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A web analytics professional is in charge of mining and retrieving data from websites using common tools for this task, then reviewing the web analytics in order to determine if the website meets the proper goals and objectives. These web analytics professionals may also assist in the deployment of new and updated websites with changes based on their determination of performance. These professionals must have an understanding of A/B testing and common advertising methods, as well as a very good understanding of company goals and desired outcomes of the websites in review.

Web analytics professionals will oftentimes be required to have a functioning understanding of website coding, common content management systems, and other useful aspects of web analytics. These professionals are technical-minded and the ideal candidates for this position will be self-achievers and able to understand advanced IT concepts easily.

Sample job description #1

What a great candidate looks like:

ABC Company is seeking a Web Analytics Professional to be an essential contributor to our sales and marketing team at a very exciting time in the growth of the company. You will own the early funnel, which means developing and implementing a lead generation strategy and then planning and executing your campaign calendar. You will leverage a mix of paid search, email marketing, social media, webinars, and video as you see fit to build awareness and drive growth in marketing qualified leads (MQLs). To do so will require that you take on some marketing operations responsibilities and use the marketing technology stack to its full potential. You will work to achieve our marketing KPIs and collect and use data to report on lead quality and optimize your campaigning efforts for constant improvement.

The Web Analytics Professional reports to the Digital Marketing Manager and works on a daily basis with everyone on the global marketing and sales team. You will be coordinating campaigns and events with sales activities and goals, incorporating their specific needs into your plans. You will help qualify leads to help the sales group prioritize their efforts. You will eventually build sufficient knowledge about our market and products to develop as ABC Company continues to grow.


  • Five years related experience in developing and implementing successful digital content strategies and digital marketing campaigns
  • Ability to write engaging and compelling digital content
  • Experience with content management systems, email programs, digital asset management, databases, and SEO best practices
  • Experience with Salesforce: Reporting, Lead Routing, Database maintenance and management
  • Knowledge in Salesforce, Google Analytics and reporting tools
  • Generally technically savvy and capable to become an expert product user

The opportunity we offer:

  • In this role you will collaborate closely with Sales and Design teams to drive the marketing strategy for ABC Company’s SaaS business
  • You will report directly to the Digital Marketing Manager and have broad responsibility and authority – with an expectation that you are a self-starter and can both create and execute detailed plans
  • Develop emails within the marketing automation platform to generate leads, as well as promote event and webinar attendance
  • Devise and deliver differentiated messaging
  • Design the metrics and tracking system that measure the success of your efforts
  • Represent the product portfolio externally, as an evangelist
  • Bachelor’s degree is required

Sample job description #2

The Web Analytics Professional role within ABC Company helps law firms achieve success through the creation and delivery of effective digital marketing solutions.

The Web Analytics Professional is responsible for managing paid search campaigns (PPC, pay-per-click) on multiple channels including Google and Bing. You will support all aspects of paid search from strategy development, implementation, optimization, reporting and analysis. You will also be accountable to customers through direct communication both verbally and written, so strong customer service skills are critical.

In this opportunity as web analytics professional, you will:

  • Demonstrate accountability for the performance of assigned accounts and customer retention. Manage accounts to ensure all project deliverable deadlines are met. Analyze and report on Pay per Click campaign results and articulate value to client using documented reports and presentations as necessary
  • Be an agile learner; rapidly acquiring new skills and knowledge. Develop and maintain understanding of marketplace dynamics and key players and communicate to internal customers
  • Be consultative to customers by providing recommendations and rationale. Provide excellent customer service to ensure that the expectations of the client are met
  • Problem solve through critical thinking and making data driven decisions. Research and strategize paid search campaign plans for our clients
  • Effectively prioritize high volumes of work and customer demands. Effectively manage the spend of paid search budgets while maintaining high standards of performance metrics

You may be a fit for the role of web analytics professional if you have:

  • 2+ years of working experience in paid search operations with an understanding of web analytics
  • Experience in creating and presenting campaign performance reports
  • 2+ years of customer service or account management experience
  • A positive attitude, adaptable to change, and a team player

Sample job description #3

Principal responsibilities:

  • Optimize and maintain web content in WordPress and/or visual builders
  • Optimize website code (H1’s, H2’s, etc.) for SEO maximum crawlability
  • Use SEO tools/software (SEMrush, Ahrefs) to gain insight into improving organic visibility
  • Organize, prioritize, and develop modern web strategies
  • Perform and analyze site audits to create data driven decisions for future changes
  • Improve and execute modern SEO tactics to help increase organic qualified leads
  • Identify department/organizational needs, scope of work, and goals while ensuring website projects are delivered with high quality and on time

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • 3+ years of experience in a blended web design and SEO role(s)
  • 3+ years of experience in WordPress or similar CMS
  • Strong foundational knowledge of SEO best practices, keyword research, content structure, etc.
  • A desire to grow and make continuous impact to the firms we support
  • Working knowledge of data and analytical tools, including PageSpeed Insights, Search Console, SERPRobot, Sitebulb, etc.

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a web analytics professional is $81,150 in the United States. Position salary will vary based on experience, education, company size, industry, and market.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$80,700$109,200
Los Angeles, California$91,050$123,200
Denver, Colorado$75,900$102,650
Washington, DC$92,450$125,050
Miami, Florida$75,550$102,200
Orlando, Florida$69,650$94,250
Tampa, Florida$70,350$95,200
Atlanta, Georgia$73,800$99,850
Chicago, Illinois$84,850$114,800
Boston, Massachusetts$91,750$124,100
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$73,100$98,900
New York City, New York$96,550$130,650
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$78,650$106,400
Dallas, Texas$76,550$103,600
Houston, Texas$75,900$102,650
Seattle, Washington$88,300$119,450
National Average$69,000$93,300

Sample interview questions

  • How does web analytics work? 
  • What web analysis tools are you familiar with? 
  • Why do you want this job? 
  • Why is analytics important for company performance? 
  • What skills have you developed as a web analyst? 
  • Have you created data visualizations for your web analyses? 
  • Have you collaborated with others in marketing campaigns? 
  • Can you describe your web analysis process? 
  • What are your current job responsibilities? 
  • In your own words, describe what a web analytics professional should do? 
  • What are some challenges you have encountered in web analysis? 
  • What would you recommend for improving web analytics? 
  • What do you consider when evaluating performance? 
  • How do you manage your projects? 
  • Why do you want to be a web analyst? 
  • What sort of skills would you bring to this job? 
  • What are your hobbies? 
  • What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

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