Pharmacy Technician

in New York City
, NY
Reference: 19-04392


The Pharmacy Technician will be required to speak to Medicare members by making phone calls directly to members in order to ensure that they are adherent to their medication regimens. They will also be required to call providers and/or pharmacies to coordinate prescription fills if the member has exhausted their refills. Pharmacy Technicians should be able to identify medication related barriers to adherence and field those calls to the pharmacist for possible resolution.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform review of medication lists to understand and eliminate barriers to medication therapy while serving as the member’s Pharmacy Navigator in order to achieve the following:
    • Proper medication adherence
    • Minimize any gaps in therapy
    • Prevention of medication related adverse events through collaboration with pharmacist
  • Facilitating member access to medication(s) by:
    • Contacting pharmacies to obtain medications refills
    • Contacting members’ providers to issue new prescriptions and set up appointments when necessary
    • Facilitating access to medications for members experiencing financial issues
    • Working with the member’s pharmacy to align refills to help members reduce frequency of pharmacy visits
    • Documenting the care delivered and communicating information to other providers
  • Partner with the pharmacists on the team and other members of the healthcare team to:
    • Communicate a medication treatment plan
    • Coordinate and integrate an MTM intervention within the broader healthcare management services being provided to the patient
  • Partner with community pharmacies to communicate member medication adherence
  • Perform patient health assessments to collect information regarding:
    • Patient medication profile including prescription and/or non-prescription medications, and homeopathic/herbal therapy
    • Barriers leading to poor medication adherence including medication and/or patient-related factors, or access to care
  • Handle member and provider communications both telephonically and possibly in person

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience with communicating with patients, providers and pharmacists on medication and medication related issues

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Bilingual skills – English and Spanish or English and Cantonese or English and Mandarin
  • Must be an outstanding communicator with excellent verbal and written skills