Construction Foreman Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does a Construction Foreman Do?

Construction foremen are responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of construction workers on a construction site. They must ensure that the work is completed on time, within budget, and to the specified quality standards. In addition to managing and scheduling subcontractors’ work, a construction foreman coordinates material deliveries, communicates with the project manager and other stakeholders, supervises safe equipment use, and manages any issues that may arise.

Construction managers are not only responsible for training and motivating workers, but also ensuring that all safety regulations and procedures are followed while they are on the job.

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National Average Salary

Construction foreman salaries vary by experience, industry, organization size, and geography. To explore salary ranges by local market, please visit our sister site

The average U.S. salary for a Construction Foreman is:


Construction Foreman Job Descriptions

It’s important to include the right content in your job description when hiring a construction foreman. The following examples can serve as templates for attracting the best available talent for your team.

Example 1

Without construction foremen, projects at construction sites wouldn’t be completed safely and smoothly. The main responsibility of a construction foreman is to oversee operations at a worksite to ensure their team is working safely and efficiently. Their duty is to address any job site concerns, ensure safe working environments, communicate with construction workers and supervisors, coordinate tasks and production schedules, and train other employees. A construction foreman does this by communicating clearly and possessing great analytical and leadership skills. [Your Company Name] is looking to fulfill our construction foreman position. If you have experience in construction, strong problem-solving skills, and have the ability to lead by example, this position at our company could be the perfect fit.

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • Make schedules for workers
  • Assign tasks to crew members
  • Supervise construction workers
  • Solve disputes between workers
  • Monitor progress on the project
  • Ensure project stays within budget
  • Serve as a liaison between workers and supervisors

Education and experience

Construction foremen need to earn a high school diploma or equivalent. A college degree is not required, but several years of experience in the construction industry would be beneficial. Employers usually provide on-the-job training.

Required skills and qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication ability
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Time-management skills and the ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to understand drawings and blueprints
  • Expert knowledge of the construction industry
  • Ability to lift weights to 50 pounds
  • Proficiency in negotiation
  • Keen attention to detail

Preferred qualifications

  • Exceptionally responsible 
  • Great communication and leadership skills 
  • Able to oversee all operations at a worksite and ensuring a safe work environment 
  • Proven experience as a construction foreman 
  • An in-depth knowledge of construction procedures, equipment, and OSHA guidelines

Example 2

What you’ll do

As the foreman, you will be involved in overseeing a crew to complete various phases of our construction projects up to and including all phases from start to finish.

The projects include residential and commercial and can be uniquely different so the only constant is change; you should be ready for and ok with change.

  • Plan, organize, and participate in construction projects
  • Help manage costs to keep projects within budget
  • Predict resources needed to complete projects
  • Issue technical site visit progress updates as needed
  • Train and mentor workers and laborers depending on the size of the project
  • Lead Teams across multiple different trades
  • In charge of and responsible for equipment and materials on site
  • Monitor and ensure on-site safety compliance, cleanliness, and orderliness
  • In charge of on-site quality control
  • Maintain records for site personnel such as daily field reports, field orders, and RFIs
  • Creating a culture within the organization of exceptional service to clients and employees
  • Participating actively as a key member of the Management Team, including demonstrating leadership through strong communications skills, use of business metrics to determine strategy and resource needs, and showing a high level of focus on continual quality improvement
  • Knowledge of regulations and permits required
  • Understands and reads blueprints and specifications
  • General knowledge of construction trades, materials, and construction methods
  • Organized, with exceptional time management skills, the ability to plan and multitask in order to meet deadlines
  • Great customer service, and communication skills
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Ability to both do and delegate work
  • Experience in managing multiple tasks, priorities, projects, etc.
  • Enjoys working with a team and has a positive, constructive attitude
  • Willing and open to learning new tasks and working outside of your knowledge comfort zone
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds and operate heavy equipment

Education and experience

  • Must have a background in Residential and Commercial
  • Trade school and apprenticeship are preferred
  • 5+ years of experience as field foreman/manager with licensed contractors

Example 3

The Construction Foreman plans, directs, and oversees the activities of employees engaged in the construction, installation, and repair of structures and fixtures. Ensures goals are accomplished and deadlines are met. Enforces a strong focus on quality and safety standards.

