Software Engineer III

Information Technology
in Seattle
, WA
Reference: 19-01541

Job Description:

A Software Engineer-III is responsible for developing and maintaining various pieces of our in-house software platform. A Software Engineer-III is responsible for helping guide our technological direction. A Software Engineer-III knows advanced aspects of how our client solves their client’s PBM needs with custom software and also knows how to diagnose and fix any issues in said software. A Software Engineer-III helps further establish and maintain the sense of trust and shared responsibility IT shares with the rest of the company through earnest listening, quality solutions, and strong follow-through. A Software Engineer-III actively explores career development via external sources such as blogs, meet-ups, and/or conferences. A Software Engineer-III is a source of innovation for our client, routinely suggesting new technology or demonstrating why a new technology doesn’t apply to the company’s mission. A Software Engineer-III serves as an example for other SEs on the team through quality, quantification, demeanor, and attention to detail. A Software Engineer-III actively participates in and helps foster team technology and procedure discussions, knowing that they are looked to for direction, guidance, and counsel based on experience and/or tenure.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Modify existing and/or create Java web-based solutions with attendant unit tests
  • Troubleshooting and handle issues related to produced and/or existing software solutions
  • Design and implement new features with the scope of provided user stories
  • Architect new features through learning spikes and business collaboration
  • Modify and/or create new user interfaces within the scope defined by provided user stories
  • Have basic user experience competency to recommend proven user interface solutions to stakeholders
  • Connect Java data access libraries to Microsoft SQL Server to retrieve data
  • Modify and/or create SQL Server T-SQL queries to solve business problems
  • Interface with the in-house client user base to resolve issues and develop solutions
  • Strong understanding of general PBM processes and our client’s handling of such is an advantage


  • BS in CS or equivalent experience


  • 6+ years development experience using Java/J2EE and other programming languages
  • Solid software developer foundation with programming languages, database theory and query design
  • Ability to communicate complex software solutions to non-technical people

Technical Qualifications:

  • Java 1.6+
  • MS SQL Server 2008+
  • Servlet 2.5+
  • JSP 2.1+
  • JSTL 1.2+
  •  Spring MVC
  • JBoss 6.0+
  •  Shiro 1.2+
  •  TestNG 6.8+
  • HTML 4+
  •  CSS 2+
  • Javascript 1.8+
  • jQuery 1.2+
  • IntelliJ 10.0+
  • Gradle 2.0+
  • JIRA 6+