Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)Sample Job Descriptions, Salaries, and Interview Questions

Emergency medical technicians are the first people on the scene of an emergency, and they use their expertise to deliver patient care, support, and evaluation on scene or in transit to the hospital. They help safely transport patients between hospitals, care facilities, and more.  

EMTs assess patients, determine the appropriate treatment and care, and administer life-saving medical treatments. They may also be responsible for operating and driving an ambulance. These individuals ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained and patient rights are respected.

EMTs also keep proper records and document patient condition, information, and treatment. They have excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. Due to this being such a high-stress job, it’s not for everyone. You have to be extremely good under pressure.

Sample job description

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for an emergency medical technician (EMT) is $38,000 per year in the United States. Salary will vary based on level of experience, education, and geographical location. 

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$37,800$51,150
Los Angeles, California$42,650$57,700
Denver, Colorado$35,550$48,050
Washington, DC$43,300$58,550
Miami, Florida$35,350$47,850
Orlando, Florida$32,600$32,600
Tampa, Florida$32,950$44,500
Atlanta, Georgia$34,550$46,750
Chicago, Illinois$39,700$53,750
Boston, Massachusetts$42,950$58,100
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$34,250$46,300
New York City, New York$45,200$61,200
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$36,800$49,800
Dallas, Texas$35,850$48,500
Houston, Texas$35,700$48,300
Seattle, Washington$41,350$55,950
National Average$32,300$43,700

Sample interview questions

  • How do you stay fit to handle the physical demands of this job?
  • What are the most challenging aspects of being an EMT?
  • How do you keep calm in emergency situations?
  • What trends do you currently see in the EMT field?
  • What past experiences have equipped you for this role?
  • Describe a challenging call you have had as an EMT. 
  • How would you remove a patient from an area that is difficult to reach?
  • What does an ideal day on the job look like for you?
  • Why are you seeking a new position?
  • Can you think of a time you provided exceptional care?
  • What kind of environment have you worked in as an EMT?
  • What leadership qualities do you have?
  • Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?

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