60,650
Tampa, Florida$45,300$61,250
Atlanta, Georgia$47,500$64,250
Chicago, Illinois$54,600$73,900
Boston, Massachusetts$59,000$79,900
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$47,000$63,650
New York City, New York$62,150$84,100
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$50,650$68,500
Dallas, Texas$49,250$66,650
Houston, Texas$49,050$66,350
Seattle, Washington$56,850$76,900
National Average$44,400$60,050

Sample interview questions

  • How confident are you in your speaking skills and presentation ability?
  • If I asked you to sell me on [Your Company Name] right now, how would you go about doing that?
  • How would you change your presentation style for different groups of people? Give an example.
  • How would you handle an angry customer or a miscommunication which causes trouble for the company?
  • Do you have any relevant certifications, work experience, or life experience which will make you shine as a community relations professional?
  • How do you handle bad press?
  • If a disgruntled customer or employee speaks out about the company, how would you remedy this?
  • Are you familiar with all of the top social media platforms?

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