Recruiting Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Sourcing Efforts

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Recruiting top talent is a challenging task. It’s time-consuming and can pull you away from what you need to do, hurting your company’s productivity. Mobile apps can save you time by allowing you to easily post jobs, screen resumes, schedule interviews, and send out offer letters. Below is a list of the best recruiting apps you can use starting today!

16 Best Mobile Recruiting Apps for Talent Acquisition

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn is a common resource for recruiters because, with 400 million professional users, it offers a large pool of candidates to choose from. LinkedIn Recruiter, which is available for iOS and Android, takes advantage of the large LinkedIn community, offering search tool alerts to help find the right candidates. Features of this recruiting app include InMail messaging, Scheduler, search profiles, and reporting tools. You can easily browse candidates to see which ones meet the qualifications for your position. When you find the right person, InMail makes it easy to set up an interview time and communicate back and forth.

Pricing plans include Recruiter and Recruiter Lite. With Recruiter, you get custom fields for talent searches and other analytics you can track to see how well you’re doing. They offer discounts for those who prepay for the advertising costs.

LinkedIn Recruiter is a powerful tool that gives you the resources you need to locate the right employees for you or your clients.

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2. Workable

Workable is an iOS and Android app that links you to over 50 free and premium job board services. You’ll also have access to social network platforms. Build a careers page and post job openings on hundreds of job sites. Take advantage of applicant tracking tools such as candidate profiles, scorecards and evaluations, reports and analytics, and interview scheduling to streamline the hiring process. Conveniently screen, evaluate and leave comments on your job candidates. Contact them in various ways, including email, text, and FaceTime. Icons allow you to see which candidates are still available to contact and which you’re waiting for a response from.

3. Interview Assistant Pro HD

Interview Assistant is specifically designed to streamline the interview process. It runs on iPhones or iPads and provides things like pre-set interview questions, interview results tracking, and question templates to make the interview process easier. Interview Assistant Pro HD is easy to use and has unique features that allow you to rank candidates and create candidate profiles, giving you flexibility whether you’re interviewing a seasoned professional or an entry-level candidate.

With more than 250 pre-set questions to choose from, you won’t have to worry about what to ask in the interview. Quickly organize, structure, and prepare for your interviews. The app also allows you to create an unlimited number of questions, prompts, and interview profiles yourself. The Dropbox synchronization feature and the ability to attach any file or image are other useful tools you can take advantage of. The app can take audio or text notes during the interviews and lets you review and plan your interviews using the built-in calendar.

4. InterQ

InterQ helps improve the interview process for both recruiters and candidates. First, the candidate answers a few questions through the interactive app, and a response sheet is then generated for the recruiter. This information helps the recruiter conduct a more natural and concentrated interview, which aids in choosing the right candidate. InterQ allows you to select questions based on the type of position the candidate is applying for. The app is easy to use and a great tool when narrowing down a large pool of candidates.

5. Monster has long been a go-to platform for recruiters and job seekers alike. The free Monster app makes posting jobs easy, filters out unqualified applicants, reviews resumes, and more. You can also contact candidates through the app, eliminating the need to transfer data to your email. The Monster app is a great option for recruiters, with an average rating of 4.6 stars across 60,000 reviews.

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6. Rakuna

Rakuna, which is only available on iOS, is tailored to recruiting young people. The app is used for event management and college campus recruiting. It also comes with a “Master List” of US Career Fairs that tracks nationwide career events at schools. Recruiters looking to fill entry-level positions can use features like Interview Scheduling, SMS recruiting, Recruiting CRM, and more to make the hiring process smooth and easy.

7. Shapr

Shapr took the structure of popular dating apps (like Tinder!), where users are presented with candidates in their area and use swipes to connect with the ones they like, and turned it into a recruiting app. It presents you with a list of users based on your industry and the skills you’re looking for. As with dating apps, you can only message a potential candidate when you both have right-swiped each other. You can enter a maximum of 12 interests to search on.

Shapr allows unpaid users to browse a limit of 15 users a day. Simply tap on a user you’re interested in to view their profile, which includes their interests, goals, and other professional details like previous organizations, industry, and education. You can also view a user’s LinkedIn profile. When you match with a potential candidate, Shapr notifies you on your phone and/or by email. The My Matches feature allows you to start a conversation with the candidate.

The paid version of Shapr allows you to adjust your distance to find users close to you. The paid version also features a rewind of your last swipe, a more robust profile, location setting, viewing 30 profiles a day, and the option to see who right-swiped you.

