Electrician Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does an Electrician Do?

An electrician is responsible for inspecting, testing, installing, repairing, and modifying electrical systems and components. Electricians generally work as contractors and spend their time at homes, businesses, or construction sites. They are responsible for producing and maintaining well functioning electrical connections to minimize the probability of accidents and maximize usability of electricity in all facilities. 

Typical duties for an electrician include executing plans of electrical wiring, installing electrical systems with safety and distribution components, troubleshooting malfunctions and blackouts, and repairing appliances. Electricians are responsible individuals with great attention to safety precautions. Electricians must be flexible to work long hours and overnight shifts, and have excellent critical thinking and problem solving abilities. 

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National Average Salary

Electrician salaries vary by experience, industry, organization size, and geography. To explore salary ranges by local market, please visit our sister site zengig.com.

The average U.S. salary for an Electrician is:


Electrician Job Descriptions

It’s important to include the right content in your job description when hiring an electrician. The following examples can serve as templates for attracting the best available talent for your team.

Example 1

If you are passionate about maintenance and troubleshooting while working in a fast-paced environment, ABC Company could be your next stop in fulfilling your career. This is an entry level production position with the opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills of the business. If you are looking for a new challenge, come join our team today!

Job responsibilities

  • Maintain machinery, meeting maintenance requirements for 480-volt, 3 phase systems, and minimizing downtime will be necessary.
  • Support, troubleshoot, improve, and maintain high-speed production and packaging machinery.
  • Responsible for programmable controllers and computer process controls.
  • Ensure quality standards are met at all times.

Job qualifications

  • PLC programming and troubleshooting experience required.
  • Five plus years experience troubleshooting AC/DC drives and high-speed computer-controlled production machinery.
  • Outstanding communication and team-orientation skills.
  • Two years technical certification (or equivalent) required.
  • Knowledge of servos and related controllers including hydraulic, pneumatic, and temperature controls.
  • Application of high-level quality standards.
  • Superior attention to safe work practices.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Superior work history, including good attendance.
  • AutoCad background a plus.

Example 2

About the role

  • Designs, assembles, tests and modifies electrical circuits and devices for the theme park rides, animated attractions, equipment and building systems.
  • Responsibility extends to the development of wiring diagrams, layout drawings and specifications for modifying American and foreign made theme park equipment, rides, attractions and systems.

What you’ll be doing

  • Will be working around high noise levels resulting from amusement rides and power equipment required to perform the job. The Electrician must be able to remain focused on the job while dealing with interruptions from guests and/or other employee contact.
  • Will operate equipment and make repairs on the Park following the Company’s policies and procedures.
  • Will read and assimilate information provided in the maintenance and construction manual and the Procedures Manual, equipment manuals and drawings, as well as to comprehend verbal instructions.
  • Will be replacing and repairing wiring and power lines ranging from low voltage up to 4,160 volts; replacing, repairing, and installing conduit, junction boxes, switches, fuses and fuse panels, circuit breakers, and other electrical control devices; repairing and installing luminaries, troubleshooting and repairing faulty circuits and equipment; repairing electric motors.
  • Plans the details of working procedure by determining replacement needs or new material required for developing a logical approach to correct the problem.
  • Analyzes circuits, wiring diagrams, and drawings to install, repair, calibrate, service, or replace electronic devices and systems.
  • Performs work requiring a thorough knowledge of electrical theory and principles, statutory codes, properties of materials and principles of operation of electrical equipment. Starts up and shuts down equipment in accordance with Company safety procedures for machine activation and shutdown and in line with OSHA requirements.
  • Services electronic equipment by checking, testing, and replacing faulty components, circuits, printed circuit boards, and similar electronic devices.
  • Installs, repairs, and maintains communication cables, power distribution cables, and then splicing pieces as required.
  • Determines need for, analyzes, and makes necessary running adjustments, repairs, and overhauls of electrical equipment.
  • Advises and cautions operators and mechanics about potential electrical problems and inherent dangers involved.
  • Notifies Supervisor or Manager of potentially dangerous electrical equipment noted and corrective action taken.
  • Will be working and dealing with all levels and departments within the Maintenance Division and all other departments to which the Electrician is related.
  • May be part of a mechanical team on major installations, working with other trades such as machinist, mechanic, welder, carpenters, plumbers, etc.

