Pharmacy Technician How to Hire, Salary Data, and Job Descriptions

A pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a pharmacist to dispense prescription medication to customers or health professionals. They typically work in retail pharmacies, but some are employed in clinical or hospital pharmacies. They receive prescriptions either electronically or over the counter and are responsible for ensuring the prescriptions are valid. They must have excellent attention to detail to select the correct medicine and fill the order with the correct amount and dosage. 

Other typical tasks of a pharmacy technician are providing excellent customer service, making sure the pharmacy runs smoothly and orders are filled in a timely manner, and monitoring inventory. They may also have to contact distributors for back-ordered medicines. A pharmacy technician has a high level of responsibility and must be accurate and reliable. Pharmacy technicians must have a good working knowledge of medication and dosage requirements and must comply with all security measures and quality standards. 

Sample job description #1

We are looking for a dependable Pharmacy Technician that will process and fill prescriptions. You will undertake other tasks under the direction of a pharmacist to provide excellent customer service and ensure the pharmacy runs smoothly. As a pharmacy technician you must be detail-oriented and reliable since the job has high responsibility. You must possess excellent communication skills as well as aptitude in using computers.


  • Sterilize surfaces and equipment and prepare the pharmacy for opening
  • Greet customers and answer questions
  • Receive prescriptions and check their validity
  • Process prescriptions electronically and ensure all information is complete and accurate
  • Resolve issues when they arise (e.g. rejected insurance claims)
  • Select the appropriate medicine and measure dosages to fill prescriptions
  • Sort, stock, label medication and monitor inventory
  • Undertake administrative tasks (e.g. record-keeping) as assigned
  • Comply with all security measures and quality standards


  • Proven experience as pharmacy technician
  • Experience with an online prescription system is a plus
  • Knowledge of medication and dosage measurement
  • Knowledge of pharmacy law and medical terminology
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Reliable with a keen eye for detail
  • Successful completion of a pharmacy technician program
  • Certified Pharmacy technician is an asset

Sample job description #2

Position summary

Perform duties to review, translate, and enter prescription data into systems for benefit investigation, prior authorization support, and pharmacist verification working within the limits of standard or accepted practice. Demonstrate the company’s core values of respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusion, and safety.

Essential job functions

  • Review all elements of prescriptions for accuracy, including, but not limited to appropriate signature, date, directions, quantity, and refills
  • Perform tasks to process prescriptions in compliance and understanding of the state and federal laws and internal policies and procedures governing the handling, dispensing and distribution of prescriptions
  • Translate and enter prescription data elements required to complete all patient access functions and dispensing
  • Transfer or coordinate verbal transfer by a pharmacist of prescription to alternate pharmacy if required
  • Respond to inbound calls and triage to appropriate clinician/department if required
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service while communicating with patients, prescriber’s offices, and associates to build business relationships
  • Initiate communication with new patients informing them of prescription and welcoming them to ABC Company
  • Obtain and process new prescriptions, clarifications, and refill authorizations from provider’s offices; obtain patient’s medication drug list for DUR investigation
  • Review and adjudicate prescription insurance claims of medications to be delivered
  • Contact patient, providers’ office, and insurance companies for appropriate processing of claims
  • Investigate and verify benefits for pharmacy and medical third-party claims
  • Complete assessments mandated by either manufacturer contracts, operations, and facilitates patient enrollment with manufacturer Hubs when required
  • Documents case activity, communications, and correspondence in system to ensure completeness and accuracy of patient contact records
  • Ensure that work activities are conducted in compliance with regulatory requirements and the organization’s defined standards and procedures, and in a manner that provides the best level of service and quality
  • Perform or assist with any operations, as required to maintain workflow and to meet schedules and quality requirements
  • Participate in meetings to communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain knowledge of new developments, requirements, and policies
  • Perform other related duties assigned
  • Must be able to perform the essential job functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation

Minimum position qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Pharmacy Technician Registration or Credentials
  • Demonstrated excellence in listening, speaking, and writing skills, with proven ability to communicate clearly and effectively at all levels of the organization
  • Proven skills in customer service and customer relationship building skills
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and the ability to problem solve and multitask between data entry and telephonic communication
  • Consistent focus and attention to detail resulting in superior accuracy
  • Proficiency with pharmacy applications and computer operations with knowledge of MS Office software including Word and Excel
  • Clear understanding of healthcare privacy protocols including HIPAA

Desired previous experience/education

  • 1 year of healthcare/pharmacy customer service experience with knowledge of benefits access and prescription processing
  • Demonstrated knowledge of medications utilized for therapy in the defined disease state served by the assigned pharmacy

Sample job description #3

An ABC Company Pharmacy Technician 1 is primarily responsible for maintaining all unit-dose medications required for daily dispensing out of Omnicell automation equipment. The Pharmacy Technician 1 will prepare and maintain the ABC Company automated equipment for daily use, perform general equipment troubleshooting, maintain optimal medication inventory levels, review/maintain reports and identify any customer concerns directly to the Pharmacy Services Manager.


  • Perform automation tasks in an error free manner, consistent with pharmacy services best practices
  • Follow Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs procedures when handling medications
  • Responsible for identifying/ordering medications to ensure medication inventories are at optimal levels
  • Perform automation equipment cleaning, maintenance, and optimization as prescribed
  • Responsible for monitoring and ordering consumable supplies required for the operation of the equipment
  • Responsible for prescribed maintenance of automation equipment and reporting unresolved equipment issues to the TAC
  • Maintain a high level of communication with pharmacy services manager and customer, to ensure proactive, solution-oriented problem identification, and resolution
  • Maintain high levels of customer satisfaction by aligning the Pharmacy Services Program to provide customer-focused support emphasizing quality, professionalism and responsiveness
  • Conduct per diem employee orientation and training, and ensure completion of all required documents and compliance with all Pharmacy Services procedures and policies
  • Promote and optimize customer product ownership and satisfaction by serving as a skilled resource
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility for work-related expenses associated with timekeeping, per diem employees and consumable supplies
  • Comply with reasonable procedures, policies and guidelines established by the Customer facility
  • Maintain state and/or national credentialing to meet established guidelines

Required knowledge and skills

  • Good organizational skills, accurate, reliable, and efficient
  • Demonstrated customer-facing skills
  • Strong interpersonal, communications and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work with mechanical equipment
  • Working knowledge of computer hardware, PC Windows

Basic qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Current PTCB
  • Current State Board of Pharmacy Registration/ License, if required
  • Previous experience in pharmacy or healthcare industry

Preferred knowledge and skills

  • One year of experience working in hospital environment
  • Proficient in the use of PPE and hand hygiene techniques
  • Knowledge of pharmacy automation
  • PTCB certification

Work conditions

  • Pharmacy environment
  • Capable of standing for several hours at a time
  • Potential exposure to hazardous drugs
  • Able to lift 25–30 lbs.

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a pharmacy technician is $42,000 in the United States. Position salary will vary based on experience, education, company size, industry, and market.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$41,750$56,500
Los Angeles, California$47,100$63,750
Denver, Colorado$39,250$53,150
Washington, DC$47,850$64,700
Miami, Florida$39,100$52,900
Orlando, Florida$36,050$48,800
Tampa, Florida$36,400$49,250
Atlanta, Georgia$38,200$51,700
Chicago, Illinois$43,900$59,400
Boston, Massachusetts$47,500$64,250
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$37,850$51,200
New York City, New York$50,000$67,600
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$40,700$55,050
Dallas, Texas$39,650$53,600
Houston, Texas$39,250$53,150
Seattle, Washington$45,700$61,800
National Average$35,700$48,300

Sample interview questions

  • Are you comfortable working with sensitive patient information?
  • How do you keep information confidential?
  • How much experience do you have filling or delivering prescriptions?
  • How do you validate a prescription?
  • If you notice the same patient coming back and demanding more refills than necessary, how do you handle this?
  • How would you handle a disgruntled customer?
  • Do you have the ability to communicate with clients and coworkers?
  • Overall, are you organized?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Are you okay with hours outside of a 9-5?
  • Do you have any experience in the medical field?
  • How would you respond if a client was unhappy about wait times for their medicine?

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