Job responsibilities

  • Studies blueprints to determine dimensions of structure
  • Selects materials and structural units, ensuring conformance with provisions of building code and local ordinance
  • Determines the sequence of activities concerned with the fabrication, assembly, and erection of the structure
  • Assigns workers to such tasks as cutting material to size, building concrete forms, erecting wooden framework, installing doors, building stairs, and laying flooring
  • Ensures safety precautions are followed
  • Inspects work performed by subcontractors, including ductwork, wiring, and pipe installations, to ensure conformance with specifications
  • Mentors, coaches, trains, and develops team

Qualifications and requirements

  • 6+ years of progressive construction experience
  • 3+ years in a leadership role
  • Routine travel either locally or nationally may be required
  • A high degree of proficiency in MS Office Suite, Outlook & Internet applications
  • Strong analytical, prioritizing, interpersonal, problem-solving, presentation, budgeting, project management (from conception to completion), & planning skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (including analysis, interpretation, & reasoning)
  • Solid understanding and application of mathematical concepts
  • Ability to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with peers and colleagues across the organization, as well as with internal and external clients
  • Ability to work well autonomously and within a team in a fast-paced and deadline-oriented environment
  • Ability to work with and influence peers and management
  • Self-motivated with critical attention to detail, deadlines, and reporting

Example 4

With our collaborative powerhouse teams, comprehensive service offerings, and national footprint, we are the nation’s desired strategic partner for telecom assets maintenance, repair, and expansion. Our broad service capabilities and geographic footprint throughout the United States provide an excellent home for field and technical professionals to grow and advance their careers. 


  • Maintaining, repairing, reskinning, and installing wireline telecommunication infrastructure
  • Concrete pad removal, forming new pad, and pouring new concrete
  • Supervision of field team
  • Occasional painting of metal cabinets (sand, tape, tarp, primer, paint)
  • Traveling to remote job sites as needed (company vehicle provided)


  • 5+ Construction experience
  • 3+ years of Foreman / Supervisory experience
  • Compliance with FCC/FAA/EPA/OSHA Regulations
  • Knowledge of electronic, mechanical, and electrical components
  • High School Degree or Equivalent
  • Must be able to comply with DOT physical requirements: Able to work in extreme weather, high altitudes, and remote areas; able to climb over 80 ft, lift over 50 pounds, stooping, bending, kneeling, squatting, climbing, and standing for long periods of time; have an unimpaired hearing; able to distinguish between colors; read printed materials
  • Must be able/willing to comply with all safety procedures and protective gear
  • Able to operate a computer or tablet
  • Must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and by email
  • Must have a valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record (if driving a Company Vehicle) and be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen

Candidate Certifications to Look For

  • Certified Construction Manager (CCM). The certified construction manager (CCM) recognizes candidates who have chosen a career in construction management. Certified construction managers are committed to excellence in construction management/project management, career development, and the pursuit of knowledge. They provide professional services which apply effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion to control time, cost, and quality. Candidates must meet education and experience requirements and pass a technical exam. Candidates must also complete a self-study course that covers topics related to construction managers including the manager’s role, legal issues, and risk allocation. Renewal is required every 3 years.
  • OSHA Outreach Training Program Certificate. The OSHA Outreach Training Program provides candidates with basic and more advanced training about common safety and health hazards on the job. Its purpose is to promote workplace safety and health and to make them more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. The 10-hour training program is primarily intended for entry-level candidates. The 30-hour training program is intended to provide candidates with some safety responsibility and a greater depth and variety of training. All outreach training is intended to cover an overview of the hazards a worker may encounter on a job site. Training emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, and control and prevention.

