Operations & Engineering Department

Operations and engineering personnel are among the most crucial members of any company, which means the candidates that you hire must possess specific knowledge and verifiable experience. Encompassing what seems like a limitless set of skills and responsibilities, it can be daunting to sort through a pool of resumes to determine who that next great candidate will be.

That’s where we come in. Our professional recruiters and headhunters have extensive experience in the operational and engineering field, going back to our earliest roots as a technical staffing company when construction was booming. Engineers and operations professionals dominated the list of early placements, and we continue to pride ourselves maintain a strong pipeline of top talent. We look forward to leveraging our network on your behalf.

Engineer wearing hard hat on the phone

My recruiter has always been friendly, helpful, and able to answer any questions I have had. I have a fantastic relationship with my peers and the company I’m contracted with. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and position I’m in.

Lawson H, Technician

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