Contract Attorney Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does a Contract Attorney Do?

Contract attorneys specialize in helping clients negotiate, draft, review, and manage contracts. They specialize in resolving disputes or arranging agreements between parties, whether those parties are individuals or businesses. A contract attorney may be called upon to write briefs and legal opinions, consult with clients and conduct interviews with persons and entities involved in legal cases. These attorneys may be responsible for resolving disputes relating to contracts.

A contract attorney needs to be able to comprehend the complex technical language often located in contracts and communicate the terms of the agreements they draft. Contract attorneys are typically involved in civil law matters, which requires them to research business statutes and regulations.

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National Average Salary

Contract attorney salaries vary by experience, industry, organization size, and geography. To explore salary ranges by local market, please visit our sister site

The average U.S. salary for a Contract Attorney is:


Contract Attorney Job Descriptions

The first step when hiring a great contract attorney is a well-crafted job description. Below are real-world examples to help give you the best chance of success on your recruiting journey.

Example 1

A contract attorney assists their clients in drafting and reviewing contracts. They also specialize in bringing about a resolution between parties in a dispute, whether they be businesses or simply individuals. They need to be competent analytical thinkers, able to read and interpret complex language, and then communicate the terms involved to clients. Written and verbal communication skills, as well as knowledge of federal and state contract laws and regulations, is essential. 

Typical duties and responsibilities

  • Discuss the proposed terms of a contract with clients
  • Draft contracts
  • Review proposed contracts
  • Interpret terms of a contract
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Resolve disputes involving contracts

Education and experience

This position requires a Juris Doctorate as well as a license to practice law in the state where the candidate will work. A background in business or contract law is preferred.

Required skills and qualifications

  • Knowledge of federal and state contract laws and regulations
  • Research skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Negotiation skills

Preferred qualifications

  • 2 years reviewing, redlining, and managing commercial contracts 
  • Must be able to draft contract redlines based on individual client playbooks and risk tolerance
  • Comprehension of clauses common to SaaS Agreements

Example 2

At ABC Company, we are a small but growing family law firm looking for a Superstar Contract Attorney with at least 3 years of experience in MA Divorce and Custody.

We’re looking for someone who loves listening to people going through a difficult time to figure out what they really want; helping them devise a plan that helps them reach their goals; sharing that plan with the team and working collaboratively with them on it; and executing the plan with strategy, negotiations, and representation that optimizes the client’s chances of getting what they need and want.

Our Contract Attorney performs legal analysis, legal strategy and planning, advising and educating clients throughout the case, overseeing and analyzing discovery and legal documents, negotiating, and presenting to the court to name a few.


  • Engage in Legal Analysis to determine best course of action for client
  • Legal Strategy and Planning, including working closely with client and team so that everyone’s on the same page and working cohesively
  • Working with our paralegals on Advising and Educating Client so that the Client fully understands the options and can make a fully informed decision
  • Overseeing discovery and production of legal documents drafted by the Legal Team and provide feedback and guidance to create a stronger work product and streamline the process
  • Preparing memoranda to the file and correspondence throughout the case to apprise the Client and team members for the status for the last 2 steps taken and the next 2 steps planned so everyone understands the plan
  • Negotiating for client
  • Litigation, including in person hearings at designated courts
  • Creation of billable time entries that convey the forward movement of the case with the client and support staff

Key skills

  • Empathetic and able to Actively Listen
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Creativity in devising case plans that optimize the client’s chances of reaching their goals
  • Negotiation
  • Comfort with technology
  • Litigation
  • Ability to work effectively with Teammates


  • Passion about connecting with people going through difficult times
  • Strong communication and people skills
  • Honesty, integrity, teamwork, and desire for personal and professional growth
  • Passion about helping people going through family law issues
  • 3+ years of experience handling MA Divorce and Custody cases

How will this job help you?

  • Boost your income
  • Exposure to the inner workings of a fast-growing law firm
  • Exposure to the legal knowledge we’re accumulating collectively
  • We have an awesome work culture and have fun working together!

Example 3

The purpose of this position is to provide civil legal assistance to indigent persons approved by program policies and priorities on such matters as individual rights, housing, public benefits, elder law, family law, consumer rights, education, and employment law.