How to Hire a Construction Foreman

Consider the following when hiring a construction foreman:

  • Recruiting: Do you have the internal resources and tools to source and recruit for this role successfully?
  • Complexity: Do you need a senior professional, or will mid, or even junior-level skills suffice?
  • Duration: Is this a one-time project, or an indefinite need?
  • Management: Can you effectively direct the work effort?
  • Urgency: Are there any deadlines associated with this need?
  • Headcount: Do you have the budget and approval for an internal employee, or should you consider alternate options?

Answering these questions will help determine the best course of action for your current hiring need. Fortunately, various great options exist for every scenario, no matter how unique. When hiring a construction foreman, we recommend the following options:

1. Use 4 Corner Resources (or another professional recruiting firm)

The heavy lifting is done for you when working with a top-tier staffing company like 4 Corner Resources. We source, screen, recruit, and deliver only the most qualified candidate(s), saving you significant time and effort throughout the hiring process while you remain focused on your core business. Understanding your needs and ensuring the right candidate for the position is the key to our success.

This is the best route to take when:

  • You need to fill the position quickly
  • You want access to a vast talent pool of high-quality, prescreened candidates
  • Your position is suited for temporary hiring services, contract staffing, or contract-to-hire recruiting, and you intend to direct the work activity.
  • You are hiring an employee as a direct placement but aren’t able to recruit effectively or efficiently with your internal staff. 
  • You aren’t familiar with current salary rates, market trends, and available skill sets
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2. Advertise your opening on a top job board

Your best option may be to advertise your opening on a proven job board. There are many widely used job sites out there that draw visits from qualified candidates. If you have someone internally who can dedicate the time and energy to sort through applications and screen individuals effectively, this can be a great choice. 

We recommend using a job board when:

  • Your internal recruiting team has the knowledge and experience to assess candidate qualifications
  • You are hiring a direct employee and have time to manage the entire recruiting effort 
  • You have a process for receiving, screening, and tracking all resumes and applications
  • You are prepared to respond to all applicants

We recommend using CareerBuilder when hiring a construction foreman:


CareerBuilder has been a trusted source for hiring since 1995. Reach 80+ million unique, diverse U.S. job seekers annually by posting your jobs through their talent acquisition channels. Through CareerBuilder, you can engage candidates and drive them into your sourcing pipeline. We recommend using CareerBuilder for hiring when you have the internal resources and processes to review, screen, and reply to all applicants.

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3. Leverage your internal resources

You can utilize your own website, social media, and employees to assist in your search for top candidates. 

A company website posting should be the first step in notifying prospective candidates that you are hiring. Social media can also be a powerful tool for spreading the word about your new opening. As far as exposure is concerned, this option can be as good as some job boards when you have a large enough following across various platforms, like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Current employees are every organization’s greatest asset. Encourage your internal team to promote job openings to their network by offering cash and other incentives.

We recommend these options when:

  • Your brand has great name recognition
  • You can consistently monitor and respond to candidate activity through your website and social media accounts
  • You have a process in place to quickly and broadly communicate job openings and requirements
  • You have an effective employee referral program in place

If you aren’t sure which path is best, schedule a discovery call today with our seasoned recruiting professionals. The 4 Corner team is on standby to help you find the best option for your unique hiring need.

Sample Interview Questions

  • How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?
  • What are the key responsibilities of a construction foreman?
  • How do you educate on-site personnel regarding safety procedures and how do you ensure their safety?
  • What would you do if extreme weather conditions or labor action caused delays in the project?
  • Can you give us an example of how you handled an unsafe situation in your past or current role?
  • Have you ever been injured on the job? If so, what happened? What would you do differently now to prevent the injury from happening again?
  • How would you handle a situation if you and a coworker have a disagreement about a work issue?
  • How do you keep workers motivated to perform accurately with changing requests, obstacles, time constraints, and budget limitations?
  • Which practical steps would you take if a project starts falling behind or exceeds the budget?
  • What steps have you taken in terms of further developing your skill set?
  • What was the most complex construction project you’ve been involved with?
  • How would you rate your communication skills?  
  • In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team? 
  • Have you ever experienced conflict with superiors? How did you handle it?

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