The Top 10 Recruiting Resources for Hiring Managers in 2023

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As a new or inexperienced hiring manager, knowing the best places to look for candidates or post jobs can be challenging. As a professional recruiting firm with 15 years of experience, we’ve tried many approaches and know some of the best recruiting resources and strategies to implement to hire the best candidates. Now, we’d like to share some of these valuable resources to help you build your hiring manager toolkit.

Top Recruiting Resources for Your Hiring Manager Toolkit

1. Our 2023 Hiring & Salary Guide

The state of the labor market is currently at the top of every recruiter and employer’s mind. With rising costs, volatile domestic and global markets, and skill shortages, we created this go-to guide to help you navigate all this uncertainty. Our goal is to help you stay informed with the latest market data and trends to help you make the best decisions regarding your recruitment and retention.

The 2023 Hiring and Salary Guide includes the following:

  • Hiring trends for the new year
  • Staffing shifts to expect
  • Salary data for nine major industries

2. Your existing employees

To find top-quality employees, sometimes you need to look no further than the ones you already employ. Your employees are a top-tier resource for finding great candidates since they know what it takes to acclimate and thrive within your work environment.

Soliciting referrals and recommendations from current employees is one of the best ways to connect with top talent. This is because the people who work at your company know the benefits of working there and also understand the needed skills. This knowledge can help them identify professionals who have the right skills and who would fit in well with your company culture.

An additional reason they are helpful is that they will not want you to hire just anyone because the candidates you end up hiring will become their colleagues. This knowledge can help you rest assured that they will be selective about the type of people they would recommend as their future office mates.

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3. Industry-specific professional networks

If you want to attract top talent, you need to be actively involved in the spaces where these professionals spend time. You can’t keep to yourself in an office; you need to be a known presence within industry organizations and at events. 

At a minimum, belong to one to two professional networks that are relevant to the types of candidates you’re looking to attract, like the IEEE for engineers or the American Accounting Association for accountants. Aim to participate in at least one quarterly event within these organizations to keep your network fresh. This involvement will also help you stay abreast of industry trends. 

4. Associations for HR professionals

Stay in the know from a recruiting standpoint by reviewing HR resources and information from organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Management Association (AMA). In addition to providing a variety of free and paid online articles for your perusal, these groups hold annual conferences that are an amazing outlet for growing your expertise and making beneficial professional connections. 

5. Manager resources for recruiting and interviewing

A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into recruiting and hiring. There are many steps that a hiring manager must complete to get from the start to the finish line in the recruiting and hiring process — everything from creating or updating job descriptions to posting positions to screening, interviewing, and hiring candidates. This is where having some helpful recruiting resources can come in handy.

Our staffing blog includes these insightful resources to help you from the start to finish of your recruitment:

6. Job boards and external recruiting websites

Online recruiting is an essential part of the recruiting process in our era of connectivity. Rather than going door to door to inquire about jobs or reading the classified ads in the newspaper, job seekers can leverage some of the best-recruiting sites such as Monster, ZipRecruiter, GlassDoor, and Indeed to review job postings. Online recruiting resources and job boards expand your reach beyond the local community, connecting you with top candidates far and wide. With the creation of virtual or remote teams, your recruiting processes will no longer be limited by your geographic location through the use of these recruiting tools.

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7. Social media

In the same way, social media serves as a great online recruiting resource for hiring managers and recruiters. LinkedIn, a heavy-hitter of the recruiting world, provides social networking opportunities for companies and job seekers alike. Recruiters and hiring managers can search for prospective candidates and contact them directly about positions. Company LinkedIn pages also serve as a place to post job openings, company information, and news about your company, products or services, and industry.

LinkedIn may be the go-to for recruiting, but it is not the only fish in the social media sea. Other top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok are valuable for getting in front of target candidates and showcasing your employer brand. Use modern content formats like short video clips to expand your audience. Use comments, likes, and shares to engage directly with prospective candidates who show an interest in your posts. 

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8. HR and hiring manager blogs

Want to learn more about human resources, recruiting, and hiring from other industry experts? There are a variety of online recruiting resources such as TalentHQ and LinkUp that you can turn to for industry news, updates, advice, and insights. ERE is a great aggregator of posts from talent acquisition leaders on topics ranging from hiring to employer branding to recruiting analytics. Evil HR Lady offers a refreshingly blunt take on various HR and HR-adjacent topics. 

9. Online learning

One of the most amazing upsides of our connected world is how accessible education can be on nearly any topic, and recruiting is no exception. There are countless free and fee-based online courses that will help you expand your knowledge and gain specialized skills as a hiring manager. A few of the top resources to consider are Coursera’s HR for People Managers specialization, SHRM’s eLearning portal, and LinkedIn Learning’s Recruiting catalog. 

10. A professional recruiting firm

The last of the recruiting resources we will mention is leaning on the experience of headhunters, staffing, and recruiting experts. Reliable, professional staffing agencies are incredible resources for hiring managers, human resources professionals, and job seekers. However, not all recruiting firms are equal — it’s essential to partner with a firm that has access to an extensive pool of candidates, offers a variety of professional staffing services, and understands the hiring needs of your industry.

At 4 Corner Resources, our recruiters use tried-and-true recruiting, screening, and interviewing practices to place the most qualified candidates with your company while saving you time and effort. We work with various industries, including legal firms, creative and marketing companies, healthcare organizations, and engineering companies.

Contact us today to see how our team can bring your recruiting efforts to the next level.

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