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Physical therapy assistants (PTAs) work under the supervision of physical therapists (PTs) to help rehabilitate patients who are working to regain their full range of motion and strengthen injured or atrophied muscle groups. PTAs typically work one-on-one with patients, tailoring their therapy sessions to the individual. They provide and assist patients with appropriate stretches and exercises, instruct them on how to safely use rehabilitative equipment and tools, and monitor and record their progress. Physical therapy assistants need to be caring, compassionate, and empathetic toward patients. 

Physical therapist assistants should have exceptional communication skills and excellent attention to detail. They must adhere to ethical and legal standards at all times and stay current with new techniques and exercises, and training tools and equipment. A solid knowledge of physiology best practices and standards is a requirement for this role. PTAs may work with newborns, senior citizens, or anyone in between and must be able to adjust their level of communication and care accordingly. PTAs should enjoy helping people regain a level of independence, reach their goals, and lead more active lives.

Sample job description

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a physical therapist assistant is $59,800  per year in the United States. Salary may vary depending on the level of experience, education, and geographical location. 

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$62,950$76,950
Los Angeles, California$71,000$86,800
Denver, Colorado$59,200$72,350
Washington, DC$72,100$88,100
Miami, Florida$58,900$72,000
Orlando, Florida$54,350$66,400
Tampa, Florida$54,850$67,050
Atlanta, Georgia$57,500$70,350
Chicago, Illinois$66,150$80,900
Boston, Massachusetts$71,550$87,450
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$57,050$69,700
New York City, New York$75,350$92,000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$61,350$74,950
Dallas, Texas$59,700$73,000
Houston, Texas$59,400$72,650
Seattle, Washington$68,800$84,150
National Average$53,800$65,750

Sample interview questions

  • What are the roles of a physical therapist assistant?
  • Would you be comfortable treating a patient in their home?
  • Do you have experience working with geriatric patients?
  • What types of patients have you treated?
  • How do you motivate patients?
  • What case management software are you familiar with?
  • What kind of equipment do you have experience working with?
  • What clinical settings have you worked in? 
  • How do you ensure compliance with laws, regulations, industry policies, and company protocols?
  • Describe your approach when meeting new patients.
  • How do you approach patients and families with expectations and status updates?
  • How do you track and measure a patient’s progress?
  • What would you do if a patient wanted to stop working with you?
  • Have you worked with patients suffering from dementia or other mental disorders?
  • What is your greatest achievement as a PTA?
  • How do you deal with difficult cases?

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