Who we’re looking for

  • Requires at least two years of field experience in electrical controls, or at least four years of experience as a journeyman electrician, preferably in a hotel resort or theme park.
  • Knowledge of circuits, voltages and amperes used for assigned work is required.
  • Considerable knowledge of different tools and equipment needed to meet the requirements of the above job description. Requires a demonstrated flexibility to handle a wide range of highly complex and challenging duties throughout the theme park, with extreme care, focused attention and skillful precision.
  • Requires the ability to use a full range of measuring devices and power tools.
  • Ability to react under pressure and in emergency situations in a calm, rational manner is required.
  • Requires the ability to communicate in the English language with supervisor, and read and, evaluate reports and correspondence.
  • Basic math skills are required.
  • Ability to maintain a friendly, polite, customer service oriented demeanor is required.
  • Requires the ability to effectively follow supervisor’s directions, and observe and remember details.
  • Effective decision-making skills are required.
  • Must supply all hand tools needed to meet the requirements of the above job description.


  • High school graduate or General Education Degree (or equivalent education and experience) is required.
  • Completion of a post-secondary electrical technology program or completion of an electrical apprenticeship program (or equivalent education and experience) is required.

Physical demands

  • Ability to sit for sustained periods of time to attend on-site and off-site meetings, perform paperwork activities, travel and drive.
  • Intermittent and prolonged standing and walking to move about the park Resort site and interact with employees.
  • Ability to climb stairs/ladders to gain access to upper level of buildings.
  • Finger dexterity sufficient to complete paperwork activities and to use a computer.
  • Visual acuity sufficient to read written materials to complete paperwork activities and to drive.
  • Hearing sufficient to communicate with individuals in person and by telephone.

Example 3

What to expect

  • We are looking for a highly motivated, “hands-on” individual to join our Industrial Electrical Team for the assembly of a new generation of high speed, automated manufacturing equipment. The role includes performing electrical panel wiring, field wiring, pneumatic plumbing, machine electrical start-up, testing and debug and some travel for machine installation and commissioning support of industrial automated equipment.

What you’ll do

  • Reading and interpreting electrical schematics. Assembly and point-to-point wiring of machinery control panels. Wiring field control devices of custom engineered automated machinery. Electrical systems testing and debugging. Commissioning, installation, and troubleshooting of PLC based systems.
  • Assemble and install equipment at other ABC Company locations (up to 20% of the time). Interpreting electrical schematics and device layout drawings. Populating panel back plates, point-to-point wiring, and field wiring of machine control devices.
  • Troubleshoot and debug (i.e. diagnoses trouble or defects, determines corrective action and repairs system).
  • Lead efforts on safe work practices for the team.
  • Perform system checkout and assists in automation systems startups for service installed jobs.
  • Provide status updates to management on assigned projects.

What you’ll bring

  • 2-3+ years of proven experience in wiring of custom automated machinery.
  • Ability to read/understand electrical schematics and create redlines.
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills of electrical controls systems.
  • Must have thorough knowledge of current industrial electrical standards, ability to read electrical schematics, working knowledge of PLC’s, sensors, motor control drives, servomotor systems and basic working knowledge of pneumatic controls.
  • Employees must provide their own basic set of hand tools.
  • Basic computer skills required.
  • Proven experience in assembly of electrical systems for automated machinery.
  • Ability to work well with others in a collaborative team environment.
  • Must be able and willing to travel and work at other ABC Company locations.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Employees must provide their own basic set of hand tools.
  • Familiarity with machine shop equipment (e.g. mill machine, drill press, lathe, etc.).

Sample Interview Questions

  • Why did you decide to become an electrician?
  • What qualifies you to work as an electrician?
  • What kinds of additional certifications do you have?
  • What are the most crucial safety guidelines for electricians?
  • What types of electrical systems have you worked on in the past?
  • Do you specialize in any particular areas?
  • What would you do if you were assigned a task with incomplete instructions?
  • What is the most challenging project you have faced as an electrician?
  • What is the difference between a breaker and a fuse?
  • What procedures do you follow before finalizing a job?
  • Why should we hire you as an electrician with our company?

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