Real People; Real Impact

Jul 30, 2018 4 Corner Resources 4 Corner Resources

At 4 Corner, we don’t often stop to smell the roses. There’s always an urgent opening to fill, a new prospect to call, or an upcoming meeting to prepare for, and there’s never, ever(!) enough time in the day. The business of recruiting never slows down, so neither can we.

On rare occasions, and typically out of the blue (as in this case, when I started thinking about it while suffering through a mid-day run in the Florida heat last Saturday), I pause to appreciate the result of our efforts that go way beyond business.

Throughout the past four weeks, our Orlando team successfully recruited 32 people for jobs in the local market, with an estimated annual salary total of two million dollars. Thirty-two individuals and families, who now have better jobs and more income -- Income that will flow through to local businesses of all types. Business is always personal for us at 4 Corner, but it’s important to remember that the positive impact of what we do can last long after the business transactions have passed.


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