Program CoordinatorSample Job Descriptions, Salaries, and Interview Questions

A program coordinator plans, organizes, and oversees resources for various programs or projects for an organization. They maintain program budgets and records, implement policies and procedures, and develop activities and agendas for programs. Required skills for a program coordinator include excellent organizational abilities, strong attention to detail, and good verbal and written communication skills. Program coordinators must have solid leadership skills and the ability to motivate a team. 

Program coordinators should have good management skills, exceptional reporting and presentation skills, and should be comfortable with relevant computer programs such as MS Office. Outstanding time-management skills and self-motivation are essential. They typically work in a variety of industries, including science, research, educational, and service-oriented industries.

Sample job description #1

Mentor program coordinator overview

The purpose of the Mentor Program Coordinator position is to manage and support ABC Company’s Mentor Program in Eagle County, CO. The Mentor Program Coordinator is responsible for the curriculum delivery, management (including volunteers), evaluation, media collection, and reporting of the first two years of ABC’s mentoring program. The position will additionally support the Program Manager with ABC’s Jr. Mentor program. This position may be tasked with supporting the organization at local events.

Essential job responsibilities

1. Program Management

  • Primary lead of the first two years of the mentor program, including: communications, logistics, scheduling, registrations, curriculum delivery, fee-for-service collection, and mentor support
  • Assist the program manager in mentor training
  • Primary lead in all communications with year 1 & 2 program stakeholders including youth, families, and mentors
  • Tracking for program-related data, including: student registrations, attendance, program evaluations (i.e., surveys), and fee-for-service collection using ABC’s Civicore database
  • Manage program gear – organize, pack, and distribute soft goods for on-hill programs
  • Attend Mentor Program days including evening trainings and workshops and weekend ride days and service projects
  • When needed, assist the Learn to Ride Program Coordinator with Learn to Ride registrations and ride days

2. Program Facilitation

  • In conjunction with the Program Manager, facilitate workshops for the Mentor Program. This includes managing and facilitating workshop curriculum and objectives, working with participants and volunteers and continued follow-up throughout the winter season to ensure workshop goals are met – requires evening commitment
  • Assist Program Manager in facilitation of the Junior Mentor Program for high school youth including workshops, ride days, and industry days; help to supervise cohort of Junior Mentors with Year 1 and 2 of the Mentor Program

3. Volunteer Management

  • Assist with recruiting, managing, and background checking mentors – providing clear direction, expectations, and training on ABC program risk management and curriculum
  • Maintain on-going communications and active engagement of mentors

4. Partner and Community Engagement

  • Conduct outreach to individuals and community partners for assistance with recruitment of youth, volunteers, and seasonal staff creating awareness for ABC programs in the community

Other job duties

Contribute to the overall management of the organization to successfully achieve the ABC Company mission. Maintain and develop knowledge of the community needs & resources and best practices in the youth development & outdoor education fields. Develop best practices to achieve strategic priorities, program efficiency, and successful time management. Represent ABC Company in the larger community. At times, support non-program functions that may include: fundraising, marketing, special events, and program design. Develop and maintain a diverse workforce – maximizing the potential of all workers by assuring a culture of competence and respect. Create a work climate that is inclusive, free of bias, and culturally sensitive.

Minimum education and experience

A combined minimum of one year of experience in the following: program development, management, implementation; or administration; youth development & engagement; and/or outdoor education. Comparable experience in terms of time and background in similar fields and education/degrees will be considered.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities

The ideal candidate should be organized, a self-starter, a strong communicator, able to effectively manage varied tasks, and have strength in managing and supporting a diverse group of youth, families, and volunteers. The candidate should have experience and familiarity in youth program implementation and ability to manage staff/volunteers.

Preferred candidates should demonstrate some or all of the following:

  • Strong computer and time management skills – with proficiency with Google Suite and online databases (e.g., Civicore)
  • Ability to communicate and organize effectively – both verbal and written
  • Experience in program implementation, management, and evaluation through a race equity lens
  • Knowledge of sports-based/outdoor youth development, public education, and youth engagement
  • Experience, comfort, and passion in working with youth with a variety of risk factors
  • Experience in volunteer recruitment and management
  • Experience working cooperatively with community groups and stakeholders
  • Familiarity and excitement for outdoor adventure sports
  • Snowboarding/skiing proficiency and knowledge of mountain safety
  • Valid Driver’s License required – comfort and familiarity with mountain driving conditions a plus
  • Preference given to Bilingual (Spanish) candidates

Physical aspects of the job

This position requires the ability to: travel within the service area (including mountain regions); sit at a desk for extended periods of times using the computer, telephone, and e-mail systems; lift 50 pounds; lead meetings & speak in public; and familiarity & comfort with high alpine, winter environments.

Sample job description #2

Job summary

Provides management for an education, research &/or operations program/project, recommending goals, assessing feasibility and ongoing performance & providing day-to-day oversight of administrative & operational functions.

The Phonathon Program Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Phonathon program, including: hiring, training, scheduling, and firing student callers; managing the automated calling software (CampusCall); and preparing statistical reports to track performance of students and calling segments.

The program/project is summarized below

Program: plan or system of taking action toward a goal.

Project: planned actions with specified beginning & end.

Please highlight areas of responsibility

  • Administration
  • Budget & Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Supervision

Specific responsibilities


  • Manages day to day operations of Phonathon program.
  • Ensures that Phonathon mission, values, guidelines, policies & procedures are implemented & maintained.
  • Compiles & analyzes data; prepares reports.
  • Reviews processes and recommends changes to improve functioning of Phonathon program.
  • Identifies service improvement opportunities that will better enable Phonathon to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • Acts as liaison to CampusCall to ensure technology systems are properly installed & maintained.

