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The primary responsibility of an office manager is to ensure that the office operates smoothly. Some of the ways they do this are notifying staff of new policies and other important information, implementing incentives to enhance productivity, communicating with department heads, overseeing team members production, creating and implementing an office budget, monitoring office supply inventory, and ordering more when necessary, hiring and training new staff, and keeping upper management informed of progress.

Sample job description #1

The ABC company located in (city, state) is recruiting one person to fulfill the Office Manager functions. In their Office Manager capacity, the employee will ensure the smooth running of the office on a day-to-day basis.

Specific responsibilities

  • Keep the office stocked with necessary supplies (stationery, furniture, equipment, snacks, etc.)
  • Organize company events
  • Make travel and accommodation arrangements; generate and submit expense reports
  • Provide general support to visitors
  • Organize internal meetings and meetings with partners/collaborators
  • Partner with HR to maintain office policies, arrange on-site candidate interviews, and onboard new hires
  • Coordinate with IT on office infrastructure
  • Manage relationships with vendors, service providers, and landlord; ensure that all items are invoiced and paid on time
  • Oversee buying and receiving activities for office and lab
  • Prepare annual budget, plan expenditures, analyze variances, and make necessary corrections
  • Organize lab notebook distribution and filing according to Legal’s requirements
  • Serve as point person for contract management

Education and qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree, including business administration classes or equivalent
  • At least 5 years previous administrative or secretarial experience
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Exceptional organization skills
  • History of working with budgets
  • Independent contributor
  • Complete fluency with Microsoft Office suite and advanced web-based purchasing/expense/contract/etc. applications
  • Highly motivated individual, who is used to fast pace environments and wants to be part of a dynamic team

Sample job description #2

We have an opening for a highly-skilled and motivated Office Manager to supervise operations. This position would be a great opportunity for individuals that are serious self-starters who are looking to grow their career.

What you get to do every day

  • Review and make improvements to office production
  • Manage overall office administration
  • Work with Management in monitoring budget for office-related items and staff
  • Handle copy services, word processing, mail and distribution services, office reception, office equipment, utility services, and communication systems
  • Engage in growing and changing office policies and procedure for improved workflow


  • Past experience in a supervisory role
  • General familiarity with Basic Office Equipment
  • Well-founded grasp of customer service
  • Practical knowledge of navigating basic office equipment and protocols
  • Microsoft Outlook experience
  • Solid understanding of data entry
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word experience
  • Command of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Proven knowledge of Google Docs
  • Job-related experience

Sample job description #3

The Office Manager in ABC company manages the office’s daily operations by providing guidance and leadership necessary to assist the store in achieving sales and profit goals.

Key responsibilities include

  • Procedural compliance to ensure that all transactions are handled in accordance with company policies and procedures
  • Successful implementation of company programs and initiatives (including extended warranty sales, in-store signage, pricing and merchandising tagging)
  • Providing the direction, leadership, and motivation necessary to assist the store in achieving sales and profit goals
  • Achieving personal sales and extended warranty goals by working on the sales floor
  • Assist Store Manager in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring top talent

The ideal candidate will possess

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • One to three years of retail office experiences
  • Previous supervisory experience
  • Ability to sell in a commission environment
  • Experience using a PC or POS system or other computer keyboard is required
  • Strong communication and organizational skills required
  • Must be available to work a flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends, and holidays

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for an office manager is $81,400. Total compensation will vary significantly, based primarily on company size, industry, and scope of responsibilities.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$80,950$109,500
Los Angeles, California$91,350$123,500
Denver, Colorado$76,100$103,000
Washington, DC$92,700$125,450
Miami, Florida$75,750$102,500
Orlando, Florida$69,900$94,550
Tampa, Florida$70,550$95,500
Atlanta, Georgia$74,050$100,150
Chicago, Illinois$85,100$115,150
Boston, Massachusetts$92,000$124,500
Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota$73,350$99,225
New York City, New York$96,850$131,050
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$78,900$106,700
Dallas, Texas$76,800$103,900
Houston, Texas$76,100$102,950
Seattle, Washington$86,550$119,800
National Average$69,200$93,600

Sample interview questions

  • What does the role of office manager consist of?
  • What strategies do you utilize to remain organized when dealing with tasks and requests from multiple sources?
  • What qualities do you think a successful office manager should possess?
  • Which management software are you familiar with?
  • Have you ever had to deal with a difficult employee or supervisor? Tell me how you handled it. 
  • Which of all office manager responsibilities is your least favorite? Why?
  • What procedures do you use when handling confidential information?
  • Do you work well in a team environment?
  • How do you handle implementing new policies?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What about 10?
  • What are your must-have office management supplies and software?
  • Tell me about a workplace situation where you had to put your conflict resolution skills to use.
  • What were your responsibilities in your previous position?
  • What goals do you set for yourself as an office manager? What steps do you take to ensure the completion of those goals?
  • What constitutes an office crisis to you? Have you ever had to deal with one? Tell me about it. 
  • What tools do you use to keep track of office resources?
  • What strategies do you use to ensure the security of office records?
  • How do you manage conflicts in your staff?
  • Have you ever had a time when you had to make a difficult choice in the workplace? Tell me about it. 

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