Actor Job Descriptions, Average Salary, Interview Questions

What Does an Actor Do?

Actors are performers who portray different characters on stages, television, movies, commercials, and in shows at amusement parks. Typical duties for an actor include reading scripts, rehearsing scenes, exhibiting a broad range of emotions on cue, improvising, memorizing lines, researching characters, following directions, and auditioning. Acting requires excellent verbal communication, active listening, skillful memorization, creativity, and persistence.

An actor will work with an agent to find the right roles and opportunities. Once they land a job, actors will have to collaborate with the director, fellow actors, and other members of the crew to work effectively. The work environment for actors will vary by job, and their schedule may be extremely unpredictable depending on shooting schedules.

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Actor Job Descriptions

Creating the perfect job description is crucial when seeking an actor. To aid in this process, we’ve gathered real-world examples that serve as valuable templates, giving you the best chance to attract top creative talent to your team.

Example 1

Project description:

Casting (movie title), a feature-length drama directed by (name), a nerdy, piano prodigy, goes to extremes to attend a party with the cool kids and the girl of his dreams. When his parents refuse him to go, he wishes they were more lenient in their parenting style. His wish comes true. Leo now full of regret believes his words caused their demise. In a plea for redemption, the (movie title) allows him to relive this time.

Dates of rehearsal:

Summer 2023

Shoot dates:

October 2023


Cape May NJ

Seeking talent from:

New York

Looking for the role of Aunt (name):

  • Female
  • Caucasian
  • Age 55-65

Role type:

  • Supporting

Poised, Perfectionist, Determined, Witty and Loving- especially to her nephew (main character). Casting by submission, including cover letter, headshot, and reel.

Example 2

Project description

Casting (movie title), a heartfelt beautiful story about the relationship between a father and daughter making memories that last a lifetime throughout the years.

Casting: By submission.

Shooting date:



West Orange, NJ; Jersey City, NJ; New York, NY

Seeking talent from:

New York

Looking for:

  • African-American male
  • Age 40-50


He is extremely hard-working but is always there for his family when they need him. He is very generous and friendly.

Example 3

(Movie titlle) is excited to announce we are accepting submissions for paid, stand-ins, background, and featured talent to work as local hires in the Atlanta GA area.

Production notes:

  • Must have valid identification to work in the US –
  • All dates subject to change
  • Shoots can last -/12hours
  • Must have open availability as talent may work multiple days between 8/18-8/29


Atlanta, GA

Position type:

  • Motorcycle fan
  • Background role
  • Male or female
  • Any ethnicity
  • Age 18-90
  • Talent must be able to work as a local hire
  • Exact locations will not be released until the day prior to shoot day. Send all of the following: name, D.O.B., (for Covid-19 testing registration), Phone Number, Height & Weight. ALL sizes: top/waist/chest or bust/inseam or pants/shoe, 2 clear current photos: NO filters/hats/sunglasses/other people, 1 full body & 1 at least chest up, No professional photos, Must be current hair & facial hair, Must be a jpeg no pdf or word document. Vaccination Status. Photo of your bike, trailer, or mobile home.

Sample Interview Questions

  • Tell me about your experience as an actor?
  • What was your longest-running role on stage?
  • What motivates you?
  • Describe your research and approach to acting?
  • When did you decide that you want to become an actor?
  • Who are your biggest influences?
  • What message would you want to give to your fans?
  • Every industry, including the entertainment industry, is full of competition; what do you do to stand out amidst competition?
  • Do you have experience acting in television or film?
  • Are you flexible enough to work on short notice as a stand-in? How quickly can you assume a new role?
  • Do you consider yourself a method or natural actor?
  • How do you deal with rejection?
  • What has been your most challenging role so far?
  • Do you have any dream roles?

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