Budgets & Financial

  • Participates in budget preparation.
  • Maintains budget & associated analysis & reports.
  • Enters individual &/or summary of transactions into journals &/or general ledger or other ABC Company enterprise system.
  • Reviews; ensures approval based on alternatives regarding practice & policy; analyzes and classifies transactions in accordance with established chart or coding of accounts; creates new accounts; prepares, processes, reconciles & provides receipts (as appropriate) for transactions.
  • Processes transfer &/or appropriation charges & may balance &/or close accounts.
  • Troubleshoots problems; performs vendor/account research as needed; obtains additional information or provides instruction & guidance by phone, US- or e- mail from customers/vendors; corrects or escalates.

Human Resources

  • Ensures human resources programs, policies, & procedures are implemented & consistently applied.
  • Manages hiring process each quarter
  • Approves weekly timecards for all students.
  • Coordinates all or portions of the talent management lifecycle (sourcing, selecting, developing, coaching, rewarding, recognizing, managing information & optimizing talent.)
  • In consultation with management & Central HR, administers HR solutions.
  • Maintains excellent working relationship with Office of Human Resources.


  • Supervises 65 student callers and 10 student supervisors each quarter and provides work direction.
  • Conducts multiple training sessions per quarter for new and returning callers.
  • Engages with callers during shifts to coach, offer advice, and improve morale.
  • Tracks caller performance and statistics during each shift, and adjusts calling assignments as necessary to optimize results.
  • Holds weekly team meetings with student supervisors to discuss program performance and strengthen the team.
  • Conducts quarterly performance reviews with each student supervisor to help build their skills. Focus on retaining good callers every quarter and coaching callers who are underperforming.


  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum qualifications

  • Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelor’s or higher degree; OR appropriate combination of education and experience.

Minimum competencies: (skills, knowledge, and abilities.)

  • Organization, detail-oriented, able to take verbal/oral instruction.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability to report up, as well as strong organizational and creative skills.
  • Experience leading a team.
  • Experience as a student caller.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience as a manager of a telemarketing program, preferably within higher education.
  • Bachelor’s in business, accounting or a related field + 1 year program administration or similar experience.
  • 3 years program administration or similar experience.

Sample job description #3

ABC Company is helping the world’s largest social network find a Program Coordinator to help its Community Access Program support direct engagement, data analysis, process management, administration, and the ongoing design/development of the company’s Economic Opportunity initiative.

The ideal candidate has project coordination experience, a history in diversity and inclusion (D&I) work, and a passion for community programs.

As a program coordinator, your responsibilities will include

  • Project coordination and scaled operations:
    • Be a primary point of contact for the Community Access program initiatives.
    • Develop and coordinate projects to ensure consistent engagement with state policy programs and recruiting on key priorities.
    • Lead planning and execution of regional go-to market plans and projects that aim to improve the company’s community engagement experience and deliver on its goals to create economic opportunities for local communities.
    • Oversee day-to-day operational and tactical aspects for strategic, community access projects and various EO Initiatives.
  • Process management:
    • Build, design, and deploy innovative program solutions and processes/service delivery.
    • Develop/design processes to drive efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring essential KPIs/goals are met.
    • Partner with teams across the company to build new processes/systems (folding them into existing ones where applicable).
  • Data analysis and research:
    • Develop/maintain data reporting and dashboards for Community Access Program and EO initiatives.
    • Track and analyze key operational metrics to deeply understand the support ecosystem and determine where to focus optimization efforts.
    • Research, plan, and own community re-engagement—once someone becomes a community access attendee/member of the company’s programs, develop strategies and ways to further engage with broader programs and offerings for workforce development and business.
    • Explore and recommend emerging technologies and techniques to support/enhance the reporting landscape along the way.
  • Events:
    • Manage and Coordinate strategy and process to engage with community partners across key regional sites for Community Access program events


  • 3+ years experience as a project coordinator (a history in D&I work and a passion for community programs is a plus)
  • Analyst skillset—must be highly proficient in Excel as well as data and report pulling
  • Highly collaborative
  • Strategic mindset
  • Consultive background is a huge plus
  • Policy background is a plus
  • HR background is a plus

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a program coordinator is $53,500 per year. Salary may vary due to level of experience, education, and geographical location.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$56,300$68,850
Los Angeles, California$63,550$77,650
Denver, Colorado$52,950$64,700
Washington, DC$64,500$78,850
Miami, Florida$52,700$64,400
Orlando, Florida$48,600$59,400
Tampa, Florida$49,100$60,000
Atlanta, Georgia$51,500$62,950
Chicago, Illinois$59,200$72,350
Boston, Massachusetts$64,000$78,250
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$51,050$62,350
New York City, New York$67,400$82,300
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$54,850$67,050
Dallas, Texas$53,450$65,300
Houston, Texas$53,200$65,000
Seattle, Washington$61,600$75,300
National Average$47,150$59,850

Sample interview questions

  • What qualities do you have that make you well suited for this job?
  • How comfortable are you working with different departments across the company?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of a program?
  • How would you prioritize your work to meet multiple deadlines?
  • How experienced are you in fundraising?
  • What important points do you look into when preparing a budget?
  • What project management software are you familiar with?
  • What’s your experience with budgeting/bookkeeping?
  • Do you have experience in dealing with diversity? How do you increase diversity awareness?
  • Can you give an example of when you made a significant contribution to a program?
  • Have you experienced a lag in the execution of a program task? What did you do to fix it?
  • How would you plan a conference from start to finish?
  • What experience do you have making proposals or giving presentations? Can you give examples?
  • What are the key skills to being a good program coordinator?

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