8. JobDiva

JobDiva is a cloud-based platform for staffing enterprises that includes a proprietary search-and-match recruiting engine, candidate matching, Customer Relations Management, a career portal, reporting, VMS synchronization, and more. This platform allows you to respond to client requests, schedule interviews, and easily track which jobs have been filled and which are still pending interviews. When you click on a job, JobDiva shows you all the attached notes, all completed activities/tasks, and other important info. You can also search candidates by name or contact information and quickly pull up candidate records, relevant notes, and their resumes.

9. Breezy HR

Breezy HR provides an end-to-end recruiting solution that includes job posting, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, background checks, analytics, and more. Users can create a careers page and an employee referral portal, post job openings, track the status of candidates through the recruiting pipeline, view and edit candidate profiles, conduct video interviews, and communicate with applicants. The app features interview scheduling, push notifications, and the ability to create and control message templates to speed up communication. The drag-and-drop pipeline management tool is easy to use.

With Breezy HR, you can quickly post openings on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. Auto-response emails update candidates on the status of their applications or available interview times. The pre-screening video questions allow you to eliminate unqualified candidates while assessing the interpersonal skills, salary expectations, and future goals of those you’re interested in.

10. Manatal

Manatal is a cloud-based recruiting app that’s easy to use and helps you optimize every step of the recruiting process. You can import LinkedIn profiles to your candidate database with one click using Manatal’s Chrome extension. Then you can easily parse candidate information and shortlist those candidates best qualified for the position.

Manatal allows you to post openings on major job sites, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google for Jobs, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Jooble. When a candidate applies through one of these job boards, Manatal automatically creates and stores their profile information. Manatal features AI-based recommendations that make data-driven decisions by extracting skill requirements from your job descriptions and cross-referencing the results with your candidate pool to find those best suited for the position.

11. Recruiterflow

Recruiterflow saves time by automating many of the daily manual tasks that recruiters deal with, including creating candidate profiles and sending out emails. As part of the automation process, Recruiterflow allows you to build “recipes,” which instruct Recruiterflow to take certain actions based on custom triggers you create. Through Recruiterflow, you can contact potential candidates on LinkedIn, Github, AngelList, and Xing with one click using Recruiterflow’s Chrome extension. The reporting function gives you informative reports that help you see how effective your recruiting efforts are.

Recruiterflow is primarily a tool for recruitment agencies but can be used by internal recruiting teams as well.

12. Vincere

Vincere (also known as “Vinny”) helps recruiting agencies by making data-driven decisions. You can post your job openings on leading job sites and easily add new candidates to your database from LinkedIn with one click. The LiveList function allows you to send multiple applicants to clients simultaneously.

Automate many of your team’s time-consuming tasks, including resume parsing, interview scheduling, onboarding, and compliance. You can find candidates near your office or job location with Vincere’s map view. Other features include sending direct messages, creating chat groups, and sharing files.

Vincere is used worldwide and supports multiple languages, such as English, Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Spanish. It isn’t designed for in-house recruiting teams, but rather for recruiting agencies looking for a strong recruitment tool that offers reliable support and can help them provide quality candidates to clients.

13. Slack

Slack has become a mainstay for keeping remote teams connected, but its collaborative capabilities are also excellent for project management. Keep recruiting activities on track by sharing status updates and receiving automated deadline reminders. Set up oversight channels to automatically provide updates when candidates take action, like completing an application or submitting their references, so that you can follow up promptly. Share files from all your existing storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox without leaving the app. 

14. Calendly

Scheduling can be one of the most tedious parts of recruiting. If you don’t have a system to manage it, it’s easy to lose touch with candidates or drop the ball on important steps in the hiring process. Calendly streamlines scheduling, simplifying the process of booking interviews and other important meetings. It syncs with your calendar, so it’s always aware of your availability and allows you to set custom scheduling rules, like adding a 10-minute buffer before and after each interview slot. You can coordinate with other team members to set up group interviews with ease and send candidates simple invite links to minimize back-and-forth emails to coordinate schedules. 

15. Magical 

Working from your phone is a must for efficient recruiting, but using a handheld device can be challenging. Magical offers a number of handy features that remove the barriers of working from your smartphone. With its text expansion tool, you can create shortcuts to your most commonly used phrases and entire messages to save time and prevent typos. With the Transfer feature, you can seamlessly transport information from one app, like your internet browser, to another, like your ATS. Fewer mobile frustrations make it easier to recruit on the go. 

16. Monday

Monday is a project management app that uses a series of boards, like digital bulletin boards, to help your team stay on top of its hiring activities. You can use premade templates or customize your own boards to suit your needs. With visual tools like color-coded status updates, it’s easy to see where any candidate is in your hiring funnel at a glance. You can also set up boards to manage other recruitment-adjacent activities like new hire onboarding

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