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Do you enjoy making things lean and efficient? Do you strive to make sure things get done on time and under budget? If you enjoy handling all aspects of efficiency and operation, being a production manager might be right for you.

Production managers use their expertise in both managing people and removing the day-to-day hurdles that lead to inefficiency. From motivating staff and setting goals to determining scheduling and ordering equipment and developing workflow policies, the product manager does it all.

Production managers will need to be able to act as liaisons between their team and upper management while keeping their team running efficiently and safely. They’re excellent communicators and can accurately forecast and anticipate delays and inefficiencies. Optimizing their workplace for safety and efficiency is this position’s main goal, which allows their team to work to their full potential.

Sample job description

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a production manager is $101,000 per year in the United States. Salary will vary based on market, industry, and company size.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$100,450$135,900
Los Angeles, California$113,300$153,300
Denver, Colorado$94,450$127,750
Washington, DC$115,050$155,650
Miami, Florida$94,000$127,200
Orlando, Florida$86,700$117,300
Tampa, Florida$87,550$118,450
Atlanta, Georgia$91,850$124,300
Chicago, Illinois$105,600$142,850
Boston, Massachusetts$114,200$154,500
Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota$91,000$123,100
New York City, New York$120,200$162,600
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$97,900$132,400
Dallas, Texas$95,300$128,950
Houston, Texas$94,450$127,750
Seattle, Washington$109,900$148,650
National Average$85,850$116,150

Sample interview questions

  • What processes do you use to determine your department’s budget for a particular job?
  • How do you handle deadlines?
  • What are some examples of cost-cutting you’ve done?
  • In the past, how have you handled disputes between staff?
  • What’s your method of quality control?
  • What are your methods for forecasting and planning staff scheduling?
  • How do you handle a difficult staff member?
  • Have you had to overcome a major setback in your previous job? How did you work around it?
  • Have you had to convince your team to do a job they were reluctant to do? How did you achieve this?
  • Describe a time in which you implemented an improvement in a process. What was its impact?

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