  • Interviews, certifies eligibility, and identifies the legal problems of ABC Company clients within a specific area of law and provides clients with appropriate legal assistance in the form of advice, referrals, or actual representation
  • Participates in community outreach and education
  • Represents clients in court and before administrative agencies as accepted
  • Provides documentation, statistical information and other records as required by the Managing Attorney, Advocacy Director, or Executive Director
  • Participates in case acceptance meetings
  • Participates in training to keep up XYZ’s and required and legally relevant training as may be provided by the program and as mandated by Florida Bar rules. 7. Adheres to office hours, exhibits a strong work ethic and excellent time management skills, communicates and treats clients and staff with courtesy and respect, provides constructive feedback to other advocates (paralegals) on cases discussed
  • Serves as a role model to support staff by promoting the values of hard work, high quality advocacy, and treating others with courtesy and respect
  • Attempts to ensure accessibility of the local office(s) when necessary, by serving clients, including rural clients, non-English speaking clients, and clients with disabilities
  • Promotes good relations with public, including client groups, service providers, press, and private bar, attending/speaking at local meetings as appropriate and approved by the Managing Attorney, Advocacy Director and/or Executive Director
  • Is familiar with ABC Company policies, as well as requirements of XYZ and other funders, and adheres to those policies and requirements
  • Maintain accurate follow-up system to review cases when needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Certificates/security clearances/other

  • Juris Doctorate from an ABA accredited law school
  • Barred in Florida
  • Knowledge of State and Federal court practices required
  • Some knowledge of the legal system, commitment to the mission of ABC Company and compassion for the clients
  • Ability to forge positive relationships with prospects and colleagues
  • Good organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively, yet independently
  • Must be able to effectively and efficiently be able to maximize existing resources
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint). Knowledge of CMS a plus
  • Must be able to effectively work in high-pressure situations, which involve deadlines
  • Bilingual Spanish/Haitian Creole preferred, but not required

Example 4

Position summary

ABC Company is seeking a motivated, practical and solution-oriented Contract Attorney to review, draft and negotiate a variety of commercial agreements. This position is part of the Risk Management team. The successful candidate will be a law graduate with 5+ years of experience in US technology, SaaS and financial services contract law with excellent technical skills.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • 5+ years of experience drafting and negotiating enterprise technology transaction documents, such as SaaS subscription agreements, software licenses with technology vendors and financial services customers
  • Maintain familiarity with regulatory requirements for third party service providers to regulated financial institutions and have experience in financial technology and associated regulations
  • Work with cross functional groups to understand and interpret business requirements into legal terms and conditions
  • Ability to evaluate business cases, identify legal risks and effectively communicate risks with senior executives
  • Ensure consistency of enterprise technology transaction documents to ensure compliance with company policies and goals
  • Protect and mitigate company risks that may arise from contractual commitments
  • Ability and willingness to present issues to senior management and work closely on resolutions
  • Work independently and identify areas to continually improve and drive efficiency into the contracting process with internal and external stakeholders
  • Work with executive team and company business units to develop contract strategies
  • Ability to clearly communicate critical issues, present analysis and drive toward solutions on an ongoing basis
  • Manage contractual timelines and discussions regarding renewals, amendments, change orders

Education and experience minimum qualifications

  • 5+ years experience in contracting for SaaS and/or Financial Technology
  • Licensed attorney
  • No misconduct and in good standing with the State Bar
  • Experience in document management software
  • Knowledge of U.S. data security and privacy laws is preferred
  • Prior law firm and/or in house experience with B2B SaaS company preferred

Core competencies

  • Relationship management
  • Effective and succinct oral communication
  • Clear and concise written communication
  • Analytical and logical reasoning
  • Technical Skills
  • Legal Research
  • Character


  • Remote (telecommute) position within the contiguous United States
  • Minimal travel (<5%) for occasional team meetings

Candidate Certifications to Look For

  • The Contract Law Specialist Certificate Program. This is a self-paced online course offered by the University of Texas at Austin. The two required courses are contract law and business organizations. After having begun the program, students may work with the instructor to pick an elective in one of the following areas: E-Discovery, Legal Ethics, Laws of Evidence, Advanced Legal Research, and Constitutional Law. 
  • Business Contracts Certificate. From Cornell Law School is a two-week long course that goes over the creation of effective contracts, interpretation of contracts, managing risk in contracts, and enforcing contract terms. Candidates will learn to investigate strategies to mitigate risk while learning how to minimize damages that occur in the event that a contract is breached.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What is your experience in drafting and negotiating contracts?
  • What steps do you take to ensure contracts comply with applicable laws and regulations?
  • Would you be able to give an example of a complex contract matter you handled and how you resolved it?
  • When you are managing multiple contract projects at once, how do you prioritise and manage your workload?
  • How do you review and redline contracts?
  • Could you explain your understanding of contract provisions such as confidentiality clauses and termination clauses?
  • Do you keep up with changes in contract law and related regulations?
  • How do you communicate and negotiate contract terms with clients and other parties?
  • When did you have to navigate a difficult contract issue with a client or counterparty?
  • How do you balance protecting a client’s interests with promoting their business objectives in contract negotiations?

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