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A Home Health Aide will spend the majority of their time caring for someone in need. There are many people in need who may need assistance on a daily basis. Home health aides provide basic medical care that fulfills their client’s needs. Depending on the client’s level of care and their needs, different tasks will be performed. Some tasks may include toileting, showering, feeding/meal preparation, dressing, cleaning, companionship, and driving the person around when needed. Many home health aides will benefit from the experience as a CNA or helping in retirement homes, as the majority of clients will be elderly individuals.

Sample job description #1

We are looking for a compassionate Certified Healthcare Home Health Aide (CHHHA) to provide assistance in daily living and personal care services in patients homes in accordance with an established care plan.


  • Provide health care services in patients residences
  • Perform domestic and household tasks
  • Transport and accompany patients to doctors office or to hospital
  • Administer simple prescribed medications
  • Assist with clients personal care activities
  • Monitor patients (vital signs, temperature, respiration, etc) and report on their condition
  • Maintain patients care records and document provided services
  • Assist patients with mobility and physical therapies/exercises
  • Instruct and counsel patients and families on diet and exercise
  • Collect routine specimens
  • Provide companionship and basic emotional or psychological support


  • Certification to practice as an Aide in state of NJ (CHHHA Cert)
  • Ability to monitor vital signs and to collect specimens
  • Familiarity with basic nutrition and personal hygiene standards
  • Proficiency in English
  • Nursing and health care administration skills
  • Caring and compassionate personality
  • Current CPR certificate
  • First Aid training
  • Valid driver’s license
  • High school degree

Sample job description #2

A Home Health Aide ( HHA )

  • Provides direct patient care to patient under direction of the RN and according to the Aide Plan of Care (POC).
  • Correctly assists the patient with self-administered medications by opening bottle caps for the patient, reading medication labels to the patient, checking the dose being self-administered against the prescribed dose on the container label, and observing the patient takes the medication
  • Consistently takes accurate temperature, pulse, and blood pressure measurements and recognizes and reports abnormal results to supervisor
  • Helps patient maintain good personal hygiene by performing or supervising bathing, grooming, skin care, shaving, oral care, nail/foot care, and other activities
  • Assists in feeding patients. Is able to communicate basic principles of nutrition, observe, and record food and fluid intake when necessary. Safely positions patient for meals and feeds or assists in self feeding
  • Assists with patient toileting including use of bed pan/urinal, change, and position catheter bags and bag change procedures on well-regulated ostomies
  • Provides necessary skills to safely assist the patient with patient mobility, exercises, positioning/turning, transfers, and ambulation per Plan of Care and Kindred at Home policy
  • Provides necessary skills to appropriately report changes and document pertinent information and care rendered to patient to ensure continuity of care. Documents interactions with patients, caregivers, doctors, and other staff members appropriately, legibly, thoroughly, and in the amount of time allowed
  • Practice acceptable infection control principles. Provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment
  • Willingly assists with other household duties including light laundry, bed changing and bed making, light meal preparation, light housekeeping, and shopping (if no other assistance is available and an MD order is present)

Required experience and skills

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Completion of Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Home Health Aide Program within the last 24 months
  • Must meet applicable state certification requirements
  • Must be in good standing on the HHA Registry (if applicable) and have completed HHA/CNA course to work for a Medicare certified agency
  • At least one year experience in the last 24 months as a Home Health Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant in a hospital, nursing home, or home health/hospice agency

Sample job description #3

Provides personal care and related services in the home. Functions under direct instruction and supervision of an RN or therapist coordinating patient care.

Essential functions

  • Follows written instructions for patients care as prepared by an RN, PT, OT, or SLP Therapist
  • Provide and assists patients with personal care (which may include lifting, positioning, turning and transferring patients without assistance) to preserve good personal hygiene while maintaining a healthful, safe environment
  • Performs simple procedures as an extension of therapy services, such as ambulation, ROM, and exercise only as prescribed by the PT or OT
  • Reports changes in patient’s condition and needs to Clinical Supervisor, RN, PT, or OT
  • Completes and maintains electronic record of services performed and of observed status of patient
  • Establishes and maintains appropriate rapport with the patient and family
  • Participates in patient care conferences to provide input regarding observed patient health and environmental conditions
  • Perform household services as identified in the plan of care
  • Practices infection control and universal precautions for self and others in patient care activities
  • Maintains annual CHHA Certification and compliance education


  • Effective communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Ability to prioritize and critically think (Scheduling and prepare for visits)
  • Organizational skills, time management (Scheduling and prepare for visits)
  • Ability to handle the demands of the job
  • Flexibility to adapt to new and changing situations
  • Demonstrates customer service skills
  • Reliable transportation


Coursework/Training – Graduate of a Certified Home Health Aide training program

Licenses and certifications

  • Current Home Health Aide Certification
  • Valid CA Driver’s License
  • Auto insurance

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a home health aide is $28,200 per year in the United States. Salary may depend on the level of experience, education, and geographical location. States have varying degrees of required qualifications and expectations, which may change the average salary.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$28,050$37,950
Los Angeles, California$31,650$42,800
Denver, Colorado$26,350$35,650
Washington, DC$32,100$43,450
Miami, Florida$26,250$35,500
Orlando, Florida$24,200$32,750
Tampa, Florida$24,450$33,100
Atlanta, Georgia$25,650$34,700
Chicago, Illinois$29,500$39,900
Boston, Massachusetts$31,900$43,150
Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota$25,400$34,400
New York City, New York$33,550$45,400
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$27,300$36,950
Dallas, Texas$26,600$36,000
Houston, Texas$26,500$35,850
Seattle, Washington$30,700$41,500
National Average$24,000$32,450

Sample interview questions

  • Describe the level of care you’ve provided for past clients.
  • Do you specialize in any specific conditions, ages, or injuries?
  • Describe how you’ve handled an emergency situation in the past.
  • Have you dealt with demanding or frustrating clients in the past? How did you work to remedy these issues?
  • What would you do if you suspected neglect from a client’s family?
  • What was the most challenging client you’ve ever had? What did you learn about this interaction going forward?

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