Technical Writer

Information Technology
in Orlando
, FL
Reference: 19-03122

Position Summary:

The Technical Writer will play a crucial role as the primary administrator for implementation of Unifer as the primary project management software tool for the Resort Renovation & Design Department. This position requires a positive attitude and the ability to work well in a team environment. The Technical Writer will work with multiple business units and with both internal and external clients that will include: procurement, legal, accounting, brand services, IT, resort management, sales, inventory management, architects, engineers, contractors and specialty consultants.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Learn the program software system
  • Unifier as it exists today in production
  • Focus on how the framework for our client’s setup was done and how it can be used today
  • Drive the business decision on how the framework for Worldmark By our client and Shell Resorts need to be setup and configured in the system
  • Develop the necessary training documents for all end users by grasping complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable in text and pictures
  • Lead the implementation and full roll out of the system to all internal and external stakeholders and clients and create a feedback loop to have a continuous update and improvement process
  • Maintain any gap analysis between the WBW & Shell setup vs the client’s setup and work to streamline
  • Continue to configure and setup the program
  • Unifier for: resorts sites and legal entities
  • Provide administration function on a daily basis
  • Adding users to specific projects/admin changes/PM change, etc.
  • Maintain data integrity and create accountability with process and users
  • Define the process and provide materials creating multiple Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for all different type of end users across multiple brands
  • Create training material: To support the client’s process per user role (IE: Project manager, Accounting training)
  • Create process map on how the client’s should work using system
  • Develop a training plan and rollout schedule
  • Identify feedback loop on process Ongoing support: Internal controls for role based access Create and support audit on access roles Future state – integrate with WYNRSFuture roadmap for UnifierMinimum


  • Computer skills in MS Office, Outlook, Power Point, Projects, Adobe, Frame Maker and other publishing tools
  • Excellent writing and communication skills