Candidate Assessments






HackerRank is a market-leading technical skills assessment platform to identify and hire developers with the right skills.

● Objective skills assessments
● Establish consistent hiring rubric to scale without sacrificing quality
● Enterprise ready for effortless scaling

eSkill is a highly-flexible, customizable, scalable, and comprehensive assessment tool for finding the right talent for the job.

● eSkill’s offerings encompass a broad range of industries, including IT, healthcare, engineering, hospitality, call center, Human Resources, government, and retail, among many others.

The Predictive Index is a behavioral assessment tool utilized by more than 8,000 employers worldwide to measure the motivating needs of employees and prospective employees.

● Offerings include behavioral, cognitive, job, and strategy assessments.

HireVue’s online video interviewing software and pre-employment assessments platform uses AI and validated IO psychology to get you the best talent, faster.

● Hiring Intelligence platform combines video interviews with predictive, validated IO sciences and artificial intelligence to augment human decision-making in the hiring process.

The Athena Quotient is a pre-employment online testing solution developed for hiring candidates.

● The Athena Quotient (AQ) measures judgement and is not an IQ test, personality profile, or psychological/emotional test.

Pymetrics leverages behavioral science and audited AI technology to help enterprise companies build diverse teams of top performers, entirely bias free.

● Pymetrics captures behavioral data
● Ensures gender and ethnic fairness in every algorithm
● Personalized prediction based on talent-matching

Traitify is the world’s fastest personality assessment. Scientifically-backed and user-focused. Designed to quickly and accurately collect personality data.

● Data-driven predictive hiring in 90 seconds ● Benchmarking, prioritization, and selection ● Candidate outplacement and personalized career advice/job recommendations for rejected candidates

Kenexa, an IBM Company, provides employment and retention services. This includes recruitment process outsourcing onboarding tools, employee assessment, abilities assessment for employment candidates; and Kenexa Interview Builder, a structured interview archive with example questions.

● IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite includes: Lead Manager, Onboard, Brassring, and Digital Analytics for Talent Acquisition.

TestDome measures skills effectively with online testing and saves time by interviewing only the best candidates.

● TestDome includes a variety of technical testing (programming/computer sciences) and general testing (reasoning, project management, accounting, sales, digital marketing, etc..)

The English Quiz provides english assessments for companies: recruitment, pre-/post-training, enhances candidate experience, saves time & helps make more informed staffing decisions.

● Specializes in english language assessments
● Ready-made or fully customizable online testing
● Developed for recruiting, in-house audits and pre/post training.